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Are You Looking For The Secrets To Unlocking The Power of Ninpo-Taijutsu - the Ninja's Self-Protection method?

Sanshin no Kata
& Kihon Happo

Ninjutsu Home Study &
Online Ninja Training Course

Are you looking for a solid foundation in the armed and unarmed, self defense methods of the Ninja?

Do you want to become a master of the art of Ninjutsu?

Have you tried learning from books and videos but still couldn't get the full benefit of the lessons?

Are you already a student of the art looking to take your training to the next level?

If so...

Do you think you know the Sanshin no Kata & Kihon Happo, the so-called "basic training models" of Budo and Ninpo-taijutsu?

Think again!

Because, regardless of whether you've been training in this art for years, or you're looking for a place to start - there are correct lessons, strategies, and skills which make up what are known as the "basics" - skills which have absolutely nothing to do with the forms - but make the forms EXACTLY what they are!

Let me ask you something critically important?

Why do you want to master Ninjutsu?

Why not some other martial art or "style"?

What will you be able to do with your new skills once you are a master ninja?

Who will you be able to help - who will you be able to protect?

What will it feel like to be a true master warrior?

Seriously. I want you to think about that for a moment...

How will your life be different once you have these skills?

Hi, my name is Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller. And I began my training in the Ninja's arts over 30 years ago! And, that was after training in a dozen or so other systems!

I know what it feels like to struggle with learning on your own. Hell, even after studying for months or years with teachers that were supposed to know what I wanted to learn, I came to find out that...

...all they really knew was the step-by-step forms and the surface-level lessons of the art I was studying!

I understand reading book after book, and watching video after video - and still coming away with little or nothing for all my effort.

Like many serious students, I didn't come to the martial arts out of some low self-esteem need to be worshipped as a "master."

I was literally one of those kids that got beat up a lot growing up. Then, as a result of my experience with the "bullies" and "bad-guys" of the world - decided to become a police officer.

And, all through this, both as a child and finally as an adult trying to protect people from the violence I had grown to know and understand - I found that most of the martial arts and self defense being offered to myself and others - was absolute and utter nonsense!

So, I literally set out to go through system after system, and to train with teacher after teacher - until I found what I was looking for...

Real training for real people in a real World!

And, that training and knowledge - that mastery - came in the form that we all know today as the art of Ninjutsu - the system of self defense and life mastery developed centuries ago by the people that we have come to know as "Ninja."

And, after years of training, studying, practice, and using my new-found knowledge on the streets - in the only place where it really counts - I sat down to codify and structure these teachings for my serious students here in the Western-world!


Due to the overwhelming requests that I receive everyday from serious students who are looking for a solid foundation in this art, I decided to conduct an intense weekend of training on the topics of the Ninja's Sanshin no Kata (penetration models), and a set of techniques known, collectively, as the Kihon Happo ("Fundamental 8 Ways" - creation models).

This intense training event took place at the Warrior Concepts' Main Academy here in Pennsylvania. It was limited to only the most serious students, and included, literally, almost 30 years of training, notes, insights, strategies, and lessons that I received over the years from both the Grand Master, and several key Japanese Master-Teachers that I have been privileged to train under.

Everyone who was there can truly say that, if you missed this training opportunity - you missed a lot!

In fact...

Here's the link to view the seminar flyer for this powerful course:

However, if you weren't able to make it to the seminar in person, you no longer have to miss out on this powerful training.

That's because...

During this seminar, I recorded all of the lessons to video, in order to offer it after the event as part of a complete Home Study Course for my online ninja training students. And now, you can have all of the same lessons, just as they were taught to a select few students during this intense weekend.

The truth is that, I have been training in and studying this powerful martial art for 30+ years. And, contrary to popular belief, the lessons are not the kata or forms themselves, but are actually hidden within the forms.

In this special training program, I expose secrets that took me literally years, and thousands of dollars, to discover, uncover, and unlock - just so I could train correctly. And, I'm giving them to you so that you won't have to spend the same amount of time, effort, and money getting these same lessons.

And there's plenty here for you.

If you're serious about not just training, but serious about "mastery"...

This Online Coaching & Video-Based Home Study Course has everything to help you master this powerful and critically-important aspect within the art of Ninpo-Taijutsu "the Ninja's body skills."

This unique, one-of-a-kind, course is not available in this form, and with the lessons taught this way, anywhere else. These lessons take you through the three phases of training required to lay a proper foundation in this powerful martial art:

Foundation - Creation - Penetration

In fact, the information in part 1, which focus on the Sanshin no Kata alone - the so-called "basic" forms - will give you more than enough in the way of insights, skill, and power... change the way you see, think about, and train in Ninpo-Taijutsu - FOREVER!

