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As my thanks for purchasing "10 Really Stupid Things Parents Do...", I want to offer you something to help both you and any older children that you have or might know, to increase your personal safety in today's often violent world. It's a copy of my powerful...

Teach  your children child-safety with the Danger Prevention Tactics DVD

DANGER PREVENTION TACTICS: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro!" DVD

Now... before you click away from this page and pass up on this offer forever, let me just say that...

... I don't care how much anyone thinks they know or what they think they'll do under pressure. What I care is that people learn what...

  • 1) Works, and what...

  • 2) Has been practiced to the point that it's habitual and will be carried out BY DEFAULT, under pressure, in a "do-or-die" situation.


...I'd prefer to teach you what to do to PREVENT danger from ever touching you in the first place. Because, as every self-defense expert, police officer, undercover agent, and soldier knows...

Having a situation go to the level of physical self-defense, seriously decreases your chances of survival!

And that's exactly why I created the best instructional DVD ever, for avoiding and escaping from danger BEFORE it becomes physical. Again, it's called...

Protecting Yourself Like a Pro!"

It literally contains the most important lessons gleaned from three decades of study, practice, and experience... Mine.

It contains the secrets and special techniques that keep police officers, undercover investigators, and even secret agents and spies, safe and "attack-proof" every single day.

Because these people know the most important lessons of self-defense. They know that avoiding, evading, and escaping are much easier to do than actually face-off with a crazed lunatic!


I don't care how many techniques you know. It doesn't matter how many trophies you've won. And it certainly doesn't come down to how high of a black belt rank you possess, because... Today's world... Some nutbag can just shoot you from across the street and call it a day!

And besides...

Do you really want to get into it with somebody while you leave your kid, your significant other, or friend standing there unprotected?

The DPT video is loaded with so much stuff that you won't have to. It's like getting training from several advanced security and top level self-defense programs, but boiled down to just the important points.

And it's LOADED with points. THE most important points.

This single DVD is divided into several sections, each a separate and yet complete program for giving you a rock-solid defensive strategy in that area of your life.

There's one entire section on Home Security where you learn...

  • What time of day or night burglars prefer to invade your home. This one alone will surprise you.

  • Dozens of do's and don'ts for making your home inpenetrible.

  • How to design the perfect security plan that will make your home as safe as a castle. (Moat optional!)

  • It's impossible to list everything contained just in this one section.

When you add the other sections on vehicle security and being safe while driving and in parking lots; at ATM's; at the Mall...

There's even a separate section for escaping from a building or public transportation whether you're under attack or escaping a natural disaster! This one, powerful resource covers...

  • How to use a free accessery that came with your car to make it impossible for a would-be attacker to hide waiting to spring on you somewhere down the road.

  • The same formula used by bodyguards to clear a vehicle before putting your child inside.

  • The two times you're most vulnerable to attack when driving and how to spot the danger signs. (This one takes less than two to three seconds to do!)

  • As well as secret techniques for insuring that you can escape from traffic in an emergency, not being highjacked, and avoiding one of the most deceptive attacks - the "bump-and-rob."

  • You'll learn how to approach an ATM and how to stop an advance if you're cornered in one.

  • How to make sure your child learns these powerful lessons (whether or not they ever watch the DVD).

  • The only two things you have to remember that will allow you to escape from and survive a 9-11 type disaster.

  • Why you should almost NEVER follow most of the instructions given in airplane "safety" procedures.

  • In fact, there is so much information in the "Danger Prevention Tactics" video that I just can't list them all here! It has THAT MUCH in it.

Now, I could do what a lot of people do on the internet and give you some hype about how this stuff is SO secret that the government might make it illegal. Although, if you've seen what they're doing about personal security on airlines and other places now, you have to wonder if they might just make it against the law to protect ourselves altogether! In that case, you'll want to know as much as possible before something like that happens.

But, I'm not going to insult your intelligence. You're too smart for that.

What I am going to do is state the obvious. I'm going to remind you that...

...there is an assault every 17 seconds abduction every 60 minutes

...a home break-in every 15 seconds

...a rape every 6 minutes

...a murder every 34 minutes, and...

...a child abducted every 2 minutes!

"Danger Prevention Tactics: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro!" Will Give You Tools and Strategies Necessary to Gain the Power, Confidence and Control Set to Make you Literally Attack-Proof and Allow You to Act Under Pressure When Anybody Else Would Freeze Up!

Self-Defense Expert
Jeffrey M. Miller

Founder & Director of
Warrior Concepts Int'l

A One-Time-Only Price...

Here's the bottom line.

Danger Prevention Tactics is regularly priced at $39.95. Sometimes I run a sale and let it go for just $29.95. But...

...I wanted to do something to really show you that I'm serious about helping you to keep yourself and your kids safe. So, what better way than to give you the best deal I can on the video that will show you EXACTLY how I do it for my own family?

So, here it is...

If you order my DANGER PREVENTION TACTICS DVD right now, you can have it, and all of the simple, easy-to-do, life-saving lessons it contains for this one-time offer of just...


(including shipping and handling)

That's a $30 savings - 75% OFF the regular price!

But, once you click away from this window, this offer goes with it. I'm sure you can understand why I can't sell a bunch of these videos for this extremely low price. I wouldn't be able to feed my own kids. But, like I said, I did want to do something as a thank you for buying the "10 Stupid Things Parents Do..." report.

What do you say? Do you let this offer pass by and maybe buy it tomorrow, next week, or...

...NEVER get the lessons it contains.

Or do you order it now by clicking on the button below?

On this powerfully effective self defense video, you will learn how criminals think and what you must do to survive in life-threatening situations. You will learn strategies for:

  • Home Security

  • Vehicle Safety

  • Public Area Safety:
    • Malls
    • ATM's
    • Restaurants
    • Buildings
    • Subways
    • Airports
    • Buses
    • Elevators
    • Parking Garages...
    • ...and Lots more.

  • PLUS: You'll learn how to recognize potential criminal attackers before they have a chance to choose you as their next victim.

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Jeffrey M. Miller
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