Not ready to get the full Home Study Course Yet?

How about this instead?

I understand that, for one reason or another, the full home study course may not be right for you. Whether it's that you don't think you're ready for this level of training, your schedule is too full to commit to a long program, or maybe the price was more than you have in your budget right now...

...I'd like to help you get at least a small portion of this powerful information.

How about this...

What if, instead of the full Home Study Course, I took away the bonuses and offered you just an Introductory dvd? This dvd was recorded during an introduction to the jutaijutsu workshop that I held for a small group of students and includes the first 4 kata on the Shoden no Maki, 1st level scroll.

This way, you can still get many of the critical lessons taught by this powerful, ancient lineage associated with the Ninja...

...without the cost and time commitment of trying to master the whole scroll. And, of course, there is still plenty of extra lessons, insights, and secrets on top of the base techniques that will keep you busy for awhile!

Would that help?

If so, I'm willing to offer it to you for just $17 +S&H.

No fluff. No hype. Just $17 plus the cost of getting it to your door.

If that's more within the range of what you are looking for, go ahead and click on the PayPal button and I'll ship your introductory dvd out to you right away!

To Your Achievement of Mastery!

Shidoshi Miller