Special Children's Safety
Parent Resource Page for Warrior-Concepts-Online.com Members

Here's a list of children's safety resources to help make your life (and your child) more safe and secure.

Some of the links are to other free reports and ecourses that you can take advantage of. Others are to other web sites with good information that I trust.

And other links are to products and services that I offer that are specifically designed with you and your child in mind.

10 Really Stupid Things Parents Do to Place Their Children in Danger Without Even Knowing It! - The title of this powerful free report says it all. Find out how we parents can actually be setting our children up to become the victims of bullies, abductors, and others. Get your Free children safety Report right away!

"Bully-Proof" eCourse for Kids - Enroll in this free 7-part ecourse and provide your child with 12 powerful ways to defeat the bully WITHOUT fighting!. Link takes you to the registration page. As soon as you register, the first of 7 lessons will be emailed to you and your child. I take children safety seriously!

Danger Prevention Tactics: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro! DVD - This video belongs in everyone's self-defense library. It's packed with common-sense but often-forgotten lessons that every parent should know and use to teach their children safety. Get your DPT Video and bonus materials and increase your safety awareness right away!

Youth Ninja Summer Day Camp! - Another great benefit of living near us! Enroll your child in one of our Summer Day Camp sessions and see the positive change! Your child will not only have fun but he or she will also learn about safety for children and great life skills like increased confidence, discipline, and a greater respect for self, parents, teachers, and the law. Call us today to take advantage of our generous pre-registration discount available only for WCI students and members!

Have Shidoshi Miller as a Guest Speaker or Seminar Leader for Your Group - Not from the local area? No problem. Give me a call to discuss your organization's next event. Let me discuss children's safety and the role of parents in their child's development. Or, maybe your group would like to sponsor a self-defense seminar for your community? What an awesome idea for a fundraiser! (Beats selling candy - again...) Give me a call soon because my schedule gets booked months in advance.

Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me? - This is the perfect book for teaching your child about handling bullies! As far as children safety goes, this book is a must-read for every student at our academy. Written by Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle, a psychologist and martial arts instructor that really knows how to communicate with children and young adults. Get your copy of the best bully book I have ever found!

"The Karate-Myth" - This is my latest book, available through immediate download along with another bonus book. This powerful book dares to dispel the myth that, "just because a person wears a black belt does not mean that he or she can teach you how to survive a dangerous attack!" This book is a MUST-READ for anyone serious about real-world self-defense! Get your copy while I still have it listed at the introductory price.

EDR: Non-Martial Arts Defensive Training - This program is perfect for any adult who ants to learn self-defense without all of the extras that go along with traditional martial arts. No uniforms. No belts. Just results. Guaranteed. Works with your body's own natural defense mechanisms to allow you to learn literally in hours, what takes many martial artists months or years. Find out when the next basic course is being offered or, contact me and find out how your group or organization can host an EDR course right in your home town!


"Child Safety 24/7" - Another free report that gives you some really great tips and suggestions for keeping your child safe 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. As a fellow parent, I really want to help you to make your child as safe as you can. Get yours right now!

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