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The Karate-Myth Exposed!

Do You Want to Know Why A Black Belt Doesn't Mean You Can Defend Yourself - Why Most Martial Arts & Self-Defense Programs Are a Sham and How to REALLY Insure Your Safety In Today's Often Violent World?

Everyday, men, women and children enroll in martial arts and self-defense programs, with the expectation that what they will be taught, will allow them to save their lives if they ever need to. Everyday, people go to classes and except the lessons from teachers who they believe know the correct answers for effective personal safety and street survival. And...

...everyday, people who have taken these classes and graduated from these programs get the "you-know-what" beat out of them on the mean streets of this world.


  • Why do women who've taken rape defense classes get raped?

  • Why do kids who know the stranger rules by heart get abducted?

  • Why do black belts of whatever size, age, or gender, get beaten or killed by untrained assailants?


Because most of what's being taught today... a LIE!

Self-Defense expert Jeffrey Miller

Hi... My name is Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI and...

...I teach people how to NOT be beaten, broken, maimed, or killed at the hands of degenerates, criminals, anger-management rejects, and murderers!

How's that for an introduction?

Direct, I know, but, it's true.

It's what I do.

And... if you've decided that you're ready for REAL-WORLD answers to a VERY real-world problem, then what I'm about to tell you could help you get it FASTER than ever before.

But, you should also know that...

...I am not, like most other martial arts instructors and self-defense teachers, someone who teaches typical defensive tactics or karate classes.

What are typical self-defense or karate classes?

I'll tell you in a bit, but first, let me tell you a little bit about myself, my background, and why I'm more than qualified to help you to survive a dangerous situation against a brutal assailant.

The most important thing you need to know is that I am not a...

..."ME TOO" type of person. I question EVERYTHING.

I am a former federal police officer, body guard, and investigator. I have trained, and trained with, both civilian and military police units both here in the United States, in Canada, South Korea, and Germany as well.

My law enforcement and security background includes both uniformed police work as well as undercover assignments in drug and black market suppression. Most of this experience was with the United States Army as a military police investigator. I have worked with local, state, and federal law enforcers here in America as well as with those in Germany and South Korea.

Now, I'm not telling you this to impress you, but to...

...impress UPON you that I teach from a very different perspective than most instructors.

I want to impress upon you that I have something that well over 90% of the people teaching martial arts and self-defense classes DO NOT have. And that is...


During the course of my life, I have been attacked by bullies, drunks, crack-heads, upset husbands trying to beat their wives and children, and violent criminals. What that means is that...

...I have "been there" before. I have been in those situations that my students and clients want me to teach them how to get out of...

...and walked away with my skin in-tact!

Again, I'm not trying to impress you. I'm trying to make a point.

And that point is this...

...when you learn self-defense tactics and techniques from someone, whether he or she has a black belt in karate, judo, tae kwon do, or even ninjutsu / budo-taijutsu, or they're an "expert" in this-or-that self-defense program, you are literally...

...putting your life in that person's hands!

That's why I've written a book to teach you how you can be truly safe and prepared to defend yourself and your loved-ones in Today's world.

The book is called... self-defense book the karate-myth

The Karate-Myth

Why Most Martial Arts and Self-Defense Programs Are Wrong and How to Be Safe In This Often Violent World!

In it, I share with you the information, knowledge, and understanding that I've gained in the area of self-protection over the past three decades that, quite frankly, are missing or only hinted at in just about every other class or program being offered. After reading this book, you'll be armed with the knowledge and information necessary for properly evaluating and selecting the right training program in order to insure your safety in this often dangerous world.

I also tell you why most martial arts and self-defense programs are flat-out incapable of teaching you how to defend yourself in a violent situation. It's not that the arts themselves, or the techniques being taught are necessarily wrong, but rather the translation and transmission of the information by ill-informed or unqualified teachers.

Contrary to the way it might sound, the truth is that, I have no problem with people who take up the study of martial arts for reasons other than self-defense. I don't have a problem with teachers and schools who offer training for sport, aesthetic reasons, or merely to get good at a set of skills. What I DO have a problem with is...

...people who, through ignorance, inflated ego, or a deluded sense of reality, profess to be engaged in the study of self-defense when they are doing no such thing!

