International Bujinkan Black Belt Patch

Musha Shugyo...

"Warrior Quest" Training Series

Ninpo / Budo-Taijutsu

3-Day Bootcamp Intensive

w/Shidoshi* Jeffrey M. Miller

One of the longest training practioners of the art of Ninjutsu in the Western-world today

June 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2012
** Training begins at 10am, Friday morning, June 1st
and concludes at 5pm, Sunday afternoon, June 3rd

Earn your Black Belt in Ninjutsu

This weekend intensive is open to any serious adult, regardless of age, gender, prior training in martial arts or self-defense, or affiliation with Warrior Concepts or the International Bujinkan Dojo.

For the Shidoshi's long distance and Academy students, the topics to be covered during this bootcamp, along with your prior training, fulfill your requirements for advancement to Shodan, 1st degree Black Belt in the Warrior Concepts Black Belt Mastery Program.

To find out more about the Shidoshi's full Musha Shugyo Program, and the full Path to earning your Black Belt in Bujinkan Ninpo / Budo Taijutsu, click here.

Continue Your Path Toward Mastery
With This Powerful
Ninjutsu Training Opportunity!

There will be something for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students alike - Guaranteed!

Principles, Concepts & Skills covered include...

  • Using "Natural Laws" for Mastery in Ninpo-Taijutsu "The Ninja's Body-art"
  • Ku no Kata Dakentaijutsu Randori-Geiko "Void-mode" Creative Response vs. Strikes & Strategies
  • Jutaijutsu: Randori-Geiko Hodoki waza Free-response vs. Grabbing attacks
  • Sanpo Meso Gata 3 primary forms of meditative practice for enhancing your self-defense training
  • Atemi Developing greater striking power in Ninpo-Taijutsu
  • Hicho to Ninja Kata Ashi no Kamae mastering Hicho and other Single-leg defensive combat postures
  • Keri Sukui / Ashi-Dome waza Sweeping and damaging counter-kicking attacks
  • Muto-Dori Taihen Waza Using your body movement & ukemi to avoid sword attacks
  • Taijutsu Undo Training Drills for greater skill proficiency
  • Newaza no /Semekata Forms for countering and escaping in groundfighting situations
  • Seishin teki Kyoyo Value-based Life Skill Study


To make sure we round out the training for the most serious students, you will also receive instruction in...


  • Using the concept of "Kyojutsu Tenkan Ho" to strategically control and confuse your opponent
  • Unarmed vs Knife defense counters
  • Preparing for advanced Black Belt training
  • Training drills for greater skill development
  • and of course, you also get the benefit of not only Shidoshi Miller's 30 plus years of training in this art, but also his real-world experience of proving these combat principles and concepts on the street!

What You Get When You
Attend This Intensive Training Event...

When you register to be a part of this intensive ninjutsu training bootcamp with Shidoshi Miller, you get...

  • Over 20 hours of intensive training with Shidoshi Miller, one of the longest training students and teachers of the Bujinkan Ninpo / Budo Taijutsu in the Western-world.
  • A 16 page, module-based, student training manual
  • Student training worksheets
  • Sample lesson plans and training group management materials
  • The opportunity to take your training to the next level
  • All of the Bootcamp videos shot during the event
  • Confidence in knowing that you've laid a solid foundation for advancement into the advanced Black Belt Stages of Mastery
  • Certificate of Training from Shidoshi Miller
  • Direct feedback and suggestions for improvement from someone who has been training in the art since 1980, both in the West and in Japan!

Space is Limited!


In order to insure that you get the personal attention you need during this intense training event, space is being limited to only 10 students. 3 of these spaces have already been reserved by my "Inner Circle" students who have upgraded to the full Musha Shugyo Program. That means that there are only 7 spots available as of this moment.

So, if you want to be lead step-by-step, through the skills, techniques, strategies, and tactics that make up the curriculum within Shidoshi Miller's Warrior Concepts Black Belt Mastery Program - a Ninjutsu training program that was 30 years in the making, and one that combines the Shidoshi"s years of training with his street combat-survival experience using this art in real-world self-defense situations, then...


Register Now!

 Cost: The cost of this 3 Day Ninjutsu Training Intensive is just $250 for 3 FULL days of training with an authentic Shidoshi* of the art of Ninjutsu (Shidoshi Miller began training in Ninjutsu in 1980 - making him one of the longest training practitioners of the art in the Western-world!

(20% off for Shinobi-Kai & "Inner Circle" members who are NOT enrolled in the Musha Shugyo Program)

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Location: Warrior Concepts Training Academy, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, USA

Event: Bujinkan Ninpo / Budo Taijutsu Bootcamp Intensive

Topics: (See above) ** All subjects making up the Sankyu - Ikkyu 3rd thru 1st class ranking levels in the Warrior Concepts Budo-taijutsu curriculum as developed by Shidoshi Miller

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 Down Pmt w/ the balance due by June 1st, 2012

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To pay by check, M.O. or Visa / Mastercard, please call the academy at (570) 988-2228.

Once you've registered, we will contact you with your confirmation, and details you'll need to make your training as productive, positive, and successful as possible.

We look forward to training with you VERY soon! 

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Shidoshi Miller NEVER uses the honorific term "Shihan", and does not allow it to be used to reference him... regardless of what "everyone else is doing! The term, correctly used in Japanese culture, is only supposed to be used when someone is referring to a teacher with great skills, and implies the concept of "role model." You would never refer to yourself as a "role model" to others, but others might refer to you as one - if you've earned it!