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Benefit from the Shidoshi's Trip to Japan!
April 13, 2007
Hi ""

From Koshigaya City Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Friday, April 13th, 2007
5:20PM Local Time

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Feature Article: "Why Don't Gangbangers Fear Karate Black Belts?"

Training Opportunities and Updates: New Dates for Fall Ninja Camp

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As I write this to you, I am half-way around the world, training in Japan, the "Land of the Rising Sun." This is part of my yearly personal training with the master teachers here.

Usually, I just come for the training, my own personal research, and act as tour guide for students who wanted to join me on what, for many, is the adventure of a lifetime. But, for most students, this is either unthinkable, or just too difficult to arrange for with the dictates of family, work, and life in general.

So, up to now, there was only two ways to benefit from my yearly training visits to Japan:

1) Join me on a trip, and...

2) Be one of my personal students and place an order for things like training gear, etc.

This year though, I thought I'd make a special, limited offer, just to see if I could be of benefit to anyone else while I'm here.

I was having a discussion with James, the student along with me this trip, about my goals for this year. We were discussing the expansion of my teaching seminars and bringing my lessons to groups, organizations, and companies across the US and Canada, as-well-as the rest of the World. We were talking about how many people from India and Europe are now subscribers and clients through my online newsletters, books, and video products.

And yet, I was looking to do more for you.

Then it hit me. Why not extend an offer to go shopping for you while I'm here. Now, before you send me a list for Geisha and authentic Samurai swords, they're not on the list, nor are they cheap here in Japan - contrary to popular belief.

I am, however; willing to purchase small items, like tabi, kyahan (leg wraps), Shinden for Kamiza), incense, and omomori ('blessing' or 'good luck' charms from temples), and ship them to you.

The catch? Yes, there is one.

The catch is that I am only here until Monday, April 23rd. That means that I can conveniently do this until Friday, April 20th.

Now, you can get quality, Japanese items right from the source, and from someone who knows the culture and best pricing. But, you only have a limited time to place an order.

What I've done is to place a downloadable order form online that you can take a look at. It's the same form that I provide my close, personal students with before I departed. It lists the items and prices of what I can get for you.

Then, simply go to to pay for items through PayPal's "Send Money" function (no COD's, etc. - this is strictly cash on order). On the PayPal order form, send the payment to: and use the Subject and Note fields to list sizes, etc.

If you don't know your foot size for ordering tabi, you can simply trace your foot on a piece of paper and use a centimeter ruler to measure from the tip of your big toe (second toe if it's longer) to the center of the back of your heel. You can also list any other details.

Contact me for bulk orders using the address at the end of this newsletter. Also...

...please remember that the downloadable form is just for reference. PLEASE do NOT mail it to me. I will not receive it in time. This is an internet off only!

That's it. Here's your chance to get some items without all the guesswork or having to settle for the cheap stuff being sold through the martial arts supply companies.

But, remember...

You MUST place your order NO LATER THAN Friday, April 20th, 2007. If you don't, you will have lost your chance to benefit from my trip.

Here's your link for downloading the price list:

Feature Article:

Why Don't Gangbangers Fear Karate Black Belts?

by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller

Ever wonder why gang members and tough-guys make fun of karate students? Even Black Belts? After all, don't they know that these people are highly trained fighting machines capable of breaking bricks and boards with their bare-hands, able to execute flying double kicks, and posses the ability to disarm an attacker armed with any weapon? Don't they?

Let me tell you a story. This is a true story and shows when and under what conditions gangbangers and street fighters respond to martial artists the way I've described...

...and when they don't.

I was contacted by another instructor to participate in a little charitable fundraiser he was hosting to raise some much-needed money for a local organization. His academy was demonstrating some skills at a local mall and he was inviting other schools to join him in this noble cause. The only problem?

The mall was in a large, inner-city environment, over an hour away.

Not that this was a major problem but, It would clearly not be a promotional activity for my own academy. It would, however, allow my students to see perhaps some of the world in a different light, considering that most of them had been born and raised in the sleepy little semi-rural area that I now call home.

