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Self-Defense Lessons from James Bond, MacGyver, and of Course, Ninja
August 17, 2006
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Jeffrey M. Miller
August 18th, 2006

This issue's feature articles are...

  • Self-Defense Lessons from James Bond, MacGyver, and of course, Ninja!

  • Last Chance Special Seminar

  • Fall Ninja Camp - Are You Ready for the Experience of a Lifetime?

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Self-Defense Lessons from James Bond, MacGyver, and of course, Ninja!

by Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller

In the last issue, I discussed the concept of seeing every object in your environment as a potiential weapon or, at the very least, as a potential aid in your defense should you need it. In this article, I want to explore how that might be seen from "outside the box."

Let me ask you? What do...

  • James Bond

  • MacGyver, and...

  • Ninja...

...all have in common?

Now, many of you may not remember the American TV Character "MacGyver" from a decade or so back, but...

...everyone understands James Bond and Ninja.

Here's a hint.

When you think of these characters getting out of a jam, when they need to come up with a weapon or tool, on the spot, what do they do...

...especially when they aren't armed with something conventional?

They do something unique among super-hero-types...

...they IMPROVISE!

That's right. They make something up, right on the spot.

For those of you that do remember "MacGyver," we used to have a joke regarding him and his knack for improvisation. We used to say that he could make an airplane from a raw egg, some ducktape, and a rubberband!

In fact, that was what the character was known and loved for... his ability to think outside the box and come up with a solution to a problem using his brain and some simple items "just lying around."

In the Ninja's self-protection arts, we characterize the training with weapons first by grouping them into five weapons catagories or classifications.

For more information about these 5 classes, here's the link to the page on the web site...

Four of these classifications involve pretty standard weapon-types. Weapons like blades, sticks, ropes and chains, and projectiles like throwing stars, etc. But, it's the fifth catagory that, in true Ninja fashion, stands out and shows the true warrior's ability to shine through in moments when others would fold and throw in the towel.

The fifth classification involves what we call "combination weapons." This catagory includes weapons that don't fit neatly into the other four. In fact, it's because they are a combination of two or more of the others that creates the need for a fifth and separate classification altogether.

One of the ancient weapons from this section is called the kusarigama, or "sickle and weighted-chain." And, while many people believe this to be a strictly Ninja weapon, it has been developed along several lines throughout the ages by warriors of many different orientations.

The point here is not "where" the weapon came from but how it can be seen as an example for developing the same kind of mindset that created it in the first place.

The kusari-gama is an Asian sickle with a cord or chain attached to the handle. A weight is attached to the other end of the rope or chain. While its appearance is somewhat exotic, if not down right strange, its function and effectiveness in the hands of the right person makes it one of the most formidable weapons ever devised.

So, what does this have to do with our three heroes that I mentioned earlier? What does Mr. Bond, MacGyver, and Ninja have to do with this discussion. I'm sure you get the Ninja-Kusarigama connection, but...

The point here is to be able to see beyond the form. To see beyond the weapon that you're looking at - to see how the constituent parts go together to create a synergistic effect where the total - the end result - is greater than the sum of its parts.

What if, instead of having an ancient weapon for self-defense, something that would not only draw unwanted attention from the authorites (and your neighbors), not to mention the awkwardness of having to carry such a thing... had the awareness, skill, and where-with-all to fashion one out of materials lying around you. Instead of looking for a gun, knife, or stick, you understood...

  • The distance advantage of such a weapon

  • The need for something more effective at close range

  • And something that added weight to the flexible portion to make wielding it more effective

What if...

  1. You attached a mechanic's droplight to a screwdriver

  2. You tied a telephone receiver and cord to a butcher knife, or...

  3. You held the loose end of your belt against the handle of a hammer, allowing the buckle to serve as the weight?

What then?

Would you be a bit confusing to your assailant - confronting him with a weapon that he is unlikely to have ever had to deal with?

Would you have a range advantage and be able to damage and keep your attacker away at greater distance?

Would you have an overall advantage in the way of skill, strategic thinking, and overall mastery than just about anyone who might think about attacking you?

In short...

...would you have attained to the abilities that we tend to only attribute to our fictionalized heroes - and be able to escape from situations where everyone else would have to fight harder?


So, the next time you see a James Bond or Ninja movie or an old rerun of "MacGyver" (they're available on DVD by the way), instead of writing the stunt off to movie magic as it just may well be, perhaps you might try looking beyond the "stunt" to a greater lesson...

...the lesson that, with the right mindset, skills, and commitment to surviving in the face of all odds...

...YOU might have the makings of a real Ninja self-defense master!

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Last Chance for a Special Seminar

I know it's a bit last-minute but, hey, you're Ninja students, right!

Don't forget about the Kusarigama seminar this Sunday at the WCI training center. This intense training opportunity is being sponsored by WCI and taught by Keith Lutz, a former student under Shidoshi Miller.

Here's the link to download the flyer

NOTE: Please make sure that your email reader or browser DID NOT break the link (which some have a tendancy to do!) before contacting us to say it doesn't work. The string should begin with "http://" and end with "kusarigamaflyer.pdf" as an unbroken string of text.

The seminar is scheduled to run from noon to 6pm and is only $45 US. Training kusarigama are available for an additional $15.

This is a limited time offer and there are no plans to hold another one anytime this year. So, register now and get in on an opportunity to learn a weapon type that has been virtually forgotten in the martial arts world, and that has the capability of increasing your abilities, understanding, and shear effectiveness a hundred-fold.

Register today by calling the Academy at (570) 988-2228. Remember, this seminar is being held THIS Sunday and will not be held again for perhaps another year!

Register Today!

There's new information and an even better reason to attend this year's Fall Ninja Training Camp!

Want to know what it is? I bet you do.

Well, I'm going to have to make you wait for a few days while I work out some of the last minute details. These changes are so important that I want to make sure that I get everything just right.

So, make sure you stay alert for the next issue of this newsletter so you can see why I, and a bunch of us here at WCI, are pumped up about this upcoming camp!

Until then...

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Until next time. Wishing you Peace, Happiness, and Safety...

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
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