And that's it. That's what I call the "Karate Myth." Well, at least part of it anyway.

What You'll Learn

I've taken literally thirty-plus years of training, study, research, and actual "on-the-street" experience, and distilled it down into six chapters that cover the principles for learning what you need to know as quickly and easily as possible.

Where many books promise to turn you into a killing machine, I teach you how to cut through the bull to get what you need.

While many teachers "fluff" their programs with ritual, false-confidence-building lessons, and techniques that just don't work against today's attackers...

...I teach you how to learn in hours or days what the average karate student takes months or years to learn.

But, you're not just learning some punches, kicks, and tricky moves to beat someone up (okay, maybe a few!). In this powerful book, I also share my research into the areas of natural human defensive response. That means...'re also going to learn how to use the natural defense-mechanisms hard-wired into your body and mind to overcome just about any attacker...


      ...easier, and...

      ...with less wear-and-tear on you!

Did you know that...

  • There's an area in your brain that is responsible for nothing other than self-defense?

  • You don't have to train to be fast or strong - because when you're natural systems fire (and I'll tell you exactly what these are)... WILL BE fast and strong?

  • There is an element missing from the "fight-or-flight" equation that you've heard about. And only actual, hands-on training (not reading a book or watching videos) will allow you to overcome this problem area and automatically respond to an attack situation correctly?

  • Most programs only focus on half the solution when they teach physical techniques alone?

And, most of all...

  • don't have to learn hundreds of techniques to be safe?

In fact, here's a copy of the...

self-defense book

Let's face it. If you're looking to learn effective self-defense tactics for surviving a real-world attack from some brutal assailant on Today's often violent streets, you don't need "Karate Kid"-type games designed for macho, testosterone-driven men who want to win trophies in a tournament or competition.

You want and need:

* reliable information and skills that are quick and easy to learn, and that will work for you in a real-life self-defense situation.

* to feel safe and confident because you know what to do if something happens.

* to feel comfortable and stress-free so you can go about your life without having to worry about being attacked.

Do You Know...

What you MUST learn if you are to insure your ability to survive a dangerous attack?

And that...

Before you can learn WHAT to DO in a self-defense situation, you must first learn ABOUT...

...what a self-defense situation is like in the first place!

Do you know what the missing elements ARE in most of the programs and classes being offered today?

To be honest, neither do most of the so-called experts that you'll run into. Because...

...very few of them have taken the time to ask the really important questions that will make the difference between really BEING prepared and merely FEELING like you know something.

My book, "The Karate-Myth: Why Most Martial Arts and Self-Defense Programs Are Wrong and What You Can Do To Insure Your Safety in Today's World," not only points out what's missing in the conventional world of martial arts and self-defense training, it also helps you to answer these important, life-saving questions...

* What are the trackable phases of a defense encounter that, when you know them, will allow you to control, not only the flow, but the outcome of the encounter, and (best of all!)... be able to escape BEFORE the assailant ever appears in front of you!

"The Karate-Myth" deals with other important issues like...

* What you'll need to know to not go to jail for defending yourself

* The effects of drugs and alcohol on your assailant and how that determines the effectiveness of your technique

AND, most importantly...

...How YOU get in the way of your own ability to defend yourself!

Victim or Survivor! The Choice is Yours!

Again, the book is called "The KARATE-MYTH: Why Most Martial Arts and Self-Defense Programs Don't Work and How to Be Safe in Today's World".

I've learned that most self-defense programs teach exactly the WRONG things in most situations against street attackers. In my book, I'll teach you the RIGHT things to do.

If you don't know anything about real-world self-defense, and would like to get this part of your life handled, this book will help you.

If you're already good at protecting yourself, this book will make you better.

You might want to become an expert who can handle anything from anyone. You might be looking to learn "just enough" to be more safe. Or defend yourself against a particular type of attack. That's fine. Whatever your situation, this book will help you.

The best part is you can download it to your computer right now. No waiting for it to come in the mail. No worrying that something might happen before you get to read this valuable, life-saving information. No more need to surf the net, sifting through thousands of web sites, hoping to find good, reliable information... that WORKS!

