Over 95% of Self-Defense Situations Are Easily Handled By Basic Self Defense Techniques.

Why Take Months or Years to Learn Effective Self Defense when All You Need is
"Just Enough"?


EDR: Non-Martial Arts Self-Defense TrainingTM is a revolutionary new program, based on modern scientific studies about human emotional response to danger and combined with the best self-defense techniques ever devised.

The program is designed to teach you everything you need for handling the most common situations quickly and easily. And...

... you'll learn more about basic self protection in just a few hours than most martial artists learn in years!

In fact, a recent study conducted within the martial arts industry directed at determining why adults were dropping out of martial arts classes revealed that most adults quit due to...

...the lack of effective self-defense training early in their study.

This information explained why the average adult spends only about 4 months in a typical karate or martial arts school.



... most adults are looking to learn just enough basic self-defense to be able to feel confident. They want to know and feel like they can handle themselves in a real-life situation.

They don't care about Eastern philosophy, uniforms, colored belts, or the regimented, military-like discipline associated with conventional karate programs. Most are not looking to be like Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, or some other action movie star who can go around "beating people up."

However, they do want...

  • Effective personal protection techniques that will work when they need them most - not in a tournament or competition - but in a real-life, self-defense situation against an attacker trying to hurt them.

  • Just enough self-defense to be able to get away from their attacker. - They aren't looking to score points. They don't want to become, nor do they want to look like, some sort of action movie hero. They just want to be able to get home to their families and loved-ones.

  • A program that will be 'liability-conscious.' Many are professionals like lawyers, medical professionals, and the like - people who are routinely in situations or environments where there is a high probability of being in a situation requiring self-protection training. They don't want to go to jail because they had to defend themselves against someone. In fact...

...if they could get away without having to hurt anyone, that would be perfect!

So what's the answer?

Who Can Benefit From EDR: Non-Martial Art Self-Defense Training?

You can!

  • If you're an adult or parent of a teen about to leave home for college or to make their own way in the world.

  • If you're a professional in the legal, medical, law-enforcement or security fields where you have regular contact with people who may become aggressive.

  • If you're a concerned woman looking for an effective, easy to learn, program perfect for women's self defense.

  • If you're like hundreds of thousands of adults concerned about the dangers that exist in the world.

    In fact,

  • ...if you're one of the many adults with a concern about the danger in the world today who wants a quick, easy-to-learn method for increasing your personal safety and confidence, then...

...EDR:Non-Martial Arts Defensive Training just might be what you're looking for.

With EDRTM, you can learn in hours what usually take years in a typical martial arts program!

Who Else Can Benefit from EDR:Non-Martial Arts Defense Training?

Here is a partial list of those who can benefit from an EDR: Non-Martial Arts Defensive TrainingTM Seminar, Course, or Certification Program

  • Physicians, nurses and other medical care professionals

  • Lawyers, police officers, prison guards and others in the security field

  • Out-of-town business people and other travelers

  • Teens going on a school trip and young adults leaving home for college or the military

  • Real Estate and other in-home sales professionals

  • Hotel and Restaurant employees

  • Small business owners and managers

  • Anyone who is concerned about their own personal safety

If you're serious about learning some very effective self-protection skills but only want the basics...

Do you have limited time, a busy schedule, or live too far from a regular martial arts school?...

Are you concerned about being able to handle yourself in a dangerous encounter?...


... EDRTM might just be the best 'life-insurance' you could invest in.

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A Self-Defense Program
Designed Especially for the
Non-Martial Artist

No Belts. No Uniforms. Just Results!

EDRTM stands for "Emotion-based Defensive Response." It was designed by internationally-recognized self-protection expert Jeffrey M. Miller - who's experience with handling dangerous situations and attackers comes from over 30 years of study in the martial arts, as-well-as work as a former federal police officer and bodyguard.

Click here to see why he is one of the best choices for guiding you through the process of learning how to protect yourself and loved-ones.

By combining this with his years of study into human physiological responses to stress, he found that, by learning how to recognize the emotional drivers at work in a given situation and matching the appropriate technique to that driver...

... anyone can learn the principles of basic self-defense and apply them effectively in most self-defense situations without the need for conventional martial arts training.

