Eat, Sleep, and Live the Ninja Lifestyle When You Attend One of These Annual Spring & Fall Ninja Camps with
Bujinkan Master-teacher
Jeffrey M. Miller!

Immerse Yourself During an Intense Weekend of Authentic Japanese Ninja Training...

The Way It Was MEANT to Be!

Every year, ninja students travel from across the US and as far away as Canada to join us for Shidoshi Miller's annual Spring & Fall Ninja Camps. Ever since the early days of ninjutsu training in America, some of the best training in this art has been available at ninja camps and seminars.

Many newer students to the art have heard stories about this early training. Many of them have mentioned how they wished that they could have attended ninja camps themselves, as their only training has been within the dojo. Veterans of the art miss those early days when...

... we trained hard all day and late into the night only to go to bed tired and happy and wake the next morning to do it all over again!

Can you imagine...

  • An intense weekend of almost non-stop training in the art of authentic Japanese Ninjutsu?

  • Training with Some of the Best, most knowledgeable, and highly trained Shidoshi (Master Teachers) in the art?

  • Training in many of the skills and sub-arts within ninjutsu that you've probably only read about?

  • Meeting other die-hard ninja students who live and breathe their art just like you?

  • and much, much, MUCH MORE!!!

The Experience...

Every Ninja Training Camp is an all-inclusive adventure. One fee pays for a full weekend - two days and two nights of non-stop training, fellowship, study, and immersion into the art, philosphy, tactics and life-ways of Japan's ancient ninja night warriors.

When You Attend a WCI Spring or Fall Ninja Camp, You Get...

2 Days and 2 Nights of Intense Training
, including theme-based sessions with Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller, the camp's founder, director, and leader


Special Break-out Sessions...
...focusing on skill development with guest instructors like:

    • Shidoshi Courtland Elliott of the Bujinkan Barbarosa Dojo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    • Shidoshi Greg Tremblay founder and chief Instructor of Kageyama Martial Arts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    • Shidoshi Christopher Davy founder and chief instructor of the Bujinkan Yume Dojo in West Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

    • Jason Smith of the Seiren Dojo located in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

    And others (see fliers or registration packet for a complete list for the event you are attending)

At Warrior Concepts' Ninja Camps...

You get over 18 HOURS of training with real teachers of authentic Japanese Ninjutsu - the art of the Ninja!

And, that's NOT ALL!

Join The Adventure!

Each Ninjutsu Camp hosted by WCI and Shidoshi Miller give you the opportunity to live or relive the same excitement, intensity, and fun of those early days of Bujinkan/Togakure-Ryu Ninja training here in the West...

...while working on the secrets being shared in the Bujinkan Dojo and WCI curriculum Today.

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Be a Part of Ninja History!

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Understanding the 5 Weapon Classifications of Ninjutsu

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12th Degree Bujinkan Shidoshi
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