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Did you know that there is an actual science of self-defense...?

Science of Self-defense Book

"Let's Get'em! You've Heard The Muffled Voices Of The Two Thugs Talking Behind You For Some Time, And Now Their Steady Footsteps Sound Like They're Closing In On You..."

Do YOU Possess The Knowledge And Self-Defense Skills Necessary For Surviving a Full-On Attack From These Two Maniacs Who May Or May Not Be Armed With Weapons?

Hi, and thank you for visiting Warrior Concepts I'm Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller and...

...I teach people how to not die at the hands of thugs, nuts, and criminal attackers every day.

Before I go on about who I am, or why you should listen to me, I'd like to share a couple of stories with you. Consider yourself WARNED though... these stories CAN and WILL happen to you if you do not properly prepare yourself with effective, workable, and proven techniques and strategies for keeping yourself safe in Today's often violent world.

The stories you're about to read happen every single day to countless people - not just in the United States but - EVERYWHERE! In cites, towns, and across the world, Your Life Is At Risk!

Story #1:

    CRASH! You snap awake... not really sure what woke you but... you know that it was loud, and... as you frantically search the darkness, trying to make sense of your world... you begin to wonder if you were only dreaming. Did you really hear something THAT loud?

    CRASH! This time, the sound of shattering glass rips through you as you gain the sudden, heart-stopping realization that... someone is in your home. You hear the muffled voices of several intruders as they go through your sanctuary? You lie there, nerves on end, muscles tightening, as you wonder... "is this REALLY happening to YOU?"

    What are YOU going to do? Now is not the time to be thinking about taking self-defense classes, so... what do you do? You know there are at least two or three of them, based on the different voices, and you know they're moving from room-to-room. What if they come in your room? What if they go into the kid's rooms?

    EVEN WORSE YET... You know that, even if you call 9-11, the police response time, at-best is 5 to 10 minutes... IF they're not already busy! The fact the intruders are talking and making noise says that, either they think you're not home or... THEY DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE!

    YOUR MIND RACES... your palms are sweating, and you can feel and hear your heart beating as if it were the last beats it would ever perform. You find it difficult to think... and even more difficult to move...

    YOU HEAR THEM... your door. Now, you have no time to get tied up with a phone call. They rush into your bedroom, confidently, smiling... they look at you with eyes that say that they have absolutely NO REGARD FOR LIFE!

And the sad part about this story is that... it occurs just about every minute, of every day and night!

Here's something else to think about - especially if you have some self-defense or martial arts training training under your belt...

Story #2:

    Imagine, if you will...

    You're walking across a dark parking lot late at night. The lot, apparently occupied only by the vehicles parked there and the occasional cat hunting for an evening snack.

    Then, as if from out of nowhere, you feel the hard, meaty arm slam into your throat from the front. While your mind races to determine exactly what's happening, you become more and more aware that you are not in control - your world has just changed forever.

    You feel your muscles contract and, though you try to move, you're sickeningly aware that much of your own body won't respond to your brain's commands. As the adrenaline and other chemicals flood your blood stream in natural response to danger, you are suddenly overcome by a multitude of feelings and sensations that you have, quite literally, never experienced before - certainly not with this much raw, primal intensity.

    As the initial shock response and wave of panic begins to ebb, you find yourself becoming aware of the sensation of your assailant's body behind you and the fact that his arm is coming from over your right shoulder. You can now hear his hot, rasping breath in your ear and perhaps the fact that he is saying something to you; though you're not quite sure what it is.

    Since you've taken a few self-defense classes, you remember learning how to get out of this type of attack and reach up to grab and pull his arm away from your neck. What you find though, is that you cannot even begin to budge it in the least.

    "Wait a minute," you think in a moment of clarity, "this isn't right."

    "This isn't right!"

    "It always worked in class." "This guy's holding me too tight!" "No one ever holds THIS TIGHT!"

    You feel the next wave of panic start to grip your body and your senses. Not because you're being attacked but...

    ...because you realize that your defense doesn't work.

    "WHY?" "WHAT'S GOING ON?!"

    "IT'S SUPPOSED TO WORK!" "He said it would wo...."

    As the light fades and you feel the darkness pull over you like a warm, comfortable blanket, you are remanded to the whims of your attacker... not knowing whether the light will return to your eyes again.

Gruesome, I know. But... if you're going to be prepared to survive a dangerous attack in the real world, from a real-world assailant...

Then you had better wake up to more than a few myths and illusions that have been pulled over your eyes. Some of these are being passed around by so-called experts, some by your friends and family members living in denial, and yes... some are even of your own creation.

Let's Set The Record Straight!

I've said this until I'm blue-in-the-face, and I've written about it more times than I can count. But, I'll say it again...


In fact, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that, "it's NOT THE JOB OF THE POLICE TO PROTECT YOU!" Their job is to protect "the public at-large" - the social group - NOT individual citizens.

When It Comes to Protecting YOURSELF... YOU ARE ALL ALONE!

When you consider the fact that...

There is an assault every 17 seconds in the United States...

NOT counting all of the rapes, robberies, and murders...

...the question is no longer "IF" something will happen to you, but "WHEN?"

