Learn The Ninja's
"Tricks of the Trade!"

With WCI's...
2005 Fall Ninja Training
Video Training Seminar

Fall Ninja Training Camp 3-DVD Set

Advanced Ninja Training
Home Study Course

This advanced ninja training home study course contains hours of training, shot live during WCI's Ninja Training Camp experience. This video seminar puts in you "in-class" to master these powerful lessons!

And, the best part is... you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Let WCI founder and Bujinkan Master Teacher, Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller, and his team of International instructors be your guides as you master this Year's advanced training theme:

"Tricks of the Trade"...

...of Japan's ultimate warriors - The NINJA!

This powerful dvd-based, video training course gives you, not only tons of the actual lessons taught at this intense Ninja Camp, but "Tricks of the Trade!" also offers you special techniques, and in-depth information into some of the Ninja's greatest secrets of armed and armed combat.

Advanced lessons like...

  • Ma-ai Controlling Distance

  • Ritsu-do Use of proper timing & "rhythm"

  • Nagare Flowing with your attacker's movements

  • Tai-Sabaki Body-movement and dynamics

  • Kaiten Rolling

  • The San Shin...

  • and MORE!

PLUS: You'll get special break-out sessions on these and other skills and mastery lessons:

In addition to the training taught by Shidoshi Miller, you'll also learn special topics from guest instructors - lessons like:

  • Metsubishi Blinding Powder and "Sight-removing" techniques

  • Shuriken Hand-held and thrown blades

  • Joint-locks & Reversals, and...

  • Using Codes & Cyphers!

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The cost of a full weekend of camp starts at $495US. It includes everything from the training, to lodging, and all your meals. But, since you don;t have to pay for transportantion, and I don't have to provide your lodging and meals - you won't pay that for this home training course.

In fact, you can still get virtually all of the knowledge, lessons, and techniques that were taught at camp without having to pay even $350, or even $250 to get this information.

If you order right now, the cost of this Ninja Training Camp-in-a-Box Advanced Home Study Course is just... $97. (plus S&H)

That's a savings of over $300 off the cost of camp. And, since you don't get the personal interaction with the instructors or the intense weekend of living and breathing Ninjutsu like you would if you had actually been there, I'm throwing in 5 hours of personal email coaching with me to make sure you get any help you need with this material.

My time for email coaching is $50/hr. So, do the math and you'll see that this is WAY under priced!

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