Only $47

This is the same information that I've spent over 30 years of my life and well over $20,000 to learn and perfect. It's the same information that my regular students pay hundreds of dollars to learn in the Dojo ("martial arts training hall"). You have to admit that $47 is a ridiculously low price for knowledge that can literally save your life!

So, if you're ready to take action, you can be reading the book in about 5 short minutes after you place your order. And...

When You Order, I'll Give You 7 More Powerful Bonuses Worth Over $171!

When you invest in this powerful eBook right now, not only will you get all of the knowledge in it, but you'll also get another ebook and three companion reports that I've written containing my NEWEST material, and one more very special - money-saving - bonus.

self-defense book Controlling the Fight BONUS #1: In the first bonus report, called "Controlling the Fight — The 5 Keys of Effective Self-Defense Strategy" I address one of the biggest problems that people have in a self-protection situation: They don't know what to do next!

I've had so many students write me or say to me in person: "I got out of the way of the first attack, but I didn't know what to do NEXT" or "I was out with my friends, and this person just started yelling and wanting to fight, but I froze - I didn't know what to do NEXT."

I'll teach you:

  • The 5 trackable phases that every fight or defensive situation goes through so that you'll never again say, "I didn't know what to do next"

  • How to look for the "logic" behind the moves in every technique you'll ever learn so that you'll know exactly when THAT particular technique WILL work and when it won't

  • How to correctly assess a situation so that you'll know what your assailant is really trying to do to you. And I promise that it's more than just trying to punch, grab or kick you!

  • The things that are "invisible to the naked eye" but the MOST IMPORTANT parts for determining what you can and should do in any given moment

  • Why each of these "Keys" is a crucial element in your overall defensive strategy and why neglecting even one of them could literally get you killed!

  • Why learning just step-by-step techniques will NEVER prepare you to be able to defend yourself and why no technique is perfect for the given situation that you will find yourself in

    The key "moments" in an altercation that MUST be managed if you are to walk away with most of you intact

  • And much, much more!

Inside this condensed report, you get literally the science of controlling a self-defense situation and coming out the survivor every time.

Special self-defense report by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. MillerBONUS #2: In this special report, entitled "Making It Real!, I talk about the most common "bad habits" to avoid - habits that run rampant throughout the martial arts and self-defense world - and how to start training so you'll be truly effective in a real-world, self-defense situation.

The fact is that most people have no idea about the difference between martial arts training for self-defense and training for a sport competition - and I'm not just talking about students either, but instructors too!

You'll learn much more than how training is different. In this concise, and too-the-point report...

You'll learn:

  • The ways a student can "avoid reality" through his or her own habits and predispositions before they ever get on the mat!

  • Critical areas and subjects that must be a part of a real-world self-defense training program. These key points are so important that not knowing them can get a black belt killed - no matter how many bricks they can break!

  • Important questions that you should ask throughout your training to insure that you're keeping yourself, your training, AND your teacher honest!

  • The "big secret" about self-defense training to make sure that you're keeping it real!

This single report is worth 10 times what you're paying for The Karate-Myth. The information, knowledge, and wisdom in it, is THAT important!

Special self-defense report by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. MillerBONUS #3: Another special report I call, "Self-Defense Essentials", explains the universal principles and concepts understood AND demonstrated by every true martial arts master and self-defense expert - regardless of style!

Simply put, this report contains the information you'll need to avoid the trap of limited, narrow-minded thinking, and overcome the "which style is better" debate.

But you'll learn much more than just how training is different. In this concise, to-the-point, special report...'ll learn just what the title says, the essentials of self-defense and you'll be lead to the heart of the matter and learn what's important in the realm of saving your life in a real-world self-defense situation.

Also included is a list of combat essentials. In fact, in this report I'll tell you that if you want a bigger list, you'll have to read, and thoroughly understand Sun Tsu's "Art of War"!

Special self-defense report by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. MillerBONUS #4: In "Power Modes", you'll learn about something that practically NO ONE else is teaching about - your body's own natural defense modes - your body's own hard-wired keys to beating any attacker - any time!

If you learn nothing else from this report (and you will!), you will understand THE most critical key to defending yourself in a life-threatening situation, and with the least amount of wear-and-tear on yourself.