Self-defense is no longer a choice - It's a Responsibility!

And responsible people take action to make sure they're not only prepared but, they're prepared with the best they can get.

Seriously, this is not like buying a TV or a car - where the decision is, "do you buy or not" - this is YOUR LIFE and the lives of the people you love that we're talking about here.

How Do I Know?

Good question. You see...

I'm a former federal police officer, undercover investigator, and body guard. The only difference between then and now is that I don't deal with victims anymore. Now, I teach people how to NOT become victims.

It's true. I still have memories of the gut-wrenching scenes I had to go to. I remember the blood... the bodies... the broken, dazed and confused survivors.

I also remember my own journey to learn to protect myself - especially after receiving the "official" police defensive tactics training I got. What a joke!

My journey has taken me around the world to train with masters, teachers, and experts on 3 continents and six countries. I have spent well over $100,000.00US, not counting travel, meal, and living expenses to get the kind of education that most people dream of.

And, my years working the streets and defending myself against the worst society has to offer, has given me the experience that no one wants to have!

But, you know what? Even with all of this...

...I am just like you.

As much as I like self-defense training, I have a life and would like to spend most of it with my friends, family, and doing the things I like to do.

I don't want to spend it worrying about self-defense or how many years I'll have to study just to be ready.

So, here's the thing. After 30 plus years of study, training, and research, after almost 2 decades working in the law enforcement and security sector, and after studying things like "natural human response" to danger, and the psychology behind attacker and defender modes, I realized that...

There is a "Science of Self-Defense"

And learning this science of self-defense will allow you to master the art of self-protection faster than ever before! Where the average karate student has to train for months or years, the average person can do it in days or weeks.


The secrets found in the science of self-defense can take any person of any level, and shoot them into a whole new realm of proficiency and skill so quickly that others will be amazed and confused!

I have taught black belts from other martial arts right alongside brand new students who are just beginning and you'd think the black belts never learned a thing before my class.

You want to always be in the right place to deliver that bone-shocking strike? Do you want to be able to position yourself in a way that makes it almost impossible for even a skilled attacker to get at you?

Here's the Deal

I have taken my 30 plus years of experience, training, study, and research, and put it into a single, comprehensive book that's perfect for beginners and trained students alike. In it I explain what I call, "The Karate-Myth" and how this single belief can get you killed. I unlock the secrets of your body's own natural defense mechanisms and how, with the right knowledge, you can tap into it and put your own natural, instinctive, self-protection modes to work for you.

So, no matter where you are now, you'll be able to do what real experts can do without all of the hype and bull that's being passed off as self-defense training.

The science of self-defense is exactly that...

The Science of Self-Defense!

And... the BEST Part Is...

self-defense book The science of self-defense is available as a downloadable ebook. It can be yours with just a few clicks of your mouse and, in about 5 minutes you could be gaining all the knowledge you need to take your self-defense abilities BEYOND the next level.

Gain the respect you deserve and the safety you need!

The Science of Self-Defense contains the same information that my regular students pay almost $700.00 to get. You'll learn:

  • Positioning and the proper use of distance to control a situation

  • Defense Modes and how to use your own emotional state as both a tool and as a key to knowing exactly what type of technique to do in any attack

  • The Self-Defense Phases at the heart of the science of self-defense that give you more control over your own self-defense than you ever thought possible


    Like I said, this is the same material that my regular students pay almost $700US to get. In fact, it's more than the level 1 students of my EDR: Non-Martial Arts Defensive Training ProgramTM get when they come in for a weekend and pay me $295.

    And, if you order "The Science of Self-Defense" right now, I'll also include...

    6 FREE BONUSES, valued at over $171.00!

    When you invest in this powerful eBook right now, not only will you get all of the knowledge in it, but you'll also get another ebook and three companion reports that I've written containing my NEWEST material, and one more very special - money-saving - bonus.

    Self-defense book BONUS #1: In the first bonus report, called "Controlling the Fight — The 5 Keys of Effective Self-Defense Strategy" I address one of the biggest problems that people have in a self-protection situation: They don't know what to do next!

    I've had so many students write me or say to me in person: "I got out of the way of the first attack, but I didn't know what to do NEXT" or "I was out with my friends, and this person just started yelling and wanting to fight, but I froze - I didn't know what to do NEXT."

    I'll teach you:

    • The 5 trackable phases that every fight or defensive situation goes through so that you'll never again say, "I didn't know what to do next"

    • How to look for the "logic" behind the moves in every technique you'll ever learn so that you'll know exactly when THAT particular technique WILL work and when it won't

    • How to correctly assess a situation so that you'll know what your assailant is really trying to do to you. And I promise that it's more than just trying to punch, grab or kick you!

    • The things that are "invisible to the naked eye" but the MOST IMPORTANT parts for determining what you can and should do in any given moment

    • Why each of these "Keys" is a crucial element in your overall defensive strategy and why neglecting even one of them could literally get you killed!

    • Why learning just step-by-step techniques will NEVER prepare you to be able to defend yourself and why no technique is perfect for the given situation that you will find yourself in

      The key "moments" in an altercation that MUST be managed if you are to walk away with most of you intact

    • And much, much more!

