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Never Punch an Attacker in the Face!
April 04, 2007
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Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
1:45am EST

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Feature Article: "Never Punch an Attacker in the Face"

Did You Know? Points to Ponder About Self-Defense and the Art of the Ninja

Training Opportunities and Updates: New Dates for Fall Ninja Camp

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Where Have I Been?

Hello again. I hope this finds you well. I know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting this new issue of the newsletter. It's been some time since one went out, but I assure you that all is well.

In fact, things have never been better!

Since the last issue, I have been extremely busy adding to the number of books and video programs. And, as you read this issue, I'm preparing for my latest trip back to Japan for more of my own training.

However, the vast majority of my time has been spent putting together a new consulting side of Warrior Concepts. This new venture is tailored toward the corporate market - specifically in the realm of workplace violence prevention instruction.

I'm really excited about this new direction for myself. I'm currently looking for a few highly motivated and experienced sales professionals who have proven track records for selling products and services business-to-business in the corporate marketplace. If you're interested in one of these very profitable positions, send an email to detailing your background and why you think you're perfect for the job.

You can get more information about the services being offered by going to

Feature Article:

Never Punch an Attacker in the Face

by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller

One of the most common mistakes made by fighters and martial artists in the 20th and 21st centuries has been to train to punch an attacker in the face. And yet, this is easily... of the worst moves you can do!

Now, before I get all of you boxer and karate-types all bent out of shape (seems I upset some folks every time I write something! Ah well, I must be doing something right!)... take a minute to hear me out.

Please note that I said "never punch an attacker in the face..." And there's a reason behind my words (as usual). And the operative word here is "punch."

I never said you couldn't or shouldn't strike an attacker's face. Just don't punch it.


Good question. In fact, the reason why I worded things this way is because...

...most people translate a "punch" as a clenched or balled fist. And striking the face with one of these, especially a bare-knuckle fist - the one typically made here in the West - is dangerous when triking the bone structure of an assailant's face.

Don't believe me? Ever met anyone who was in a fight and punched someone in the face?

I bet his (or her) hands were bruised at best - they might even have broken a finger or other bone in the hand.

Open up a Grey's Anatomy (best Ninja manual on the market for the serious student, by-the-way), or any other book on human anatomy. Now check out the pictures of the skull, especially the facial area.

Notice anything interesting?

Notice all of the bone ledges and chisel-like surfaces?

Now, look at a standard fist. Go ahead and make one...I'll wait.

What I'm pointing out is the fact that the fist is wider than the gaps or unridged areas of the face. This makes it nearly impossible to punch someone with any significant force (without boxing gloves), and not have the finger bones make contact with one of these chisel-like protrusions.

Will you hurt an attacker using this fist? Most certainly. But...'re also trading injuries. Because, like it or not, you also stand a really good chance of breaking something on you as well. Not a good option considering that, outside of the confines of a sporting match, you're likely to have to deal with more than one attacker. And, even if you did drop the first guy...'re now handicapped with an injury if you have to face any more.

This is why, in the Ninja's arts of self-protection, the clenched fist is not a primary striking weapon - especially for use against the face.

Instead, an extended-knuckle, or chisel-fist; shuto or knife-hand, thumb-driving 'boshi-ken' or hammerfist is the preferred weapon of choice for hitting an opponent's face. All of these fists have one thing in common - a smaller profile. That means that they fit the gaps in the facial structure much better and virtually eliminate any damage to the defender's hand during striking.

To give you a better idea of how, not only the clenched fist, but all of the Ninja's fists work and the best targets for each, I'm putting together a book on the subject. The book, entitled...

...The Secret Fists of the Ninja will be out soon, so be sure to check the web site and your newsletter for this little gem as soon as it's ready.

Until then, be sure to check out my other books on real-world self defense. Here's the link for more information:

If the link is not active, just copy and paste it into your browser. Make sure that your browser or email reader ddn't break the link. It should be a continuos string of text beginning with "http" and ending with ".html"

And speaking of little details that make a huge difference...

Did You Know...?

  • Many people limit their focus to just knowing "where" certain pressure points are on their attacker's body. But... the angle that you attack a pressure point changes your assailants response to it.

  • Karate and Self-Defense Instructors are constantly teaching women to see the objects inside her purse as weapons. But... the likelihood of her having the time to get to any of them (unless she already has it in her hand) when she's attacked is nearly zero. It's much better for her to...

    ...just use the purse itself!

  • Most Ninjutsu/Budo-Taijutsu students in the Bujinkan Dojo System under Grandmaster Hatsumi place their attention on the 9 historical lineages that he holds title to. However... Soke Hatsumi has dozens of other lineages under his belt (so-to-speak) that he doesn't hold Soke-ship to. The power of these schools is taught within the grander context of the overall lessons. To focus on only the kata and approaches of the well-known "9 schools" is to limit oneself to only a portion of the power available.

For those who are looking to learn and understand the power of the traditional lineages, you'll want to get my new DVD which contains all of the kata and principles contained on the 1st level scroll of the Takagi-Yoshin School of Jutaijutsu.

Order it right now from the WCI Online Store.

Upcoming Training Opportunities...

First Things First

This Year's Spring Ninja Camp is coming up SOON!

Join me and several other guest instructors, including Shidoshi Courtland Elliott, Shidoshi John Healy, and several others for a look at the skills, strategies, and unique mindset of Japan's ancient Warriors at this year's annual Spring Camp. Join other serious students just like yourself from Friday, May 11th through Sunday, May 13th, 2007 as we explore the power, wisdom, and tactics of the greatest warriors the world has ever known!

For more information, go to:

Also, you should have already received your fr*ee ecourse. If you haven't you can enroll by going to the home page and completing the simple form in the upper right-hand corner.

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Until next time. Wishing you Peace, Happiness, and Safety...

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
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