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Internationally-recognized self-defense expert & Bujinkan Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller Hi. I'm Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller, founder and director of Warrior Concepts International. I want to again thank you for visiting my web site and seeing what I have to offer to help you experience more of the life you've always wanted to live while making sure that you can effectivelly deal with anything that might threaten your new life.

And, unlike most black belts and so-called self-defense teachers who care more about showing off their skills, I take your safety and progress very seriously.

Now, before you take me to be too altruistic, let me tell you why it's important to me that you get the best, most powerful, and most importantly...

...the MOST CORRECT information available.

Two Reasons Actually...

First - You trust me to. And, I am morally and ethically bound to make sure that I uphold your trust and loyalty. (That's just the kind of person I am.) And...

Second - I may have to depend on any one of my students to one day protect me or my family from harm! And that person could be you or any one of my clients...

I would feel bad enough if something I taught you caused more pain and suffering (assuming you ARE studying and practicing what you get from me in the first place!), but...

...the thought of losing my own life or my family to a brutal assailant because I taught you stuff that just doesn't work would be the ultimate in "bad-karma," don't you think?

So, here's my Rock-Solid, No-Bull, Iron-Clad Promise to you...

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So, the choice is yours.

Do you grab this opportunity to empower yourself with the best information you'll find to keep yourself and loved-ones safe firmly by the neck - do you give yourself the Warrior's edge, or...

Do you click away and continue to leave your life, your success, and your personal safety to chance?

I'm serious.

Don't sign up for this newsletter if you're not going to open and read it when it comes. Don't subscribe if you're not going to just ignore it when it comes. In other worlds, don't waist my time or yours if you're not serious. I know saying that means I'll probably get less people to subscribe, but you know what...?

That's more than okay with me. Because...

...I ONLY want to be dealing with mature, motivated, and committed people who are serious about empowering themselves with these tools.

So, I'll say it again... The choice is YOURS.

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