Foundations of Ninjutsu-Based Self-Defense Mastery!

Shidoshi Miller here and I'm putting the finishing touches on a special program that is designed to provide a solid base for those who want to progress towards Mastery in Ninjutsu.

BUT... more than that, it is a self-contained program that provides all of the most critical lessons for using Ninjutsu as a street-ready self-defense system that will allow you to protect yourself and defend against the most common attacks that you are likely to face.

And, while I know exactly what to put into the program, I need your help in determining exactly HOW I should set up the program for delivery to those who are ready for this level of training.

If this is the kind of program that you are ready for, do me the favor of telling me what would work best for you. That way, I can make sure that I set up the program in a way that will work best for you and others like you who are ready for this kind of training.

Simply scroll down and complete the short survey below to help me with my decision.

To Your Achievement of Warrior Mastery!

Shidoshi Miller

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Ongoing live help (via weekly telephone coaching and/or online webinars)
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