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Online Ninjutsu Training



Discover the Secrets to “Living & Thinking Like a Warrior” in Just 90 Days!

I will teach you step-by-step exactly how a true warrior sees his or her world, and engages with it for maximum results and effectiveness – without the same struggle, and wear-and-tear that goes into the effort exerted by most students on the Path...'s why:

Dear Student,

Have you ever felt like the lessons that you were taught about how to be strong, effective, and successful in the world are wrong, but don’t have any idea how to get the RIGHT ones?

Have you ever felt like you just can't make any progress on your goals, in your training, and maybe even in your life – regardless of how hard you try?

Or perhaps you already have some relative skills, achievement, or success, but you feel as though you aren’t maximizing your potential?

Do you ever feel as though you can’t move forward unless you have more time, money, or resources before you can even get started?

Have you ever felt as though you could achieve more, be more successful, and have a greater impact on your life and those you share it with if you only knew exactly what to do and how to do it to live the warrior philosophy?

Hi, my name is Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller, and I understand exactly how you feel, because I have "been there, done that".

Thirty years ago, when I first started my journey into the physical, mental, and spiritual realms of the warrior, I wasn’t sure exactly how to break out of the limiting, “sleep-walk” living and live a life of purpose, power, and design like I do now.

In fact, when I first started WAY back in 1975, I was limited to just doing the step-by-step moves that I thought was real martial arts – real warrior training. It took me 6 years of going from teacher to teacher until finally I found one who could show me the secrets that I was looking for.

Through the course of the next 19 years, I literally traveled the world – meeting and training with more and more true warrior and spiritual masters who taught me the timeless secrets for living a life of confidence, power, and control that have been passed down by the ancient masters.

During all this time I continued to hone and improve my skills, understanding, and ability to create results, so that in October of 2004, I marked a new beginning in my life – a transition from teaching martial arts skills to teaching “Life Mastery!”.

This was marked by the changing of the name of my Dojo from Miller's Martial Arts to Warrior Concepts Life Mastery Academy.

And in the years since then, I have taken many students to levels of achievement, insight, and power that they never thought possible – or even new EXISTED!

As I was learning and trying to master the skills, strategies, and techniques for not just self-defense but of personal mastery, it was honestly a difficult and trying time, as I made many mistakes and lost countless battles with myself as a result, not knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.

But the thing is, now I have “cracked the code” to being able to live and think like a true warrior – to live a life of power, confidence and control, and to have the ability to protect that life from anything that might threaten it, from both external AND internal demons!

I don't want you to experience the heartache and frustration that I have, and want you to know exactly what to do and how to do it to be a walking, talking, living example of the power of the Ninja's Lifeways.

So…what I have done is taken all of the information that took me nearly 20 years to perfect, and combined it into a fully functional and completely codified system that can take you step-by-step through the process of literally recreating yourself and becoming what the Japanese call a “Tatsujin,” a human being developed to his or her fullest potential.

Enter: My Online Training Course:

Creating Success Through Natural Understanding

A Special 10-Module Online Ninjutsu Training Program For those Who Want More Than Just Self-Defense!

This online digital course, recorded during a live 10 week session with some of my most serious students from around the world, will give you the same lessons that I have been teaching my closest students in the dojo for the past 27 plus years - it will teach you, step-by-step, exactly how to broaden your awareness, perception, and perspective of:

  • Yourself

  • Your innate potential

  • What it means to be a warrior

  • The world around you

  • Reality

  • The concepts of confidence, power, and control

  • And become more of the Ninja Warrior you want to be!

In my unique program, you will learn, step-by-step, how to unlock the secrets of Ninpo - the Ninja's higher-level philosophical teachings and secrets to mastery as a true Ninja warrior. I will help you to develop a much deeper and more useful understanding of the Universal Laws at work around you.