The Sanshin lessons teach you everything from how to move your body with speed and power, to the advanced lessons of:

  • Integrating weapons into your training
  • Moving from kamae to kamae with balance, speed, and power
  • Delivering almost invisible strikes that are powerful - yet effortless
  • Coordinating the body for maximum power-generation from minimum effort, and...
  • Penetrating his defenses so effectively that he cannot stop your attack from "hitting its mark!"

There are also plenty of advanced lessons for:

  • Using special breathing methods to increase power generation
  • Correct "Ninja Walking" and footwork
  • Proper control of the legs, torso, and limbs
  • The secret formula for perfect taijutsu movement
  • Unlocking the strategic secrets needed to master Ninpo-taijutsu
  • Bringing your Kamae ("body-mind-spirit attitude/postures") and techniques to life!
  • ...and more!

Here's what one participant had to say after the event:

And THAT's just the
FIRST HALF of the Training!

The second section of this powerful program focuses on the forms which are collectively known in the Bujinkan Dojo of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi - headmaster of the Togakure school of Ninjutsu (and 8 other martial arts systems) as the Kihon Happo - "the 8 ('infinite') basic foundational examples."

In this training, you'll not only learn how to properly do the basic training models, but you'll also learn how these so-called "simple techniques" teach you the secrets for:

  • Manipulating and controlling your opponent's perceptions of what he can and cannot do to you, AND what you're doing to him!
  • Using the secrets of the Sanshin in part 1 to create situations that give you the advantage and leave him completely open to your techniques
  • The secret formula of the Kihon Happo that you could use to create an infinite number of your own techniques from just ONE form
  • Getting the most out of your training with these models, and...
  • Understanding where the models fit within the overall scope of your training from beginner to real combat-survival

If you're serious about your training and progress, I really want to make sure that you get this knowledge. And...

If you've ever been to one of my annual Spring or Fall Ninja Training Camps, or any of my other live seminars for that matter, you know just how much I put into these training opportunities. If you haven't... here's your chance to find out!

And this one is no different.

There is so much about this training that the majority of students - and MANY instructors - just have no idea about. And, if you're serious about mastering this powerful, centuries-old martial art and life mastery system, and being able to use it in your life today, then I want to give you every opportunity to get what you need.

But, don't believe me. Here's a message from one of the students who travels from nearly 2 States away to be at most of my live training events.

Get Your Advanced Sanshin /
Kihon Happo Course Now!

The value of this full, 12-week, training course, including 12 DVD home study video lessons, unlimited email coaching, and support materials, is $1997. And, this program includes hours of unique, deep-level, and advanced teachings focused on these widely-known, but highly misunderstood training models.

Students who have paid me for private training, know that my hourly rate for training is $150/hr. And, my normal rate for group training is $250/hr. So, the value of this course is enormous. But, like I said, I want to make sure that you can get this training - IF you're serious, and IF you REALLY want it.

And remember, I'm not just teaching the "correct way" to do these kata, but taking them apart so that you can see not only "why" they are done a certain way (or can be done several different ways!), but why they MUST be done this way for you to own the full power and ability of a master warrior!

In fact, you're going to see the Sanshin & Kihon Happo for what they really are...

Examples of strategic thinking and control of not only your own body, but also of an entire, real-world, combat situation!

In these few models, you are going to learn the critical, 1st stage principles and concepts that most students will never learn if they continue in the way they are currently training!

Bold statement, I know. But, it's true!

If you want to be a "martial artist," you can train in ANY system - in any way, and - with any teacher. BUT...

If you want to understand and be skilled in "Combat Survival," then there is no other choice but to learn the lessons that will give you the confidence, power, and control of a true Master!

There's Something Missing in Video-Based Training!

But even with all of the information, techniques, and skill-proficiency training that I packed into this program for you...

...there's still something very important missing from the course!

Do you know what it is?

I bet you do.

And, if you said, "direct access to, and feedback from, a real teacher while you're trying to master the techniques..."

You'd be RIGHT!

And, this is EXACTLY why I created my online training programs the way I did!

So, in addition to the core video-based lessons that you'll be getting and downloading over the course of this program, I've also included something that puts the "teacher-student contact" back into your training.

That means that I'm going to add a "live" coaching component to this program so that you can get direct feedback from me while you go through the training.

So, if you enroll in the Sanshin/Kihon Happo program during this special launch week, I am adding the following bonuses worth an additional $2,920:

  • Weekly group coaching tele-classes where you will meet with both myself and other dedicated and serious students just like yourself.

    These tele-seminars will give you the opportunity to ask whatever questions that you have about the techniques, tactics, strategies and training concepts in your program.

    These closed-door training sessions also allow me to go even more deeply into the logic, strategy, and application of the material in your training videos. And, each one is recorded. That means that you will be getting a full recording of each class that you'll be abl;e to refer to again and again, for clarification on the techniques, strategies and lessons that I teach on in each of these powerful group sessions.

