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Ninjutsu, the mystical art of Japan's ancient and powerful "Shadow Warriors of the Night," is the core martial art or martial system that forms the foundation of the reality-based martial art program that we call:

The Warrior Concepts Life Mastery Program

Ninjutsu, the "Art of perseverance," is also known simply as the 'art of the ninja.'

Ninjutsu, or ninpo as it is known in its higher, philosophical form, is really a composite system of physical and psychological arts, ranging from unarmed self-protection skills capable of confusing, overcoming, and dominating even the largest attacker, to the use of practically any weapon known to man, with a unified set of principles and concepts that can be applied easily and effectively by anyone because...

... ninjutsu does not depend on one's size, speed, or strength to win.

Ninjutsu is Different from Other
Conventional Martial Arts of Today

Unlike most of the more conventional martial arts available today like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Judo, Ninjutsu has no sport or competition aspects. It was originally developed for, and continues to focus on, real-world self-protection.

Born during a time when brutal assailants used any and all types of attacks, the people who came to be known as Ninja, were forced to develop ways for defending themselves, their families, and their communities from oppressive forces who, very often, out-numbered them. Because of this, it is seen by its practitioners as more of a "martial science," perfectly suited to the smaller, less-advantaged defender. And...

... in a world where criminals, muggers, and other assailants choose their victims precisely because of this disadvantage, the student of ninjutsu can be confident that he or she can rely on their martial art.

How does this relate to
Self-Defense Today?

Historically speaking, ninjutsu was developed during a time in world history when, leaving the house in the morning, quite literally, brought no guarantee that you were coming back home that night. It means that every technique taught in the training hall has been tested again and again for over a thousand years of human history. It means that...

... you can be sure that what we're teaching works, because it has worked again and again in a real life-saving situation - not in a karate tournament.

In a real-world self-defense situation, you need options. In fact, it could be said that...

... options are the key to success.

The more options you have - the more flexible you are - the greater your chances of not only surviving, but winning!

You never know when or how you might be attacked. Even with gun-control laws, so-called "no-tolerance" laws, and the like - the fact remains that...

... your assailant is already operating 'outside' of these rules. They are already not "fighting-fair" and will do everything in their power to, not only win but, crush and humiliate you.

This relates to self-defense today because...

... today's legal system is pro-criminal!

In today's courts, those who defend themselves are often seen, and prosecuted, as vigilante's. Even if the defender does win, criminals have and regularly use the court system to sue their victims for damages...

... and WIN!

The art of ninjutsu is perfectly suited as a self-defense option today because the ninja does everything in his or her power to...

  • 1st: Avoid Danger

  • 2nd: Escape to Safety

  • 3rd: Distract and Dissuade the Assailant from Attacking

Only when there is no recourse does the practitioner of ninjutsu engage in physically fighting with an aggressor. To do so, puts them at the greatest risk of physical injury and danger.

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This article series looks at the philosophical side of the Ninja Arts...
Ninjutsu, or Ninpo as it's known in its higher form, has a deeper, metaphysical side rooted in its connections to the esoteric mind-science systems of the East.

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