Now, You Can Get All the Power and Excitement of a Warrior Concepts Ninja Camp...
...Without Leaving Your Home!

...With The "Living Seminar Series"
Ninja Training Video
Home Study Courses!

A Warrior Concepts Ninja Camp gives serious students like you a chance to learn some of the most powerful lessons ever developed to empower and protect your life.

But, many people haven't been able to attend these powerful events, either because...

  • They didn't know these powerful Ninja Camps existed

  • They didn't make it a priority to get this powerful knowledge, or...

  • Their busy schedule, job, or other commitments prevented them from being with us

Sound familiar?


That's no longer a problem!


Because Shidoshi Miller has created a way for you to...

...Get All the Knowledge, Wisdom, and Mastery

...that literally "blows-away" every student at our WCI Ninja Camps...

...regardless of whether you were there or not!

A New Concept in Martial Arts Video...

For many, martial arts videos form an important part of their personal martial arts study and training. In addition to working directly with a teacher, you can learn new perspectives, approaches, and lessons from videos, especially in the art of ninjutsu - an art that has so much more to offer you than mere kicking, punching, throwing, or ground-fighting techniques.

Why Is This Martial Arts Video Series Different?

Maybe you already collect martial arts videos. Whether you're a student of the ninja arts or not, I'm pretty sure that you've seen at least one martial arts video.

The problem with most videos, whether they're VHS or the newer DVD format, is that they're . . .

. . . dry, and . . .

. . . boring, and . . .

. . . well, you know, you have them.

For the most part, they're hardly entertaining. They're of marginal quality. And . . .

. . . they miss the "life" that you find in an actual training environment.

Not so with the Warrior Concepts "Living Seminar Series."

This series is unlike any karate video available.



...instead of being a dry, how-to, step-by-step presentation of the same techniques that you can find on a hundred other martial arts video tapes and DVDs, you'll get the feeling of what it's like to "be there", training with the master teachers.

Each Camp DVD set contains literally hours of footage of real Ninjutsu Shidoshi - master teachers - sharing their knowledge and guidance. And now, you can have this same knowledge and power to watch and learn from over and over again.

Don't Miss Out!

From the "Welcome" message and introductory lesson delivered by Warrior Concepts' founder and Bujinkan Master-Teacher Jeffrey M. Miller on opening night, through the last session two and a half days later, you'll learn the same powerful lessons shot "live" at the actual camp. On each DVD, you'll learn the lessons and techniques about Ninjutsu, training, real-world self-protection, Mikkyo, and other practical applications of this art.

Lessons taught by...

  • Shidoshi Miller during his powerful training sessions

  • other high-ranking Shidoshi during their motivating and inspirational break-out sessions, and...

  • presented by other guest instructors who are experts in their own fields - professionals in fields like emergency medicine, bodyguard services, and more - people who have life-empowering knowledge to share that can only make you a stronger, more powerful warrior in the world.

Get Yours Today

Just click on the links below to get an overview of each video. Find out what you've been missing and how these video DVD's can add to your own personal set of skills right now.

You have the choice of purchasing a single Camp set, or you can save more when you buy multiple sets. In fact, you can save over 50% until Moday at midnight (Eastern time), and get 10 hours of personal email coaching (normally $50/hr) from Shidoshi Miller, when you buy all three sets.

Once you've had a chance to see what a Warrior Concepts Intensive Ninjutsu Camp Experience is like on video DVD, we know you'll be registering to be a part of the next one.

Until Then...

  • Spring Ninja Camp 2004

    Theme: "Developing The Tatsujin"


    • Assessing your own progress & development
    • Defending against multiple attackers
    • Adding weapons to your basic unarmed techniques
    • Applying the principles of Ninjutsu to your daily life
    • Combat medical procedures & treatment methods
    • and, much, much, MORE!

  • Spring Ninja Camp 2005

    Theme: "5 Phases of Training"


    • Understanding the Phases we Progress through as Warriors
    • Using the Mandala as a Key to Effective Growth
    • Secrets of the Katana
    • Using our training to help others and ourselves
    • Long Staff
    • and, much, much, MORE!

    Info page coming soon!

  • Fall Ninja Camp 2005

    Theme: "Tricks of the Trade!"


    • Metsubishi Blinding Powder & "sight-removing" techniques
    • Ma-ai Controlling Distance
    • Ritsu-do Using proper timing to catch your attacker
    • Nagare "Flow" and matching your opponent's movements
    • Shuriken Hand-held & thrown blades (aka "Ninja stars")
    • Gyaku-te Dori Using locks & reversals
    • Tai-sabaki Proper body-movement & dynamics
    • Ninja Kaiten Improving your combat rolling skills
    • San Shin Fundamental core techniques and secrets
    • and, much, Much, MORE!

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