    Inside this condensed report, you get literally the science of controlling a self-defense situation and coming out the survivor every time.

    Special self-defense report by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. MillerBONUS #2: This special report, entitled "Making It Real!, I talk about the most common "bad habits" to avoid - habits that run rampant throughout the martial arts and self-defense world - and how to start training so you'll be truly effective in a real-world, self-defense situation.

    The fact is that most people have no idea about the difference between martial arts training for self-defense and training for a sport competition - and I'm not just talking about students either, but instructors too!

    You'll learn much more than how training is different. In this concise, and too-the-point report...

    You'll learn:

    • The ways a student can "avoid reality" through his or her own habits and predispositions before they ever get on the mat!

    • Critical areas and subjects that must be a part of a real-world self-defense training program. These key points are so important that not knowing them can get a black belt killed - no matter how many bricks they can break!

    • Important questions that you should ask throughout your training to insure that you're keeping yourself, your training, AND your teacher honest!

    • The "big secret" about self-defense training to make sure that you're keeping it real!

    This single report is worth 10 times what you're paying for The Karate-Myth. The information, knowledge, and wisdom in it, is THAT important!

    Special self-defense report by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. MillerBONUS #3: Another special report I call, "Self-Defense Essentials", explains the universal principles and concepts understood AND demonstrated by every true martial arts master and self-defense expert - regardless of style!

    Simply put, this report contains the information you'll need to avoid the trap of limited, narrow-minded thinking, and overcome the "what style is better" debate.

    But you'll much more than how training is different. In this concise, and too-the-point report...

    In Self-Defense Essentials, you'll learn just that and you'll be lead to the heart of the matter and learn what's important in the realm of saving your life in a self-defense situation.

    Also included is a list of combat essentials. In fact, in this report I'll tell you that if you want a bigger list, you'll have to be able to understand Sun Tsu's "Art of War".

    Special self-defense report by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. MillerBONUS #4: In "Power Modes", your body's 4 natural defense modes and the keys to beating any attacker - any time!

    This report, if nothing else, will explain the most critical key to defending yourself in a life-threatening situation and with the least amount of wear-and-tear on yourself.

    "Power Modes" takes another look at your body's own hardwired defense mechanisms that I discuss in The Karate-Myth. It explains how these mechanisms can create different responses dependent on a variety of factors, and depending on the person.

    If you really want to be able to use the 4 primal defensive modes, or "states-of-being" at tools when you're under the fight, flight, or freeze response... you'll definitely want to read this report!

    The value of these 4 bonus reports alone is over $95!

    I have offered this information in seminars, programs, and classes in the past for well over twice that - and had VERY happy clients and students.

    This self-defense package is worth over $238 for just $67 $47.97! AND, the best part is...

    ...there's no shipping and handling because the books are in ebook format! The ebook and bonus materials are instantly downloadable as an Adobe .pdf file that installs itself for you and is compatible with both PC and MAC systems!

    A Special One-Time Limited Offer...

    BONUS #5: As a part of this introductory offer, everyone who orders "The Science of Self-Defense" right now will get a 1 year subscription to my inner-circle newsletter, reserved just for my most serious students. That's a $96 dollar value - yours free!

    And Finally...

    BONUS #6: You'll receive a certificate good for FREE UPGRADES for life! I don't believe in selling you a new book - especially the same one - just because I added some new information. So... buy today and you also receive a certificate that will give you any new editions of "The Science of Self-Defense" that I write, EVER!

    How much is THAT worth?! (even IF the price stays at $47.97?!)

    Like I said, that's well over $250.00 dollars worth of knowledge, information, and personal empowerment for less than a night out for dinner and the movies for two!

    REMEMBER:This is the same material that cost me over $20,000 and 30 plus years to discover. And, it's yours right now, for a limited time, for just $47.97

    Ordering Is Safe and Easy

    When you click on the order button below, you'll go to my secure order page for your credit card information (I use PayPal for your protection and mine). When you use my secure order form, you'll be able to download the book and reports immediately as PDFs that can be opened and read immediately!

    Your transaction and personal information is completely secure — using the secure PayPal server, your order information is transmitted using the latest encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.

    The whole process takes just a few minutes and you'll be reading your book and special reports shortly thereafter.

    When you get the book, scan it a couple of times and read the parts that jump out at you right away—then go back and read it cover to cover.

    Next, read the two bonus reports and then try some of the techniques. You'll notice a difference right away, and it will encourage you to try some of the other ideas.

    Whatever happens, you'll use this reference library constantly as you're learning how to be more safe and secure in your life. And isn't THAT what's important?


    To order the best Self-Defense book on the internet, and all these companion materials, right now, simply click this link to be taken to the ultra-secure PayPal order page:

    This is much too important to "put off till later." Don't be a statistic on a police report. Take control of your safety and learn the science of self-defense. Do it right now, while you're still thinking about it.

    Because, when the attack is actually happening, it'll be too late to think about anything but... "Getting the hell out of there!"


    Jeffrey M. Miller, SPS, DTI
    Director Warrior Concepts Int'l, Inc.
    WCI Consulting