Self Defense Street Fighting

Knowing What You're Up Against Will Help You
Choose the Right Program!

The simple truth is that, what is being passed of as self defense street fighting in most martial arts schools is...

... giving students a false sense of confidence and setting them up to lose in the worst possible way!

This is coming from a professional martial arts instructor who teaches over ten classes a week.

In case you're coming to this page from outside our site, my name is Jeffrey Miller. I'm a 9th degree Black Belt in the Japanese martial art of Ninjutsu. I am also a former federal police officer, undercover drug and black market supression agent, licensed private investigator and body guard.

What does this mean? It means that...

... regardless of what martial arts techniques I have learned or teach, they must pass the ultimate test...

... each and every technique must work in a real-world fight. They must be simple and reliable enough to be counted on in a self defense situation - for my own, and my student's protection.

Have you ever seen, let alone been IN a fight or self defense situation?

Do you know what to do should you need to act for your own protection or in the defense of another?

Have you ever taken up martial arts training?

Will you be able to fight for your life if you really had to...

... no referees...

... no age, belt, size or gender classes...

... with you probably being the underdog and most favored TO LOSE?!

Well, I have news for you...

The Martial Arts Myth

The unfortunate truth is that...

... most conventional martial arts being taught today are hybrid variations of their original forms.

Most were developed in the period from about 1855 up through the present. Changes in national and international perspectives within each art's native land created a need to alter the arts into what they have become today.

Even though this would stir quite a fuss within the so-called 'traditional' martial arts world - the fact is that...

... what most 'traditional' stylists call traditional is really just a term used to mean "the way I learned it."

The Most Dreaded Disease of the Martial Artist

In my dojo ("training hall", Jap), whenever a student is acting in a way that presumes knowledge of future events because he or she knows the technique and "what comes next" or does not respond realistically to a technique, we say that they are affected with...

... dojo-syndrome!

Dojo-syndrome is the worst affliction that a martial artist, or anyone for that matter, can suffer from if their ultimate goal for training is self defense.

Signs of Dojo Syndrome

Some of the signs of 'dojo syndrome' include:

* The attacker freezing in place while his partner unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks at his stationary body.

In a fight or self protection situation, every blow causes a reaction from your target. He or she either moves or gets hit (and moves as a result of that hit)...

... cause and effect.

If you punch someone and they do not move - may I suggest that you're not fighting a human being. Solution?...

... RUUNNNNN! And don't stop until you have put so much distance between you and THAT THING that it can't hurt you!!!

* Unrealistic, stylized techniques performed as self-defense

There is a core, hard-wired response, that we humans have called 'adrenal response.' Also known as the 'fight-or-flight' mechanism, this physiological response is triggered by perceived danger which threatens the system's self-preservation mode - like a self defense street fight.

Way, way, way (did I mention 'way') too many martial artists (and students studying so-called 'basic self-defense') train in a way that completely avoids this basic human response to danger and stress.

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Warrior Concepts Offers Students a Self Defense Education

When visitors watch or sample a class here at WCI, they have a difficult time deciding whether what we are teaching is...

... Martial Arts Training focused on real-world protection and self defense, or...

... Self Defense Street Fighting using ancient, time-tested, and proven technologies to win a modern self defense situation or fight.

The truth is that...

... it's both and... neither. Depending on the school of thought that the person is coming from, they will see things that are familiar as-well-as those which are not.

One thing is clear though...

... the program is unique and must be experienced to be understood. It is not easily explained nor is it easily classified or catagorized as being 'this' or 'that.' It is martial arts training in its truest, original sense, and...

... it is self defense street fighting for real-world self protection.

An Invitation...

If you live in the Sunbury area, or will be visiting, give us a call and set up a time to come in to see us.

Ask us anything you like. But, be prepared for our answers...

... which are based on my real-world experience of having to defend myself against real attackers, many of whom were criminals, in real life-threatening situations.

Unlike most other instructors whose experience is limited to the occasional school-yard fray or martial arts tournament with safety rules and referrees, what you'll be learning at WCI has stood the test of time. Not just by ancient masters, long-since dead, but...

... by me and several of our senior staff who work in the law enforcement and security fields.

Our Academy can be reached by calling (570) 988-2228.

We are located at:
362 Market Street
Sunbury, Pa. 17801.

I look forward to meeting and training with you!


Jeffrey M. Miller, Shidoshi
Founder and Master Instructor
Warrior Concepts International
Self-Protection & Personal Development

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