How Would You Like To Master the Ninja Warrior's Bone-Breaking Koppojutsu Secrets for Using
an Attacker's Own Skeleton
Against Him?!

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Learn ninjutsu and koppojutsu striking in this online ninja training course
"It's amazing just how many students choose to stop learning, before they ever gain access to the true secrets buried deep within this powerful and ancient martial tradition!"

From the desk of:

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
Founder & Chief Instructor
Warrior Concepts Int'l
Bujinkan Master-Teacher

Hi. Shidoshi Miller here and I want to ask you something...

Just how deep down the proverbial "Rabbit Hole" do you want to go in pursuit of Mastery in the art of Ninjutsu?

Are you content with just learning the basic skills?

Are you satisfied with simply going through the motions in learning the step-by-step kata as most teachers present the lessons from the ancient scrolls?


Do you want more?

Do you want to gain access to the secrets that lie deep within the art of Ninjutsu?

I guess my question is...

Are you satisfied with "looking good" - looking like you know what you're doing - or do you want to have the kind of power, confidence, and control of a situation that literally leaves your attacker unable to do anything else?

You see, over the past 24 years seriously teaching this art, I have found that most students (and teachers) in this art, are content with learning just enough so that they can look or sound like they know what they're doing!

It's true.

And, do you know why I say it's true?

It's because if it weren't, then the majority of the people training in Ninjutsu Today (call it Budo-taijutsu if you want), have simply reduced the effectiveness and timeless power of this system of self-protection and personal development to being merely...

Just another martial arts choice - among martial arts choices!

So, why do I continue to teach the way I do? Why do I care?


I know that there are those students who are looking for the same secrets that I was exposed to when the art was first brought here to the West - before it was changed and "watered-down" for the safety of the masses.

The question is...

Are you one of these serious students looking for "more?"

If you are - if you want to develop the kind of power, skill proficiency, and Mastery that I'm talking about...

  • What would that kind of power mean to you?

  • How would that effect your confidence and overall skill level?

  • Who would benefit as a result of you gaining this knowledge? And...

  • How would your training, and your ability to control dangerous situations, be different?

Well, I may have something that will help you to do just that. You see, over the past 10 or so years, I have been recording a lot of my classes, Ninja Camps, and other seminars, and I felt it was time to make some of these teachings...

...lessons that I received when we still focused on the total scope of Ninja training - rather than the "ballet" form being demonstrated by today's students...

It was time to make these lessons available to the handful of serious students who want to get as much as possible out of their training.

Introducing my new program...

Koppojutsu Secrets

"Bone-Breaking Art of the Ninja!"
Advanced DVD Home Study Course

This program is taken from a very special, closed-door, training class that I gave to a limited number of my Black Belt and Mastery level students. And, until now, these lessons have been restricted to these students only.

That is... until now!

What you'll learn in this course...

  • The secret Ninja technique of the San Uchi (3 times striking)

  • How to take the lesson of "using the opponent's body against him" to a whole new level

  • "Happa" striking to completely shut down a striking limb... or your attacker's entire body!

  • Attacking his spine without actually touching it!

  • Applying joint locks using strikes instead of grappling force

  • A secret, bone-breaking technique of ancient sword and spear masters

  • Different ways to "break" your opponent's "skeletal structure" (hint: there is more to Koppojutsu than merely breaking bones in the conventional sense!)

  • Taking advantage of the weak points in the structure of bones

  • Attacking a target with multiple strikes, not one after the other but - at the EXACT same time!

  • The difference between "koppo" striking, and "kosshi" striking

  • Joint manipulation with strikes...


PLEASE NOTE - This is not another video of "some guy" demonstrating the kata from some lineage. This is high-level, strategic application of advanced principles for serious students!

There is something in this program for beginners, intermediate, AND advanced practitioners alike.

Special Limited Bonuses
Worth Over $500!

I've decided to make this program even more valuable by adding some VERY special bonuses.


Because I figure that, if you're really serious about your training, then I really want to help you as much as I can. Ask any of the members of my "Inner Circle" Platinum Coaching group and they'll tell you that this is not only true, but that I routinely give them more than promised or expected.

So, as a part of this limited run, advanced Koppojutsu training program, I'm also going to include:

  • A second complete course based on another Master's Class done for my in-house, Black Belt students - on a secret lesson hidden within the scrolls of the Gyokko Ryu's Koshijutsu ("Finger-stabbing" arts) value $197.

  • 3 Months of Unlimited Email Coaching - where you can ask me anything about, not only the lessons in these 2 powerful courses, but on any aspect of your training! value $297.


  • A Discount Certificate for Daikomyo-sai or either of my yearly Ninja Training Camps in 2012 or 2013! value  $50 /strike>

That means that the value of these special bonuses are worth well over $500 dollars alone! Not counting the cost of the actual course!

Ordering is Safe and Easy!

Students who attend my special Ninja Camps and other training intensives have paid up to $500 for the lessons in this koppojutsu "bone-breaking" home study course. Those in my coaching program, as well as my private students pay me up to $150 an hour for training, and the unlimited email coaching is worth several times that.

So, with this training program having a value of over $1,400, you can see why I really thought about offering this program for well-over $297.

Because I know that it's worth it!

But, to make sure that you have the best opportunity to have these lessons, it's not even $297.

It's not even $197.

In fact...

The cost of this powerful course, including the Bonus class from the Gyokko Ryu's Koshijutsu tradition, the discount certificate for live training in 2012/13, and the unlimited email coaching for 3 months, is just $87. plus $9.00 S&H to anywhere in the world!

Just click on the PayPal button to complete your order and I'll ship your home study course, and the bonus course, right out to you. And...

While you're at it, why not order a 2nd or 3rd set to give away as gifts to your friends who are serious about training as well?!

BUT... there IS a catch!

And, if you're on my mailing list, you already know this.

The catch is that I hate keeping unused inventory lying around my office. So... to make sure that I sell out of these programs...

I only had 20 sets produced!

And, as you can see by the number at the top of this page... they are almost gone.

So, if you're serious about getting this kind of training - if you really want to BE POWERFUL rather than just "thinking" you are - and convincing others of that belief...

Then you need to grab one of these Ninjutsu Home Study Courses before they have gone the way of the Do-Do (you know, the extinct bird!).

Because when they are gone, I will be replacing the copy count at the top of the page - not with numbers but - with the words "Sold Out" in big, gigantic, red letters!

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