If You Think Escape and Evasion Tactics Are Just for Wussies... Think Again!

"Danger Prevention Tactics: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro!"

Discover the amazing life-saving tactics and strategies that Real-World Protection Experts, Undercover Investigators, and Secret Agents use Everyday that warn you of danger, allow you to act before anyone else even knows what's happening, gives you the advantage over almost any would-be attacker, makes you practically invisible to human predators, skyrockets your confidence to unbelieveable heights, and makes you instantly more attractive to the opposite sex! And best of all, you won't have to spend years learning these closely-guarded secrets ...

Dear Friend,

I began my career as a police officer and security specialist even before I was out of high school. How is that possible? Good question.

You see, when I was growing up, there was a special division of the Boy Scouts called, Explorers. And one of the branches of Exploring, was in learning an occupation. So, local businesses and organizations, like the police department in my town, sponsored an Explorer group for kids that were interested in perhaps persuing a career in their field.

Now, I could have gotten involved in a Medical Exploring group that one of the hospitals was sponsoring, or some other version - even what they called "High Adventure," which looked to me exactly like the regular Boy Scout stuff I was doing.

Anyway, as you probably figured, I chose the Law Enforcement group mainly because, as a teenager, I thought the life of a cop was all glamorous - with all of the chases, shoot-outs, and bad-guy butt-kicking that I'd be doing. Seriously. I would actually sit and daydream about kicking the living snot out of some low-life who had hurt somebody else.

But, you know what? We didn't do a whole lot of that stuff.

Let me tell you how disappointing that is to a young, highly impressionable teenager who knows everything even though he's never really experienced the world outside.

Geez... Talk about boring.

So, when it was time, I joined the US Army and became a Military Policeman. Now here I would surely get the chance to see some "action."


...I did.

Too much in fact. Although I still didn't do too many car chases, and only had one shootout...

...the number of incidents involving stupid, low-life, disrespectful @ssh*!e$, really gave me an experience that was worth more than all the money in the world! And the biggest lesson of all...

...was that all of the avoidance tactics, awareness and pre-incident awareness strategies that we were taught during every training course...

...were worth their weight in GOLD!

Because, as one of my teachers so rightly puts it... "If they can't hit you, they can't hurt you. And, if they can't hurt you, they can't beat you!"


You know what else?

All of those strategic, proactive defensive tactics that I learned as a cop - that kept me alive and breathing as a bodyguard - that allowed me to excel and survive during my assignments undercover doing black market and drug suppression work...

...all of that stuff that I now see as THE most important self-defense "techniques" someone could EVER learn...

...is rarely if ever taught in the places you'd expect to find them... In martial arts and self-defense classes!

In fact, this has got to be the single biggest void in the whole self-defense arena. With all of the "kick-butt-and-take-names" techniques and lessons, you'd be hard-pressed to find a teacher who knows - really knows - what works and what doesn't when it comes to proactive self-defense and the "art of avoiding the need for physically fighting with an attacker."

Sound dramatic? To be sure. I even thought I might be the only wierdo taking this too seriously. And then came September 11th, 2001.

Just 8 days before my baby girl entered the world, several misguided but highly motivated and very committed terrorists violently ended the lives of over 7,000 people and forever changed the face of a nation - ours!

But, through all of the sadness, confusion, and drama that day, do you know what I remember the most? I remember seeing people - everyday people - like you and I, doing the dumbest things to save themselves because...

...they didn't know WHAT to do.

It was horrifying. The fact that planes flew into buildings to be sure, but...

...watching people jumping out of windows...

...running up to the rooftop of a burning building...

...and people calling loved-ones to say "I love you, goodbye"... A half hour BEFORE the building collapsed...

...it was the worst trajedy I have ever witnessed - and I've seen a lot!

Here's the deal. Knowing what to do, not just when you're sitting around BS-ing with your friends, or when you're discussing safety in a self-defense class, but...

...under pressure when your head is spinning out of control, when your muscles are shaking from the adrenaline rush, when your hair is literally standing on-end, and when you lips, fingers and other extremities are tingling from the shere overload from your need to make a decision and take action.

THAT's when it counts!

... I don't care how much anyone thinks they know or what they think they'll do under pressure. What I care about is what people learn that...

  • 1) Works, and...

  • 2) Has been practiced to the point that it's habitual and will be carried out BY DEFAULT, under pressure, in a "do-or-die" situation.

Now, you can learn what has taken me over thirty years to not only learn but PROVE works when you need it. You see, I'm not just another one of these so-called self-defense experts who learned something from some other self-proclaimed expert, who learned...

I have what few others have who are teaching Today...


I have been there. In real-life situations, and...

...I can show you what works and what's important.

And that's exactly why I created one of the best instructional DVDs ever. It's called...

