A Workplace Violence Webinar & Teleseminar for
Human Resources & Workplace Safety Managers:

"Why Prevention Is
NOT Enough!"

Jeffrey M. Miller - Workplace Violence Expert

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Wed., Sept. 29th, 2010 -- 12pm Eastern
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Thurs., Sept. 30th, 2010 -- 3pm Eastern
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Did you know that 1 out of every 6 violent crimes that occur today, happen in the workplace? And that, violence in the workplace has escalated to the point where the US Department of Homeland Security now issues alerts on the subject!

The time has come when business owners, as-well-as human resources, crisis management, and workplace safety managers can no longer operate on "feel-good" plans, policies, and the kind of denial, ignorance, and mis-information that is costing billions of dollars a year in damages, as well as the lives of employees.

You can no longer hide behind the false-comfort of "employee and patient contracts," and other such devices. You can no longer think that policies and procedures that are designed to "reason with" or "threaten" potential perpetrators, will work when these same people are acting in and from an irrational mindset!

If you do, you are literally gambling with your life - and the lives of those you are responsible for - that they will work. Even in the face of overwhelming proof...

...that they WON'T!

If you're serious about really learning what it takes to insure that your company is as prepared as possible to be able to reduce or completely eliminate the likelihood of an act of violence in your workplace, then you need to join Jeffrey M. Miller, SPS, DTI, for a special web-based seminar (webinar) that will discuss doing just that!

This life-saving program is called:

"Why Prevention Is NOT Enough!"

Are you ready to give up between $50K to well over $250,000.00 to recover from a catastrophic workplace violence attack in your business? That's what companies are now paying out, and more, in the wake of one of these incidents!

Are you looking forward to the law suits that will be initiated by your own employees who are injured, and as a result of worker's comp not paying out due to an act of violence in the workplace? There are a ton of lawyers just waiting to make sure that these employee's win!

What will happen to your company when you find out that your own liability insurance company - the people who are supposed to protect you in the case of loss - won't pay out for the damages because they will decide to instead enforce their exclusionary clauses rather than pay for the destruction caused by an attacker?

Have you thought about these things?

Does your company even have a workplace violence plan?

If you do, is it based on more than the "best practice" templates that have become the standard?

Does your workplace violence plan deal with the operative word in it's title - Violence?!

Join internationally-recognized self-defense and personal safety expert, Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI, for this special training webinar that will address these and many other critical points that proven, beyond any doubt that, in today's violent world...

"Prevention is NOT Enough!"

About The Trainer

Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI is a former federal police officer, undercover black market and drug suppression agent with the US Army, a former private investigator and executive protection agent (body guard).

Mr. Miller understands the concerns you have about not knowing where to look, or who to trust. He knows that you can't risk having either a "strike-first / strike-hard!" karate black belt, or a gung-ho, ex-special forces killer in charge of your employee training program. Jeff knows that you need a program and a professional who will teach your people how to effectivelly handle critical and hostile relationships - to be able to de-escalate, escape from, or neutralize danger to themselves, while simultaneously being effective and yet liability-conscious.

He has worked as a crime prevention and physical security specialist, and has trained private citizens, employees, law enforcement and security professionals, and military personnel the principles and concepts for defending against violent attackers both here in the U.S. as well as Canada, South Korea, and Europe for the past three decades.

Jeff is the co-author of the books, "Workplace Violence in Mental and General Heathcare Settings," (with Dr. Michael Privitera, MD), 2010; and "GIS In Hospital And Healthcare Emergency Management," (with Ric Skinner, GIS), 2010.

Mr. Miller is also the author of over 70 articles on the subject of workplace violence, that can be found on some of the most predominate and prestigious web sites on the internet.

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This same program has been presented live to security, human resources, private organizations, and others for as much as $2,500.00. But, the need for this program is so great at this time that Mr. Miller has agreed to lower the cost so that you can get this valuable, life-saving information into your company - right now!

So, the cost of this important, limited-seating, internet-based program is just $147 per session. And, when you register, you may also have up to 2 additional managers, from your company, join you on the same call... at no additional cost!

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The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a statement saying that, "Today's workplace is now the most dangerous place that you can find yourself!"

If you want to find out why prevention tactics are no longer enough to protect you and your company, AND...

If you want to learn what elements and subjects that a solid, complete, and liability-conscious training program should include to make sure that your company is really protected...

Then you can't afford to miss this training program!

Some of the Topics in this Course

  • Identifying the common problem that puts employees at even more risk of a workplace violence attack.

  • The flaw in the typical manager (and the company lawyer's) mindset that makes you an easy target for a violent attacker.

  • 4 Problems with the common approach to dealing with Workplace Violence Prevention.

  • 5 Attacker-types that your plan and employee training program MUST consider from the very beginning.

  • The missing element in most workplace violence plans (this one "hole" causes over 90% of the injuries and deaths that could be prevented!)

  • 4 Parts of a complete Workplace Violence Plan and Training Program that are listed in OSHA guidelines - but not included in the majority of plans and employee training programs!

    ...and finally...

  • an 8 Phase Strategic Training Model for a complete employee training program!

Even if you can't find the time in your busy schedule to actually be on the live webinar, if you register for this event at this special rate, you will receive the recording of the complete program, so you won't miss a thing!

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