    Each of the recordings alone are worth at least $57, and it's like getting two trainings for the price of one - one "live" and one recorded!

    This bonus alone has a real value of $600!)

  • Video reviews of your progress!

    One of the biggest complaints that I hear from students who are enrolled in other online programs is that once they purchase a program from other teachers, either 1) that's it! They never have access to that teacher to get their questions answered. Or... 2) The only contact they have is when they send in a video and pay for a ranking review!

    And, while I do charge for rank reviews (partly because that fee gets sent to Japan to process your rank through Hatsumi-Sensei's office), I never charge a student to do progress reviews. So, you can send me 1 10 - 15 min review video once per week, every week, if you want to - and I will review what I see and send you a personalized feedback of suggestions for you to apply to your ongoing training! This service normally costs $35 per review (below Black Belt) but is being included as a special bonus for this week only.

    That's another $420 value!

  • Double Unlimited Email Coaching!

    This program normally comes with a full 6 months of unlimited email coaching - 2 months more than the program lasts! But, again, as a special incentive bonus for getting this training during this special launch week, I am doubling the amount of access you will have to me.

    So... for the next 12 months -- 1 FULL YEAR from the date you purchase this course -- you will have unlimited access to me by email to get your questions answered. That means that, if you want to send me a question every day, for the entire year... that I will give you the answers that you need to move forward in your progression towards Mastery!

    This bonus alone is worth $150 month. Which means that the total value for the 12 months of unlimited email coaching is $1,800!

    And... to top things off... I'm also giving you...

  • $100 OFF the cost of Spring or Fall Ninja Training Camp!

    All you'll have to do when you register for your choice of this year's Spring or Fall Ninja Training Camp, held at the Warrior Concepts Mastery Academy, is to send your PayPal confirmation number.

    When you do, we will send a special registration link that is coded just for you, so that you can deduct $100 off the cost of the event.

These bonuses, available only during this special launch week...

...have a total value of $2,920!

HOWEVER... You can see that it would be difficult to offer these bonuses to everyone who orders this program throughout the year. So...

...these bonuses can ONLY be offered to those who order and enroll this week. But, I do reserve the right to pull them at any time, if I realize that I am getting too many new students into my online coaching group classes!

So, if you want in, you'll want to grab your place as early as possible.

Get Started Now!

Of course, you know whether or not you're ready to take the next step toward getting this kind of direct, deep-level training from a senior master instructor in the art and practice of the Ninja's self-protection system of Ninpo-Taijutsu.

Some are... most are not. I understand that and, you know what?

That's okay.

Just remember that, while the core program will be here when you ARE ready... I cannot afford to give away these very valuable bonuses beyond the next couple of days. It's just not possible... even if I wanted to!

Like I said, in it's full form, this program is worth AT LEAST $1997. And, when you add the launch-week bonuses, you get a total value of $4,917!

And I'm sure you can see how easy it would be for me to get at least the base value of $1,997 from very serious students. In fact, this price is still about $2,000 less than my yearly trip to Japan that includes about the same amount of training time!

But, if you're serious about your training, I want to offer you the opportunity, right now, to get your 12 week online training program which focuses exclusively on the famous Sanshin & Kihon Happo models taught in Bujinkan Ninjutsu for a lot less than that. So, I considered discounting the program by half and making it $997. And this would be a hell of a steal compared to the $4,917 value!

But I realized that that wasn't enough to insure that the most amount of students could get this training.

So I decided that you weren't going to pay $997 for this course. You aren't going to pay $897 , $797 or even, $697 .

The total for this full program, including:

12 DVD-based video training lessons for home dojo study

6 12 Months of email-based coaching

Weekly tele-classes (Your choice of Tuesday evenings or Friday mornings - Eastern time) where you will meet with me in a group setting to discuss the lessons and clear up any questionS that you have

a discount certificate good for $100 off the cost of one of this year's Ninja training Camps!

Video-based progress reviews (with feedback to keep you on the right track) (valued at $35ea x 12 months = $420)


3 month membership in my Platinum "Inner Circle" Coaching Program which itself includes 12 weekly 2hour coaching calls to discuss what you're learning (a $600 value)

You get all this, this week only, for just a single payment of ,B.just $197!,/B. (Can't swing the cost of the full course? Keep reading!)

That's a total savings of $4,520.00 of the total value of everything in this program!

** Special, Limited Offer! **

I'm celebrating a milestone in my own training and development. So, I thought I would share the growth and progress by giving you a special incentive to really ramp up your training.

What is it?

