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Now, from Master Instructor Jeffrey M. Miller...

Advanced Ninjutsu
Home Study Course

Master Some of the Most Powerful Lessons of the Ninja!

Are you looking for authentic Ninja Training from a respected teacher with more than just a few years of experience? This powerful DVD-based Home Study Course was shot live at Shidoshi Miller's annual Spring Ninja Training Camp in 2004. This DVD is just one in a series of powerful self-training courses that will allow you to take your training to the next level!

Disk 1 alone focuses on the lessons presented by 10th degree Master Teacher, Jeffrey M. Miller, founder and director of Warrior Concepts International.

On this powerful DVD, Shidoshi Miller shares the timeless secrets, techniques and strategies on topics such as:

  • Becoming The Tatsujin - "the human being developed to his or her fullest potential"

  • The 3 Secrets (Sanmitsu) of the Ninja's Kamae

  • 3 Levels of Training and what each is teaching you for proper progress on the road to Mastery

  • Winning the Battle with Your Kamae Alone!


  • Bodyguard Tactics, and...

  • Advanced principles of Dealing with and Beating Multiple Attackers!

Participants paid hundreds of dollars to be a part of this live training event. But, it's being offered as a Home Study Course at a fraction of the original cost. And, if you order now, it's even better!

A Note From Shidoshi Miller...

Hi. Shidoshi Miller here. I want you to know that I'm serious about helping you get the training you need to master this timeless and powerful system of self-protection and personal development.

If you're serious about learning Ninjutsu, and becoming a modern-day Ninja warrior, then I want to make it as easy as possible to get started.

But, there is a catch. I'm putting together something new and I'm going to be re-purposing the material in this advanced home study course, and making it a part of a much bigger (and more expensive) program for my personal coaching students. That means that in just a few days, you will no longer be able to get the lessons in this program without getting the rest of the new program along with it.

I know that this is very important stuff, and that it's critical to your success and eventual mastery of this art. So, I wanted to offer you the chance to get it in this form before it's gone.

I also know that...

Only YOU can decide what's right for you.

But, if you're serious about taking action, now's the time to do it! Because, there is no "best" time, and "tomorrow" never comes. You either want to be what you keep telling yourself and others, or you don't.

Remember, warriors are men and women of "action." We are decisive and act when the opportunity presents itself to us. We are on a never-ending quest for mastery and perfection - overcoming limitations - and making things happen!

If you're ready to take action and move toward the attainment of mastery - here's your chance!

In Mastery!

Shidoshi Miller

This Advanced Home Study Course sells for $97. But, if you order by Monday at midnight (Eastern Standard time), you can have all the lessons in this powerful course - advanced skills and lessons for laying a proper foundation and moving toward mastery - for over half off the regular price.

Order Your Copy of the Advanced Ninja Training Home Study Course now for just $37!

That's it. No hype. No bull.

Just a great deal on a powerful course that, very soon, will no longer be available.

To order your Advanced Ninja Training Home Study Course, just click on the PayPal button and your Home Study Course will be shipped to you in just a few days.

As a Special Bonus, you'll also get...

A 2nd Bonus Disk...

...containing selected sessions with 4 senior teachers from the many breakout sessions that participants had to choose from during this intense training weekend.

On this Special Bonus Disk, you'll get even more powerful knowledge, insights, and perspectives for taking your training to the next level from 4 of the most proficient teachers of both Ninjutsu and combat in the world!

This DVD contains a sampling of four of the special Breakout Sessions that participants could choose from during this powerful weekend. On it...

  • Shidoshi Courtland Elliott teaches you the important elements of Balance Breaking...

  • Shidoshi Greg Tremblay explores the often-misunderstood Sanshin no Kata from the aspect of Weapons training...

  • Sensei Jason Smith shares his insights into the realm of Making these ancient teachings relevant to YOUR Life, and...

  • A Special guest instructor known simply as "Jeff" (for military and security reasons) uses a very no-nonsense approach to teaching you about Combat Medical Issues under Real-world Battlefield Conditions

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