Life Skills

For Some, the Most Powerful Benefits of
Martial Arts Training at Warrior Concepts

Martial Arts training through the Warrior Concepts Life Mastery Programs at WCI offers life skills training, which makes it so much more than the kicking, punching, and self-defense lessons of most conventional karate clubs. In fact, most schools find it difficult, if not impossible, to balance and teach the two sides of self-protection and personal development under one roof.

I have been studying the martial arts since 1975, after joining a karate club in my Junior High School.

Yes, there was a time when administrators actually saw the benefits of training and allowed groups like this to form. Unlike the sterile public schools in many areas today that have attempted to strip all "risk" or "assertiveness-type" activities from their halls due to the overwhelming fear of a liability issue.


...Welcome to America.

Since the beginning, I have been acutely aware of the life skills, self-improvement, and personal development benefits of the martial arts that far exceeded the physical skills of kicking, punching, and self-defense. As I progressed through the higher levels, I found that it was precisely these life skills that were my front-line of defense.

As I became a more confident, disciplined, and aware individual, I found that I was, more and more, surrounded by people who were seeking these qualities for themselves and less and less by those who were content with laziness, undisciplined and irresponsible behavior.

At Warrior Concepts, we offer life skills lessons for adults as well as those which enhance child development. The following list of links is designed to give you an overview of the types of life skills embodied by the Life Mastery Programs at Warrior Concepts.

Click on a link to take you to a corresponding page with an article about that life skill. Eventually, each link page will not only present a description of the life skill and its relationship to an overall self-improvement, personal development, or child development program, but...

... valuable links to stories, books and other resources for really engaging with and bringing out this skill in yourself.

For now though, enjoy the articles which put each life skill into a particular context and life issue.

When you click on the links below, a new window will open with your article. Please note: If you are using a popup blocker, you will have to choose to allow this site or you won't be able to read the articles. If you don't know how to do this, refer to your browser's help files. With some, like the google toolbar for IE, you just click on the popup button itself.

Let Shidoshi Miller Help Your Group...

If your group or organization is looking for help with a project, meeting, or seminar and would like to see how Shidoshi Miller can help you add even more value and benefits to your presentation - feel free to contact him through the Academy at (570) 884-1118. Let Shidoshi Miller show you how to add the power of the "hidden" aspects of authentic, traditional, warriorship training to your project.

"Listening to Shidoshi Miller teach is a truly life-changing experience!"

Sheree Frey
New Columbia, PA

"I see wisdom in your thought and would love to benefit more from it...It's refreshing to find people with the mindset and philsophy that you and your institution bring to the world. Thank You!"

Andy Klepeiss
Coplay, PA

Black Belt Parenting

You don't have to be black belt martial artist to use the principles and concepts that have worked for centuries in developing children into positive, powerful, and productive adults - real masters of themselves and true leaders of our communities and society as a whole.

COMMITMENT: Teaching Children the Lessons of a Lifetime

Suggested Reading...

Check out these powerful books. Written by a respected child-psychologist and martial arts instructor as a "Young Adult Series," these books are also highly recommended by Shidoshi Miller for every adult and parent who wants to study the depth and richness of martial arts philosophy, warriorship, and the Ninja mind-set.

Whether for yourself or to be better able to help your child, these books are a must read. Find out more...


Leadership is not just "being-in-charge." It's is driven by vision and the desire to motivate, inspire, and guide others. The ironic thing is that, from the perspective of the enlightened mind, the true leader rarely if ever chooses to lead. Instead, he or she finds that they have been "chosen" by their followers and are being followed by those who are drawn to their light and life.

The Power of the Leader Within

Leadership, Self-Development, and the Committment to Growth

Creating the Motivation You Need

DECISIVENESS: Single-Minded Commitment to Greatness - The Keys to Martial Arts Life Mastery #5

Flexibility, Adaptability, and The Keys to Martial Arts Mastery, Key #8

Character, Ethics, & Morals

It's been said that...

"...the truest measure of a person's character is in the way they treat those least important to them."

The enlightened warrior knows that it's not in what you carry with you through this life and into the next but, what you leave behind and how others will remember you.

The lessons you teach with your words, actions, and life itself, will affect others long after you have gone from this reality.

Martial Arts CHARACTER And the Universal Law of Interdependence - The Keys to Life Mastery, Key #2

ATTITUDE: "Failure is Not an Option!" - Keys to Martial Arts Mastery, Key #7

The Importance of Friendship

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