Effective Self Defense Training for Today's Often Violent World

It's Not a Choice...

...But Your Responsibility!

More and more people today are looking for effective self-defense training as a way to feel more confident in their ability to protect themselves from danger. They're concerned about the never-ending series of news stories outlining the violent assault on peaceful, law-abiding, citizens by brutal assailants who feel that no attack is out of the question. Today, average citizens have to worry, not only about the criminal who might break into their homes or accost them on the street, but the danger that comes from...

... 'random' attacks from teenagers trying to 'prove' themselves worthy enough to get into a gang...

... getting caught in a 'drive-by' shooting in a drug-infested neighborhood...

... domestic violence situations...

... the violent and often suicidal actions committed in schools and workplaces...

... and now, the added threat of global terrorists bringing their blood-thirsty violence to our shores.

Let's face it, if you honestly take a good, hard, objective look at the world we live in, the crime statistics, and the scope of danger that exists today...

...not taking action to be prepared is not only fool-hardy - it's irresponsible!

But, if you really don't think that you'll ever be in danger of any kind - that you will never be the deliberate or randomly selected target of an attacker, criminal, or upset individual looking for an unprepared, unsuspecting victim, that you'll never have a need for self defense training then, by all means...

... leave this site and never look back.

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Do You Need Self Defense Training?

Self-Defense Expert
Jeffrey M. Miller

Founder & Director of
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The answer, unfortunately, is "yes." I think you already know that or you wouldn't have found this page in the first place. The scope, intensity, and type of self defense training program that's right for you will of course vary according to your situation. Since the world, not you or me, has eliminated the question of "if" you need it, you can narrow down the type of self defense training you probably need by taking a look at the more common reasons that causes others to take the action that you must innevitably take if you are in the same circumstances.

Some of those who seek out the help of self-protection experts are looking for a comprehensive, all-inclusive, self-protection-based martial art like the martial art of ninjutsu. Many more, especially adults, are looking for an effective basic self-defense training program that can be learned quickly and easily - one that will allow them to handle over 95% of the most common types of assaults.

Best Selling Self-Defense Programs...

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Are YOU at Risk?

Here's a list of some of the people who ARE at-risk and need some type of self-defense training.

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Different Self-Defense Programs for Different Needs...

What types of self-defense situations are you most concerned about?

Just follow the link to the area with the information you need to be more safe and secure. Each area is not only full of rarely seen "real" information, but also has free articles and reports that you can download.

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Self-Defense Training Videos
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Quickly and easily learn proven, time-tested techniques that will make you the survivor in a dangerous situation.

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