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Do you want to learn ninjutsu - the art of Japan's Ninja families...

...the way it was transmitted by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi BEFORE it had to be changed to protect students from those who started teaching before they understood the full scope and power of this self-protection & life mastery system?

shidoshi jeffrey miller
If so... this online ninjutsu training newsletter from Shihan Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller, one of the longest training practitioners of Ninpo (the higher, warrior-philosopher form of Ninjutsu) in the Western world...

...will give you insights and guidance that you just can't find anywhere else.

Why? Because Shidoshi Miller has what most other instructors are missing... and that is real-world experience at actually using these lessons against modern attackers in Today's world!

Bujinkan Master-teacher
Shihan-Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller

Let me ask you...

What would having access to that kind and level of training do for you?

How would that kind of assistance change the way you train?

How would your life be different if you understood the full scope of the Ninja's art of surviving, rather than just seeing it as another martial arts choice...

...among martial arts choices (as most teachers and students see it today).

Real Ninjutsu Training

The reality is that Ninjutsu, and the deeper principles, concepts and truths embodied by the higher Ninpo form of the art, is a total life mastery system that teaches not only one THE most comprehensive system of self-defense and personal combat ever created, but...

...the lessons for gaining complete and total control over your life!

So... if that's what you're looking for.

If you want more than just another system of self-defense - of punching, blocking, and kicking...

...and you want to learn from a master-teacher who was in the art from almost its beginning in the West - who has trained with some of the most prominent names in the art - who regularly travels to Japan to get more advanced training from not only many of the senior master teachers...

...but also the head of Ninjutsu training in the world today...

Then you are invited to join other like-minded, serious and committed students in learning ninjutsu the way it was meant to be practiced and... more importantly... LIVED!

learn ninjutsu with Shidoshi Miller

What Makes
Shidoshi Miller's
Focus & Training
So Different?

Shihan Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller began training in the art of Ninjutsu in 1980 - long before most of today's practitioners had ever heard of the art of Ninjutsu. He literally walked away from years of training in other martial arts and self-defense systems because he knew that what he found - a system of total training in survival and endurance that provided not just the lessons for effective street-level self-defense, but also the principles and concepts for becoming a more successful, positive, powerful and productive human being -

-- was EXACTLY what he had always been looking for!

And, now you have the opportunity to learn from a teacher who is not only passing on the lessons that have been passed down from past masters - but also someone who has put these lessons to the test - both on the mean streets as a police officer and body guard, but also in life.

The Choice is Yours

There's no pressure... no commitment required beyond your own desire to master this art. You may unsubscribe any time that you feel that you are not getting the kind of training that you are after.

Because... let's face it. Not everyone is ready for the level of training, commitment, and intensity of the training taught by Shidoshi Miller. Some simply want the 'soft-training' that has been created as the recreational, 'hobby' form of the art - the training for the masses today.

If that describes you... then DO NOT subscribe. Shidoshi Miller's methods, approach, and focus are NOT for you!

However, if you are looking for more than what everyone else seems to be doing today - if you want more than sanshin and kihon happo training - more than unarmed 'self-defense' training...

Then go ahead and enter your name and email address below. When you do, you will begin receiving valuable training lessons, tips, insights, and suggested training resources to take your ninjutsu training to the next level.

And... the Shidoshi has also decided to give you a copy of his ebook, "Becoming the Master", a $47 value free when you subscribe to the online ninjutsu training newsletter now!