"Power Modes" takes another look at your body's own hardwired defense mechanisms that I discuss in The Karate-Myth. It explains how these mechanisms can create different responses dependent on a variety of factors, including the person - YOU.

If you really want to be able to use the 4 primal defensive modes, or "states-of-being" as tools when you're "under-the-gun" in a real attack situation... you'll definitely want to read this report!

The value of these 4 bonus reports alone is over $95!

I have offered this information in seminars, programs, and classes in the past for well over twice that - and had VERY happy clients and students.

This self-defense package is worth over $147 for just $47 $24.95! AND, the best part is...

...there's no shipping and handling because the books and reports are in ebook format! The ebook and bonus materials are instantly downloadable as Adobe .pdfs file that are compatible with both PC and MAC systems!

A Special One-Time Limited Offer, Just for Trying My eBook

BONUS #5: As a part of this introductory offer, everyone who orders "The KARATE-MYTH" right now will get a 1 year subscription to my inner-circle newsletter, reserved just for my most serious students. That's a $96 dollar value - yours free!

How much is THAT worth?! (even IF the price stays at $37?!)

That's over $243.00 dollars worth of knowledge, information, and personal empowerment for less than a night out at the movies for two!

Ordering Is Safe and Easy

When you click on the order button below, you'll go to my secure order page for your credit card information (I use ClickBank for your protection and mine). When you use my secure order form, you'll be able to download the book and reports immediately as PDFs that can be opened and read immediately!

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The whole process takes just a few minutes and you'll be reading your book and special reports shortly thereafter.

When you get the book, scan it a couple of times and read the parts that jump out at you right away — then go back and read it cover to cover.

Next, read "Controlling The Fight", the three bonus reports and then try some of the techniques. You'll notice a difference right away, and it will encourage you to try some of the other ideas.

Whatever happens, you'll use this reference library constantly as you're learning how to be more safe and secure in your life. And isn't THAT what's important?


To order this life-saving Self-Defense book, and all the companion materials, right now, simply click this link to be taken to the ultra-secure ClickBank order page:

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This is possibly the most important investment you'll ever make in your life when it comes to your safety and happiness.

I assure you that you'll be able to use the things that you'll learn in my eBook to be more safe and secure.

This book may have the one exact piece of advice you need, but I want you to be absolutely sure about it, that's why I'M GOING TO TAKE ALL THE RISK until you've had a chance to read it and see for yourself with your own eyes what it can do for you.

When you click on the button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can download the book right now.

Read the book from cover to cover and you'll find strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to start changing your life and your ability to protect yourself. I promise.

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If, after you've read the book you decide that it's not for you... or you didn't find any useful information in it for your situation, simply reply to the email confirmation you'll receive when you download your copy of the book, write "cancel" in your message, and I'll refund your money - No Questions Asked.

I truly want to help you to be safe and secure in your world. I get emails every day from people who are using my lessons and materials to DRAMATICALLY increase their ability to personally control their world, and I want to help you too.

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But Look...

I can't do any more for you than I already have. I've risked my life getting the experience, spent the time, effort, and money (over $20,000!) to get the information, and I've written the damn book! If you're a subscriber to my newsletter or have been to my seminars or classes, you know I don't pull any punches. I tell it like it is.

Look... it's simple. If you're the kind of person who is looking for a magic bullet - if you're looking for free answers to a complex and dangerous problem from your computer screen, or if you're just going to let this valuable, life-saving information sit and collect cyber dust on your hard-drive, then...

...Don't buy this book!

Seriously! I don't need your money. I help people who help themselves, and I don't waste my time on freeloaders. You either want to be able to defend yourself effectively against a brutal assailant, or you don't.

This is the same information that I've spent over 30 years of my life and well over $20,000 to learn and perfect. It's the same information that my regular students pay hundreds of dollars to learn in the Dojo ("martial arts training hall"). You have to admit that $47 is a ridiculously low price for knowledge that can literally save your life!

But, like I said... It's up to you. Keep doing what you're doing and keep getting what you're getting. You're in charge of your own life. If you already know you've got this area handled effectively... don't buy the book. But, we both know that if you did, or to the degree you'd like to, you wouldn't be here reading this.