EDRTM is a program that uses non-martial arts specific principles and concepts to teach the necessary skills so that adults can defend themselves and their loved ones in a short period of time.

What Does That Mean For You? Quite simply, it means that...

... you don't have to be a police officer, martial arts expert, or highly trained military commando to be able to protect yourself from the most common threats that you're likely to encounter!

Want to find out more about the Level One Certification Course?

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EDR - Based on Proven Scientific Research and Tested for Over 1000 Years

EDR stands for Emotion-Based Defensive Response.

It is based on the scientifically proven discoveries that link our physical responses to a base, gut-level, emotional triggering system.

You see, whenever you experience stress, good or bad, you respond to that stress internally first and then externally through the body. This response can be either...

* Neutral - it really doesn't effect you too much because you don't see it as much of a threat. Much like a baseball player who doesn't flinch, duck, or run away when a teammate fires off a 90 mile-an-hour pitch right at him. He's so used to it that he just puts up the glove, catches it, and prepared to fire it off at the same speed to the next guy.

* Defensive - you feel overwhelmed by the size, speed, or what-ever of the attack or attacker. Your body instinctively pulls away from the threat and moves into a position which naturally brings the limbs over sensitive targets to keep him from doing too much damage.

Have you ever seen someone sneak up behind and scare a friend? The one reacting in shock probably brought his or hands up to cover the face and torso - ducking a little in the process - and pulled away from, and blading to protect against the source of the fright.

* Aggressive - Another response is to move in aggressively and take the fight to the attacker. This psycho-emotional state can be caused by either fear or anger. Either way, the resulting energy produced, causes you to focus and commit to a "go-for-it" attitude.

As an example of this state, you may remember a time when you were being taunted, threatened, or continuously confronted by the same person - about the same topic again and again and again, until...

... there came a time when you saw them approaching and, without waiting to hear what you knew was coming yet again, you took action, physically or verbally, to shut them down.

Perhaps you simply confronted them with an, "I'm sick of your $&)%!!!". Finger pointing, directed, and committed to sending a very clear message and stopping your assailant in his or her tracks, instead of waiting, you confronted them before they even had a chance to get started.

* Evasive/Avoiding - you attempt to calm the situation using distance to keep you safe and provide extra time to move if he should attack. If he does attack, you use circular evasive movement to slip his attack and stay away. The feeling is of avoiding conflict altogether. This can be seen when a person is confronted by another who is being verbally loud and argumentative. The defender can be heard to say, "calm down, I don't want to fight."

The techniques in the EDR System work because they are taught as responses, not just to a specific attack, but because they are themselves a natural 'fit' with a particular emotional response. There is no so-called better or preferred method with these responses. No one "style" that is better than another, as is often argued by martial artists. Although, certain response modes are going to feel more natural to you because of your own personality type and habitual response to certain types of threats and attacks.

The idea here is that, unlike a sport karate tournament, you're focused on self-protection...

... not winning a game.

Right and wrong - better and worse - in EDR,success is defined by whether or not you were effective and honest with the basic emotional drivers present during the attack.

NOT whether or not you executed a picture-perfect, textbook technique!
We know that the EDR:Non-Martial Arts Defensive Training System is NOT for everyone. You, and only you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

If the EDR System is something that you think you can benefit from, take action and begin making your self safer and more secure, Today.

To find out more about this program or how I can help you personally or professionally, don't hesitate to call me at my international office in the US at: (570) 988-2228. Or, if you'd prefer, you can email me at: warriorc@warrior-concepts-online.com

And, be sure to register for your free ebook called, "Fight Smarter - Not Harder." It was just updated from a 26 page report to now having over 110 pages of information for making sure that you understand what's needed for you to really be able to produce results in a real-world attack against a real-world assailant who want to beat, break, or kill you.

Just enter your information in the form at the top right of this page and I'll send your ebook to you right away. As a bonus, you'll also receive my Self-Defense Mastery eCourse as my gift to you for taking action and personal responsibility for your own safety.

Remember -
In Today's World - Self-Defense is NOT a Choice, It's a Responsibility!

To Your Achievement of Mastery!

Jeffrey M. Miller, Shidoshi
Founder & Director
Warrior Concepts International
362 Market Street
Sunbury, Pa. 17801

Call Us at (570) 988-2228

email: warriorc@warrior-concepts-online.com

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