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The following links will take you to additional resources where you can add important elements to your martial arts and self defense training. You will find resources for equipment and martial arts supplies, to associate schools, and to recommended sources of information. Add them to your directory and refer to them when you need them.

However, our primary aim is to make sure that we are offering a quality, information-filled site, which will allow you to get the most from your visits with us. So, in that light...

... if you experience difficulty with any of these partners, including customer service, blind links, difficult site navigation, etc., let us know right away.

If the situation warrents it, we will conduct an investigation and decide whether or not to keep the partner's site listed here. Of course, to be fair to our partners, we will always give them the opportunity to correct the problem, both with you personally and generally for future referrals coming from us before removing their listing.

Ninjutsu Resources - The place to find others within the world of Ninjutsu and Budo-Taijutsu - A great site whose master teacher Shihan Richard Van Donk, focuses on the same areas of personal development , safety and protection as Shidoshi Miller

Self-Defense Resources

Child Safety Resources for Parents at WCI! - Get access to free reports, ecourse, and articles, as well as information about books, videos, seminars and training programs directly from Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller and WCI!

Find information, articles, and equipment ideas at

Spy gear, surveillance and self defense products.- Spy gear and a variety of spy, surveillance and self defense products. >

Stun Guns for Personal Protection - Website featuring most of today's best non-lethal forms of self defense with hundreds of products to choose from.

Self Defense Products - We sell the best airsoft guns and airsoft accessories. Here you can find name brand airsoft guns at super competitive prices. We carry airsoft guns from the following airsoft manufacturers; Soft Air USA, Daisy Air Guns, KTC, KWC, USK, Crosman Corporation, UHC... We enjoy bringing you the best selection of products while offering "top notch" customer service.

Tiger Strike: Martial Arts - Karate
Martial arts and karate supplies, equipment, weapons and uniforms. Home of Martial Realists
The grease that makes all your other training work better. Real self-defense books, classes and videos combining military Close Combat, Internal and External martial art principles, modified Native American Ground Fighting and Point Shooting.

Taekwondo and Karate School in Northville Michigan Dan Vigil's Academy of Taekwondo offers excellent martial arts training for all ages.

Webmaster Links

Trade Links with fellow Webmasters. Read informative marketing articles. Visit today!

Online Masters Degree
Buy Online Degrees, Life Experience Degrees and Diplomas - Non-Traditional Accredited University Instant Degree Programs by Ashwood University

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