Do you want to know how to
Survive a Knife Attack?


Knife Defense Video

The Cutting-Edge:
Surviving a Knife Attack

A knife-defense video by Dai-Shihan* Master Instructor and Internationally-recognized self-protection expert...

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller

On This Powerful DVD, You'll Learn...

  • How to Use Distancing So Your Attacker's Knife Can't Cut You

  • How to Defend Yourself Against Different Types of Attackers

  • How to Use Your Natural Surroundings as Tools for Your Defense

  • Why Most Knife Defense Videos and Books Leave You Unprepared for a Real Encounter, and...

            • ...much, Much, MORE!

If You're Serious About Being Able to Protect Yourself in the Real World...

If you really want a knife defense video that can teach you how to survive in a real-life situation...

...teach you techniques that have been tested and proven, on the street where it counts...

Then you want "The Cutting-Edge" Surviving a Knife Attack

Take a look at this quick preview:

Ordering Is Easy

Now, before you order, I have a confession to make. The production quality is not what I wanted for this video. The idea was to sell it for at least $67, even though the information on this single video is worth 5 times that much.

But, like I said, the video and sound quality leave a little bit to be desired. So, if that's important to you - if the production quality is more important than the information on the video...


I suggest that you wait for me to get around to redoing the whole thing.

The point is this...

I've been sitting on this video for a long time. I just couldn't bring myself to put it out there because the finished product was not up to my standards.

But, I had the video just sitting on my hard-drive - collecting "cyber-dust," and people were asking for knife-defense training. And, at this point, I just do not have the time to redo the lessons on this video.

I wanted to get something out there so that my serious students would have something to work with. And, I know that there are some students who are willing to forgive the less-than-perfect video quality and some sound issues that were caused by an older camera... because they want the information, knowledge, and skills that are contained on this video.

So, what I've decided to do is to offer this powerful video as an instant download, instead of a hard dvd. That means that you can be watching it within minutes of completing your payment (dependent on your internet connection and download speed capabilities, of course).

Instead of offering it for $67, or even $37...

I'm offering it for a limited time for just...

(Instant download-only price)

In "The Cutting-Edge" video, I will teach you critical, life-saving lessons - important principles and concepts that are used by law enforcement officers, security professionals, and self defense experts every day, to stay safe and alive against criminal and other attackers on the streets, and during the course of their jobs.

Remember, these are the same lessons that I put to use for years as both a uniformed officer, and an undercover black market and drug suppression agent for the US Army. The same lessons that proved themselves to work during my time as a private detective and bodyguard in the civilian world.

Lessons like:

  • Knowing what to focus on and pay attention to

  • The 5 most important targets that you MUST cover against a knife attack!

  • What "moves" are important and necessary if you are to give yourself the best advantage

  • Why dojo (class) training alone could get you killed in a real encounter - and how to change that to give yourself the advantage

  • Why he teaches you to defend against "edged-weapons" and not just "knives"

  • And more. In fact, this video cuts to the chase and goes beyond physical techniques to give you the exact, scientific principles, concepts, tactics, and strategies...

    ...that SAVE LIVES!

In Mastery!

Shidoshi Miller

Remember... this isn't about fighting, or winning a rule-laden competition. It's about SURVIVAL!

Get your copy of "The Cutting-Edge" today!

Did I mention that one of the best things is that the video comes as an instant download? Get it now!

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