During this life-changing program, you will develop a working knowledge of:

  • The three views of reality

  • The Ninja's '4 Observations'

  • The '3 Hindrances' to Success

  • Meditative Awareness as the Key to the Path

  • The mind-science of Ninpo-Mikkyo (the Ninja's 'Secret Knowledge”)

  • The role of Ego and why it shouldn't be 'killed'

  • Techniques for breaking free from the “conventional wisdom” of the masses

You’ll also learn how to look into the nature of the “Human Condition” and, as such, learn tools, strategies, and techniques for taking control of the very process that will naturally lead to the state you want to EXPERIENCE. During this part of your training, you will learn the lessons passed down by our ancient Ninja ancestors – lessons such as:

  • The '5 Aspects”

  • The Reasons for Failure

  • The '3 Practices as Cures'

  • '7 Characteristics' of the (Enlightened) Ninja-Mind

  • 3 Types of Mindful Awareness and Directed Intention

Ancient Lessons for the Modern Warrior!

You’ll also get in depth guidance for creating the individual components of your own personal training and development program, including:

  • How to use past negative experiences as tools for personal growth and power

  • How to tap into the 3 basic functions of mind and develop each for maximum results

  • Step by step directions for proper, effective meditative practice

  • Guided meditation recordings designed by me for you to use during your personal practice

  • How to use personal reflection effectively for maximum benefit and to maximize your results

  • How to uncover limiting beliefs and programming that is holding you back

  • Step by step directions for establishing goals for personal progress

  • My personal list of best books and resources for augmented learning

  • How to pre-frame family and friends so they do not fear the “new you”

  • How to apply the lessons, principles and strategies of past masters in our modern world

  • My secret formula for making huge leaps in progress very quickly

  • Discover the secret to creating a simple, yet very powerful, harmonious, and unified life

  • How to control the elements of karma, energy, and the interconnected-ness of “things” so they become tools for your success, rather than separate “objects” that have not connection with one another

  • Revealed – my personal secret benefits of teaching others versus just training for your own benefit to maximize your progress (this one might surprise you!)

  • Discover your own unique “Life Purpose” and why it's important to be true to it and yourself

  • My secret strategy for “dealing with people”

  • My personal insights on your challenges – things that you cannot see from “where you are”

  • Revealed – my personal life mastery secret that will forever change the way you look at yourself, others, and the world around you

  • Learn the basic study and practice models for progress and development

  • Uncover the secret to long term success

  • How to set goals that you will achieve

  • How to easily use the time and resources you already have to create more of what you need

  • Discover my secret for dealing with abusive friends, family members, and others

  • How to Increase the effectiveness of your study and practice so that you are constantly moving forward

    What Would a Coaching Program On Living Warriorship “In” Your Life
    “Do” For Your Life?

    So, realistically, how could a comprehensive training program like this improve your understanding and mastery as a warrior – a student and practitioner of authentic, Japanese ninjutsu training?

    What would it mean for you if you were able to reduce or eliminate most of the negative parts and increase or produce more positive aspects of your life within the next 30 - 90 days and increase your effectiveness, improve your efficiency, and even transform your life into the one you've always dreamed of living?

    How would that change your life and your experience of it?

    What if you could set your progress on autopilot, freeing your time, energy, and resources to explore new areas of your world - things that you've been putting off for a long time? How about replacing your current belief system with one based on scientifically verifiable laws that practically guarantee that you'll be successful?

    How would it feel for you to be able to make such an incredible difference in the lives of others, by becoming the warrior you were meant to be?

    Discovering the Secrets to Living and Thinking Like a Real Ninja Warrior Will Make That a Reality

    What you have just been considering is exactly what this program can give you. But, like anything else...

    ...It Only Works If You DO IT!

    In a step-by-step, easy and simply process, I will lead you through the entire foundational system - the life and success principles and concepts at the heart of Ninpo (the higher, philosophical order of ninjutsu), and by implementing what I teach, you can achieve all of that in your life.

    Imagine your life with more money, positive friends and associates, and the fearlessness to literally create what you want for yourself and your loved ones – and being able to increase your results with less effort – less wear-and-tear on yourself?

    Imagine the time and freedom you would gain by bravely living to your life purpose rather than trying to live up to the deluded expectations of others?

    What would you do with the new-found confidence, power, and control in your life? Explore your hobbies, take vacations with your spouse or children, start a new business, and generally feel more relaxed?

    Shidoshi, What is All of This Going to Cost Me?

    That's a great question, and I will share with you the price in just a moment...but let's talk about something else for just a moment: what is this program worth to you?