Self-defense video by Bujinkan Ninjutsu Shidoshi

"Danger Prevention Tactics:
Protecting Yourself Like a Pro!"

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It literally contains the most important lessons gleaned from three decades of study, practice, and experience... Mine.

It contains the secrets that keep police officers, undercover investigators, and even secret agents and spies, safe and "attack-proof" every single day.

Because these people know the most important lessons of self-defense. They know that the more physical attacks you have to endure...

...the lower your life expectancy!

Hell, even the ancient Ninja knew this. That's why they invented tactics for distracting, dissuading, evading, and escaping from attackers. And, contrary to what you've seen on TV shows and in the movies, these were their PREFERRED methods for dealing with potential danger!

Look. I don't care how many techniques you know. It doesn't matter how many trophies you've won. And it certainly doesn't come down to how high of a black belt rank you possess, because...

...in Today's world... Some nutbag can just shoot you from across the street and call it a day!

And besides...

Do you really want to get into it with somebody while you leave your kid, your significant other, or friend standing there unprotected?

The DPT video is loaded with so much stuff that you won't have to. It's like getting the full training from several advanced security and top level programs, but boiled down to just the important points.

And it's LOADED with points. THE most important points.

This single DVD is divided into several sections, each a separate and yet complete program for giving you a rock-solid defensive strategy in that area of your life.

There's one entire section on Home Security where you learn...

  • What time of day or night burglars prefer to invade your home. This one alone will surprise you.

  • Dozens of do's and don't for making your home inpenetrible.

  • How to design the perfect security plan that will make your home as safe as a castle. (Moat optional!)

  • It's impossible to list everything contained just in this one section.

When you add the other sections on vehicle security and being safe while driving and in parking lots; at ATM's; at the Mall...

There's even a separate section for escaping from a building or public transportation whether you're under attack or escaping a natural disaster!

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This one, powerful resource covers...

  • How to use a free accessery that came with your car to make it impossible for a would-be attacker to hide waiting to spring on you somewhere down the road.

  • The same formula used by bodyguards to clear a vehicle before putting your child inside.

  • The two times you're most vulnerable to attack when driving and how to spot the danger signs. (This one takes less than two to three seconds to do!)

  • As well as secret techniques for insuring that you can escape from traffic in an emergency, not being highjacked, and avoiding one of the most deceptive attacks - the "bump-and-rob."

  • You'll learn how to approach an ATM and how to stop an advance if you're cornered in one.

  • How to make sure your child learns these powerful lessons (whether or not they ever watch the DVD).

  • The only two things you have to remember that will allow you to escape from and survive a 9-11 type disaster.

  • Why you should NEVER follow most of the instructions given in airplane "safety" procedures.

  • In fact, there is so much information in the "Danger Prevention Tactics" video that I just can't list them all here! It has THAT MUCH in it.

Now, I could do what a lot of people do on the internet and give you some hype about how this stuff is SO secret that the government might make it illegal. Although, if you've seen what they're doing about personal security on airlines and other places now, you have to wonder if they might just make it against the law to protect ourselves altogether! In that case, you'll want to know as much as possible before something like that happens.

But, I'm not going to insult your intelligence. You're too smart for that.

What I am going to do is state the obvious. I'm going to remind you that...

...there is an assault every 17 seconds

...an abduction every 60 minutes

...a home break-in every 15 seconds

...a rape every 6 minutes, and...

...a murder every 34 minutes!

"Danger Prevention Tactics: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro!" Will Give You Tools and Strategies Necessary to Gain the Power, Confidence and Control Set to Make you Literally Attack-Proof and Allow You to Act Under Pressure When Anybody Else Would Freeze Up!

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A More Safe and Secure World
Awaits You

If you've come this far with me, one thing is for certain, you probably want to be prepared for anything. So you're now faced with one of two choices:

  1. Stop reading, surf the net or watch TV. Do nothing for yourself and remain at the mercy of luck and attacker-whim, or...

  2. Order your copy of "Danger Prevention Tactics" today and change your life for the better.

I certainly hope you go for option #2 because doing so will give you the control, the confidence, the pride and the power that you really want and deserve.

A Japanese proverb says, "The quickest way to make the teacher go away is to nod and agree but do nothing."

Emblazon that message in your heart and commit to follow the proactive lessons on the DPT video. As you take action these powerful strategies will put you in solid control and change your life for the better.

"Danger Prevention Tactics" is normally $39.95 plus $7 S&H (U.S.) or $12 S&H (foreign). But right now, as part of a special marketing test, you can get it for only $19.95 (US & Canadian orders) or $24.95 (International orders)and you pay nothing extra for shipping and handling!

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You'll Be Glad You Did!


Shidoshi Miller

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