Are you trying to learn Ninjutsu and the deep level secrets that make this one of the most powerful self-defense and personal mastery systems ever created?

If so, then check out this powerful
Home Training Course from Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
- one of the longest-training students and teachers of Bujinkan Ninjutsu in the Western-world...

" Exploring The Power Of Kamae"

An Advanced Mastery-Level Home Study Course in the
Warrior Concepts' Online Ninja Training
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This video course was shot live, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during a special, one-time-only, workshop hosted by Shidoshi Greg Tremblay and his Bujinkan Kageyama Dojo. But, unlike most seminars and open training events, this intense ninjutsu training event was tailored toward students who wanted to...

Look beyond the conventional, step-by-step approach and uncover the strategies, tactics, and "secrets" buried within the art that separate the true Master from the martial arts technician.

The focus on this intense, closed-door, training event was on looking beyond the surface level lessons of the Ninja's kamae "postures," and looking at the deep level secrets contained within these often misunderstood "fighting stances" of Japan's ancient "shadow warriors."

Here's A Preview...

In this powerful, master's level training program, you'll learn...

  • Why the kamae were created in the form they're in

  • Strategic secrets and tactics of the Gyokko, Koto, Kukishinden, and other ryu-ha within modern Ninja training

  • How the kamae begin to control your opponent's perceptions and choices BEFORE he ever throws the first punch!

  • How to train properly for skill proficiency and higher levels of Mastery!

  • Combat secrets that can only be used when your kamae are right!

  • Why the ichimonji, jumonji, and hicho no kamae are called the "Sanden kamae" within the teachings of the gyokko ryu, and what that means

  • Why the Ninja's kamae are SO much more than merely "stances" or "defensive postures"


Let me ask you...

Do you really want to master this art? Do you want to avoid the traps and incorrect thinking that has so many students of the art stuck in mediocrity?

How would your ability to defend yourself and others be different if you knew more of the secrets that make this art what it is?

How much more confident would you feel as a teacher of the art of the Ninja, if you knew these ancient, deep-level secrets for insuring success in a real-world, combat situation?

Well, here's your chance. But, I have to be honest...

A training program like this is NOT for everyone!

In fact, I honestly believe that it will only be beneficial to those rare students who want to go beyond the step-by-step, basic mechanical "form" of what things "look like," and progress into the advanced levels of strategic control and power that lies within the advanced Mastery levels of the art.

And that's where this program points.

Because I do not spend a lot of time in this program telling you how to stand, or anything that you would learn in one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of YouTube videos, or other courses and classes offered by technically-oriented instructors.

This program goes way beyond that. Because, in it I will teach you...

  • The principles and concepts that will give you more control over your opponent than you ever thought possible

  • Real combat strategies for getting him to throw the attack that you're waiting for

  • How to defend yourself against someone who knows this stuff too!

  • The secrets for using less energy but producing 2, 3, even 5 or 10 times the power than most people do when they're trying to be powerful - you'll do the same thing with a lot less effort!

  • Tactical details for being able to move quickly and easily - even in the deep, bent-knee, low forms of the postures

  • Why most people who try to imitate the master-teachers and Hatsumi-sensei will NEVER have the kind of power, skill, and abilities they want

  • and MORE!

I have taken all of the footage of the lessons taught at this powerful event and edited it into a highly concentrated home study program. This program, and the lessons in it would take a long time to learn if you tried to dig through the lessons that are out there. And, that's if the teachers you went to knew these secrets even existed!

But, I did something even better. I also:

  • added extra videos to make sure that you had the basic forms right.

  • included several kamae related articles which cover the strategic and tactical aspects needed to really control a life-threatening attack situation

  • threw in a month of free email coaching with me so that you can get answers to your questions should you need the help!

How does that sound?

So, what does a program like this cost?

Well, considering the fact that it has taken me over thirty years of study, training, and practice - with both Grandmaster Hatsumi, the last living Ninja in the world -

...and Master-teachers in 6 countries and on 3 continents

That means that I have literally spent thousands of hours and well over $100,000 US to get this training.

Not to mention the real-world experience with actually applying these lessons on the streets of America, South Korea, and Germany as a police officer to make sure that they worked!

After all that, I'm sure that you can see that this program has a real value of well over what I'm asking for it. And, I could easily sell this program for at least the $250 that students pay to come to live training like this. But, like I said, I really want you to get this information. So, what I've decided to do is to offer it at the special price of just $37 as digital downloads.

That way, you can be downloading and watching this training in minutes from now. Now waiting for the order to be processed - DVDs to ship - or worry that things may get lost in the mail.

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Instant Online Ninjutsu Training

And, as an added benefit, I am offering this training program right now - as an instant download - so that you can begin diving into these lessons right now. No waiting for the course to be shipped.

No waiting for the package to come in the mail. And, no worrying if it will be lost in the process.

You will be gaining the benefits of this training within minutes of clicking on the PayPal button. Remember though, this program is not for everyone. But for those who are looking for this kind of high-level training, this program is a bargain, especially at this price, where I am practically giving away this knowledge that took me over 30 years to find, research, study, practice, and street-level proof - so that you could get it now.

So, if you're really serious about your training in the art of ninjutsu...

If you're a beginner looking for a great place to begin your training, or...

If you've been training for a while and you're looking for more of the details and secrets that will take your training to the next level...

Go ahead and click on the PayPal button below to order your online ninjutsu training course: "Exploring The Power Of Kamae" right now.

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PS - I have been training in this art for more than 3 decades now. And, the one thing that I can say for sure is that, even with the popularity of the Bujinkan, budo-taijutsu, and Ninjutsu around the world today...

The art of Ninjutsu is still just as secret as it has always been!

And the reason for that is because there are so few teachers who have been around since the beginning of the art's presence here in the West. There are so few teachers who have more than a basic knowledge - who have more than a glimmer of understanding - about this art and how to train beyond what everyone else is doing.

I have been involved in martial arts and self defense training for over two-thirds of my life. I grew up in the violence of the inner-city, and went on to become a uniformed police officer, bodyguard, private investigator, and undercover operative - all jobs that demanded that I knew more than the "official" names and forms of the kata!

And, that's what I'm offering you. It's this real-world understanding, testing, and experience of KNOWING how and why this art works.

So, if that's what you want. Then go ahead and get your copy of this life-changing program right now. Before the price goes up or I decide to just limit these lessons to those students in my personal "Inner Circle" training program.