    The lessons and secrets that I teach in this program have taken me literally 20 plus years and over $100,000 and thousands of hours to perfect in my own life. In fact, clients pay me as much as $250 per hour and $5,000 to $7,500 for complete strategies for their own personal development. And if I were to prepare this exact program just for you, the price would be $10,000.

    However, I have specially designed this program so that you can gain the benefits from learning to live and think like an authentic warrior - at your own pace - as a self-paced, online home study program.

    These are the exact same lessons that I taught to a group of online ninja training students for as much as $2,497. And, you'll hear from many of them as you go through the program.

    So, I could easily sell this package for $2500, and more easily at a price like $1500.

    But I want to make this a simple choice for you, so I have decided I am going to make this available for just $497 for a limited time only.

    SAVE OVER $200 Off!

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    During the COVID-19 Situation.

    The thing is, if you were to put just one of these ancient secrets that I teach you about in this online ninja training course to work in your life, you could easily make that back 10, 20, even 30 times over in the first year. So honestly, $497 is a super fair price for all of this information (I have personally spent over $100,000, and over 30 years, to learn this material myself).

    Perhaps you are asking...well, Shidoshi, why would you give this away for just $497 if you paid over $100,000 to learn all of this information?

    And here's the reason why: because it has taken me over 20 years, lots of trial and error, and frankly, a crazy amount of money to learn how to apply these secrets to change my own life. And personally, I just don't want you to go through what I have just to learn this stuff...I believe you deserve a break.

    So you can see why I personally believe $497 is a drop in the bucket for what you are going to learn here.

    Plus....My 100% Iron Clad Happiness Guarantee:

    I want you to be 100% satisfied with my program – in fact, I want you to increase your personal power through your life and ability to think, live, and act like a Ninja Warrior – and if you don’t, I don’t want to keep your money, period. So here is what I am going to do: try out my entire Online Ninja Training program and all the secrets contained within for 90 days, apply them to your own life, and if you don’t see some amazing results, simply send me a letter in writing that my teachings are flawed and I will refund your entire purchase price. But, you must actually DO the work and prove that these secrets don't work as taught.

    So go ahead, give my exclusive formula and Online Ninja Training Program a try. You have nothing to lose, and the upside is you will have much more of the power, confidence, and control – much more of the empowered life – that you want in the next 90 days:

    "Trapped At Home" Discount

    For a limited time only, until this COVID Quarantine Situation is Over, I am offering an 80.3% discount on this program, making it only $297 if you take action.

    That's less than $30 per training Module (I normally charge $150 - $250 for personal consulting and instruction... and that's for just 1 HOUR of training!)

    I can hear your question now: Why mark this down so much for a limited time?

    Here's the deal: I want you to succeed in becoming the warrior that you want to be. And if you are reading this, that means that you have been studying from me and perhaps buying my other courses for some time now.

    So instead of you having to shell out $497 just to get started with the material and lessons contained in this program, I want to make this super-affordable, and of course I can still take care of those who look to me for comfort, security, and provision (which is why I don't teach for free!).

    So...go ahead and get this while it is only $297 instead of $497, thousands less than I paid for learning this information myself.

    The price goes back up when
    the COVID restrictions are lifted!

    Take action now, and enroll in my powerful, life-changing NINJA MIND Online Ninja Training Course for just $297.

    Your Course Begins:
    As Soon as You Complete Payment Through PAYPAL
    ** Remember: It's self-paced so you don't have to worry about missing classes, or falling behind. There are NO EXCUSES!

    Single Payment Option

    Multi-Pay Option $87/month x 4 Months

    To Your Attainment of Warrior Mastery!

    Dai-Shihan Miller

    Imagine your life with less negativity and more of the positive things that make you feel powerful, confident, and in-control of your world? How would your life be different with that level of ability and capability for creating results and being successful?

    Go ahead, enroll in my new NINJA MIND Program – it works! I guarantee it!

    P.P.S. What do you have to lose? If it doesn’t work, I give you your money back. If it does work, you have the power, confidence and control – the LIFE you want to be living on your terms.

    If you don’t do this today, you may wonder forever what your life and abilities could look like just 90 days from now…don’t lose out forever, enroll in this powerful Online Ninja Training Program today. But, you must hurry – I am raising the price of this program back to the $497 enrollment tuition price, in less than 72 hours.