Ninpo Taijutsu - The Ninja's self-defense & combat system

Defend Yourself with Time-tested and Proven Street-Ready Skills & Techniques that Blow the Socks Off of Virtually Every Other Martial Arts & Self Defense Program Out There!

Ninpo Taijutsu

The Self-Defense Combat
Method within Ninjutsu, and...

The 'Original' Mixed Martial Art!

Why would you put your life in the hands of someone teaching a rule-laden system designed for the ring when you can master one that's been proven on the battlefield for centuries?

No Rules - Just Results. Period!

Here's what you'll learn today, inside...

  • Learn the keys you'll need to become a master of Ninpo Taijutsu the armed and unarmed self-defense method of Japan's ancient Ninja

  • Discover the Ninja's 4 levels of progress and development for true combat Mastery in Ninjutsu

  • Discover the two secret "keys" that you must possess and leverage if you are to attain both skill and success

  • Learn what it means to be a true Shihan "Master Teacher" in the art of Ninjutsu

  • Find out how mastery in the Ninja's combat method can give you the confidence, power, and control to make every aspect of your life better

  • Why the key to combat survival and street-ready self-defense in ninpo taijutsu is not just the right techniques and skills, but... "strategic-thinking!"

  • And Much More...

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