Simple. If you are one of the first 20 students serious enough to take action and grab this program, I will include a one-on-one, 1 hour private coaching call just between the two of us! During this private training call, you and I will really focus in on what might be holding you back, how to get control of not only your training -- but your progress towards Mastery! And, I will help you to lay out some very definite training goals so that you can see above average progress and a serious increase in skill-proficiency over the next 3 - 6 months!

And... I'll even pay for the shipping and handling to get the DVDs and your course binder to your door!

That an added value of another $265.17. But, again, this is only available to the first 20 17 students who grab this one-of-a-kind program!


...the reality is this, and my current and past "Inner-Circle" students know this..., and you alone, decide what's important to you and where you want to take your training.

I can do my job as a teacher and present the lessons you need - correctly and in an easy-to-learn method. I can even try to inspire and motivate you to take action. But, the reality of the situation is this...

No one can do this for you.

So, if you're serious about your Ninjutsu training, and you want to make sure that you get these powerful lessons, then click on the PayPal button below to get your Expanded and Advanced Sanshin / Kihon Happo Online Ninjutsu Training Course at this very low, special offer price - including all of the bonuses.

I know that you're going to want to get started right away so... as soon as you complete payment for the course, I am going to give you complete access to the 12 video files so that you can download your lessons and begin studying right away while you're waiting for your DVDs and training binder to arrive in the mail! This will be like getting two programs for the price of ONE!

Single Payment of $197
(Includes free shipping & handling!)

Let's Review

When you enroll in this unique, one-of-a-kind, Online Coaching and Home Study Program, you get...

  • 12 Home Study videos teaching you basic, intermediate, and advanced lessons of the Sanshin & Kihon Happo

  • 12 DVDs containing the full program

  • Personal Training Binder to hold both the DVDs and your training notes as you advance through the program

  • $100 off the cost of one of this year's annual Ninja Training Camp (Your choice of Spring or Fall Camp)

  • Unlimited email coaching from me for 1 full year

  • 12 weekly, "Live" tele-coaching / webinar calls where I will answer your questions and give you even more training lessons!

  • And... MORE!

And... for the 20 students who get this program during this special offer, a Private, one-on-One, coaching call with me to tailor your training and get in moving forward really fast!

That's a value of well over $4,917...

For just a single payment of $197.

Single Payment of $197
(Includes free shipping & handling)

I don't need all of the "extras", Shidoshi.
I just want the core training

If you just want to work this out for yourself - and you're just looking for the core lessons that you can study on your own, I understand. I'm like that sometimes myself.

Or, maybe you just can't swing the $197 price tag on the program right now. And that's okay.

Like I said, I really want you to be able to get this training.

So, you can use the PayPal link below to get the 12 core training videos, as direct downloads only, for just $97. No DVDs (or anything else) will be sent to you, nor will you get any of the additional training bonuses worth $2,920.

However, I will still make the 3 months of email coaching available to you so that, if you should ever need to during the course of this program, you can contact me to get your questions answered.

How does that sound? Okay?

To order your Advanced Sanshin / Kihon Happo core lesson videos as direct downloads only for just $97, just click on the PayPal link right now:

Do-It_Yourself Video
Direct Downloads

(Nothing will be shipped - digital downloads only!)

PS - If you know me, you know that I am not a 6-month or 2-year Shidoshi, or someone who runs around with his chest puffed out, throwing around the overused title of "Shihan!"

This course is the result of literally 30+ years of training, research, validating, and personal experience using these lessons - and often using them for real - on the streets - in the only place it matters! And...

I began training in this art when you could count on ONE HAND, how many Shidoshi there were in the Western-world!

It's also the result of my decade of work in the law enforcement and personal security field as a police officer, undercover investigator, private detective, and bodyguard - occupations which taught me more than the need for self defense training. These are occupations which DEMAND that what I learned, knew, and applied on the street - WORKED!

The experience that I received doing these jobs gave me the other half of the Mastery-Equation - they taught me how I NEED to train, regardless of any theories, forms, or historical models.


If you want to take advantage of my three decades of experience and study in these powerful, and important first-lessons that most students hear about but don't believe are important enough to study, then you should take advantage of this limited-time offer.

Remember... I full expect that this program will sell out fast at this special price, so... as soon as these 20 special offer sets are gone......

This offer will be gone - and the price WILL be set to AT LEAST $297!

That's not hype or sales talk. That's just the way it is!

Because, remember... as a warrior, it's not so much what you say - but what you do that counts!

If you're looking for the first steps in this powerful art, and you're looking for serious training from someone who has not only learned the art, but has used it in the real world to survive actual attacks, then there really is no choice.

To Your Attainment of Mastery!

Shidoshi Miller

Single Payment of $197
(Includes free shipping & handling!)

Do-It_Yourself Video
Direct Downloads

(Nothing will be shipped - digital downloads only!)
Single Payment of just $97