During the festivities, I became aware of some individuals watching the different demonstrations being presented by the various schools. They were clearly wearing the "colors" associated with some well-known gangs and carrying the scars and telltale signs of those who have seen combat - real world, raw, no-second-place, fighting.

I alerted my students to their presence and suggested that they watch the reactions of these individuals during the different performances. I told them not to worry about trouble as it appeared that the gang members were not there to fight or cause trouble as much as they were there to gather information. In short - they were checking out the "martial arts guys" to see if...

    1) There was anything they could use, and...
    2) They had anything to worry about...

...the mindset of true survivors.

My students were amazed to see how these apparently untrained "street-fighters" were able to see the difference between a good martial arts technique and one that would get you killed. They watched as gang members shook their heads or shouted "oh, please!" In response to what we knew to be techniques made up by an instructor who had never really "been there." The students also watched as gang members reflexively leaned in and touched their chins with that, "hmmm," thoughtful, inquisitive look that said, "there's something here that I should pay attention to."

The point to the story is that, a black belt may be able fool him or herself - they may be able to fool most of their students, but...

...they will NEVER fool a seasoned combatant. Regardless of whether that fighter was trained in the heat of war, or on the war-like streets of Today's big cities.

If you really want to know how much more lies beneath the surface when it comes to really mastering this thing called self-defense, you should read the book, "The Karate-Myth." It explains in much greater detail what's missing from most karate and self-defense programs and what you need to really be safe in Today's often violent world.

So, why don't gang bangers and street fighters fear most black belt martial artists and karate students? Simple. They've seen your stuff.

And, it's obvious to them that... haven't seen theirs. Because, if you had... would change the way you train and the way you look at your techniques! And speaking of little details that make a huge difference...

I'm running a sale on one of my most popular books, KUBOTAN: Self-Defense Keychain

This quick and easy to read book provides you with everything you need to start mastering this powerful little weapon. No prior training is needed and, unlike other books with lots of filler, you'll be able to put the lessons to use right away.

It's only $12.95, and since it's in electronic format, you can download it and be learning how to use this sneaky little weapon. And, as a bonus, I've even included a special link inside the book that will allow you to download another book about this secret weapon, loaded with tons more techniques designed for police officers, absolutely fr*ee.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy of KUBOTAN: Self-Defense Keychain Today!

Upcoming Training Opportunities...

Learn the Ancient Secrets of Japan's Greatest Warriors!

Join 11th degree Shidoshi, Jeffrey M. Miller, and several other guest instructors, including Shidoshi Courtland Elliott, Shidoshi John Healy, and several others for a look at the skills, strategies, and unique mindset of Japan's ancient Warriors at this year's annual Spring Training Camp.

From sun-up to well after sun-down - for two days and two nights, join other serious students just like yourself from Friday, May 11th through Sunday, May 13th, 2007 as we explore the power, wisdom, and tactics of the greatest warriors the world has ever known!

For more information, log onto:

REMEMBER - This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as each Camp is completely different. Each has it's own theme and combination of techniques, strategies, and skills being covered. To miss one of these events could mean leaving huge holes in your abilities.

So, click on the link above and find out what you'll be missing before you just let this opportunity pass you by.

As of Today we only have 23 space remaining out of 75. So, be the Warrior you were meant to be - take action - and be a part of Spring Training Camp 2007!

Check the web site for other powerful, upcoming training events.

If you are from the Central Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania, and want to know how you can be a part of the training as a full-time Mastery student at WCI, please call (570) 988-2228. When you call, one of our professional and friendly staff members will help you schedule an appointment to see if WCI is right for you.

Also, if you're a member of a group or organization and would like me to speak or lead a training seminar, the best option is for you to contact your organization's coordinator responsible for this type of thing. Otherwise, what happens is our information gets buried in a pile of others that were sent by "who-knows-who."

So, have your event/training coordinator contact me at the number above or by using the contact form on the web site. That's the quickest and surest way to get me to come to you!

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Until next time. Wishing you Peace, Happiness, and Safety...

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
Founder & Director
Warrior Concepts International
Self-Protection & Personal Development

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