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The Ninja's Shuriken "Throwing Star"
July 17, 2007
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    From the Desk of:
    Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller
    Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
    11:00PM EST Time

    The Ninja's Shuriken 'Throwing Star'

    Next to the sword, with it's air of mystery and symbolism tied to the image and strength of ancient warriors, nothing says "Ninja" like the small, hand-held blades known as shuriken. Known to most as the "throwing star," this powerful, little weapon is, like most things associated with the ancient shadow warriors of Japan, more than meets the eye.

    I first saw these strange, disk-like weapons as a child. They were being demonstrated in the 1960's, classic TV series, Kung-Fu, with David Carradine. In the opening sequence, a monk is throwing a mutli-pointed "star' across the temple's courtyard-turned-training area, at a wooden target. And yet, it wasn't until the early 1980's, over a decade later, that these weapons became a "deadly weapon" with the coming of the Ninja craze to the Western-world.

    It's funny how a few movies or TV shows can create a "reality" around a thing, even if Hollywood's reality is just a figment of someone's imagination. Strange, isn't it; how we can believe that a mutli-pointed disk, designed in a way that scientifically won't allow a point to imbed into a target deep enough to cause debilitating damage - let alone death, can be taken as real but we can believe that a so-called professional wrestler can be given an emergency trachiotomy in the ring...

    ...with a butter knife!

    A Little Reality Behind The Myth

    The word, shuriken, pronounced "shoo-ree-kehn," doesn't mean "throwing star" at all. In fact, while the meaning and description can include the "star-like" weapons we've all seen, the word doesn't even imply this very limited perspective.

    If we look at the Sino-Japanese kanji characters that make up the word shuriken, we find that...

    shu = "hand" (it's another way to say the same kanji for "te", as in kara-te "empty-hand," or shu-to "blade/knife-hand," better known as a "karate-chop"

    ri = "hidden," or "concealed," and...

    ken = "blade(s)" (Note: Japanese nouns can be singular or plural)

    So that we get the meaning of "hand-concealed blades" or 'weapons that can be hidden in the hand.' In this context we can see that the weapons were designed and thought of as distraction or surprise weapons. They could be hidden during an encounter and then unleashed at the right time to catch the enemy off-guard. Then, once his attention was diverted or he became confused by the sudden introduction of a blade - either thrown or not - the ninja was free to do what he originally intended.

    Even with all the mystery that surrounds the shuriken, which in truth only serves the Ninja's agenda, the weapon is not all that mysterious at all. In fact, to a true Ninja, it's just another "thing' that can be brought into play in his or her defense. It's the perception of the masses that not only gives the weapon much of it's supposed power, but also creates even more confusion on the part of an assailant when one is brought into play.

    After all, since everyone "sees" the shuriken as a throwing "star," they won't know what to make of a Ninja holding one in his hand to cut, stab, or puncture an opponent's targets, until it's too late. And, if this is true, what about the fact that the shuriken is not limited to the form of a "star" in the first place?

    In my new book about this awesome little weapon, I talk more about the different types of shuriken and of course how they can be used in a self-defense encounter. I show the basic forms of the weapon - the hira or "flat," wheel-like version that everyone is familiar with, and also the bo-shuriken - spike, or "nail-like" form.

    The book is coming along quite nicely and includes such topics as...

    • 1) Historical use and development

    • 2) Holding the weapon for throwing

    • 3) Different types of throws

    • 4) Holding the weapon for hand-to-hand tactics

    • 5) Self-defense against striking attacks

    • 6) Using the shuriken as an aid to grappling

    • 7) Shuirken vs. Sword

    • 8) Changing grips from hand-held to throwing position and back (without letting go or changing hands!), and of course...

    • 9) Defending against a shuriken being thrown at YOU!

    As I said, I'm almost finished with the book and I'm planning on releasing it on July 27th (yep, that's only about 2 weeks away!). But, before I release it...

    ...I'd like to know what YOU think should be included.

    What would you like to know about? In fact, why don't you also tell me what you think is missing from, or what you don't like about other books or videos about the shuriken. That way...

    ...I can make sure the book answers your most needed questions.

    I'm also taking orders for the book right now. I figure, if Barnes and Nobles and Borders can take pre-orders for the next Harry Potter book months in advance, I can at least offer my students a pre-order special to help them save some money for other training.

    So, here's the deal. The book is slated to be priced at the measly price of $15.95 when I release it in a few weeks. Pre-order a copy now and I'll take almost six dollars off - that's 38% off the regular price. Then, on July 27th, I'll send you the download link to be one of the first to get this much-needed training resource. And...

    ...for those who pre-order, I'm also throwing in two extra bonuses. First, I'm giving away a copy of a classic book from back in the day called, "Making Your Own Ninja Weapons," and I'm also including a cerificate that will give you fr*ee upgrades of the book - for LIFE!

    "Making Your Own Ninja Weapons" is a cool little book that includes the plans for making some of the most popular weapons yourself. It's being sold on the internet for upwards of $20 but you'll get it as my gift for pre-ordering the Shuriken book. Just the money you'll save making your own weapons is going to make this special offer worth it.

    And the upgrade certificate means you'll only ever pay for this book - once! I don't believe in the "I'll write this one and then add information and get them to pay again" strategy used by a lot of writers and publishers. No matter how many times I revise the book.

    So... to pre-order your copy of "SHURIKEN: Mastering the Ninja's Throwing Star" for just $10 (including the extra bonuses), just click on the button to be taken to my secure PayPal order page.

    Click to Pre_Order Your Book Now

    And speaking of Shuriken, take a look at these

    If you're a parent who's serious about making sure that your child is as safe as possible in Today's often unsafe world, you need to read this book. Make sure you're not doing some of the things that could actually be endangering your child.

    Here's the link to read more:

    Oh, and after your read it, pass this email along to all your friends who have kids. They'll thank you for it!

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