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Shinobi no Aki O-Matsuri!

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Warrior Concepts International's
Black Belt & Life Mastery Academy
Bujinkan Mori no Tora Dojo

November 3rd, 4th & 5th

This Year's Theme:
Ninja no Goshin
Making Sure Your Skills Are Street-Ready!

Have you ever wanted to just get away from your day-to-day responsibilities and spend several days, doing nothing but ninjutsu training?

What would that do for your skill level?

How would that change your abilities and understanding of ninjutsu?


Here's your chance!

Because, Fall Ninja Camp 2017 will give you the chance to do just that!

For 2 Days and 2 Nights*, from 8pm, Friday, November 3rd thru 5pm on Sunday, November 5th, 2017, you'll have the opportunity to join others with same passion that you do... live, breath, and train in this powerful and ancient martial art!

Whether you're a martial arts student currently training in the Ninja's arts or someone who has always wanted to...

...WCI & Shidoshi Miller's Fall Ninja Camp Intensive is the perfect opportunity to spend time with modern-day warriors - high-ranking Martial Arts Teachers who have made studying the ways of Japan's ancient Ninja, their lives!

Ninja Camp Lesson

Training Topics & Skills

Each of our yearly camps are broken down into two different formats for training. They are:

  1. Theme-based Training sessions - Your morning and evening training will be lead by Shidoshi Miller. These training sessions will focus entirely on this year's camp theme.

  2. Break-out Training sessions - Each afternoon, we have several black belt and guest Shidoshi teaching a variety of lessons that may or may not be directly related to the camp theme. This is the exciting and, for some, most difficult part of the camp experience. Because here, YOU have to decide what's most important for your own training and progress, and choose the training sessions that will help you move to the next level.


Before we layout the training topics for O-Matsuri Fall Ninja Camp 2017, here's a list of some of the reasons why others have made it a point to attend, not just once, but year after year!

What Others Say About WCI's
Yearly Ninja Camp...

Sadly Camp has ended. I just wanted to thank everyone that made my first camp one of the best and memorable times in my training so far. I'm still sore from all the fun and 'beatings' we had but would do it all over again in a heart beat. For all of you who didn't come out and have never been to a camp before. WHAT THE CRAP IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!? You are missing out on one of the best ways to improve yourself and your training. It is unlike anything you will ever experience in the dojo. Not only that but you get to train with other like-minded, fun, great people from all over. You have to buy the videos to see what all you missed out on but, I will warn you now, if you think that's all of camp you are sadly mistaken. There are tons of things that are not on the video and you will never get to know why. If you want the full experience you have to come to the camps.

Thank you all again for the great time and I hope to see all of you in the fall.

Jiles Keister, Student & Camp Participant


Ninja Camp Sword Training


Yup, camp was definitely great as usual. If anything, I'd say they keep getting better and better. The attendance continues to surprise me though. In particular, I'm surprised at how few local students attend! It's a great chance to focus on training for long enough to make substantial improvements, get exposed to things you won't be taught in class and to develop deeper, meaningful relationships with your friends and instructors. It's not just that camp is very different from class that makes it valuable, but also that 18 hours of training packed into one weekend is worth a lot more than 18 hours spread over multiple weeks.

There's a Canadian and near-Canadian contingent that drives almost 6 hours each way to the camps and we always find that the training, the fun and the friendship are more than worth both the ridiculously low tuition and the 12 hours we spend in the car.

I don't understand why there's only a small handful of local students at each camp. You guys are really missing out. You'll never get the kinds of things in class that you'll get at camp.

John Healy, Instructor & Camp Participant

Ninja Camp Students1


Just an additional note on camp... Which of course was fantastic as always. I spent a lot of time manning the camera for the video of this camp and I can tell you that it will definitely be a valuable training tool both for those that attended and those that did not. However, it contains only about 1/2 of all the material covered in camp. It simply isn't possible to record everything, and it is impossible to record the night exercises!

As for local students... I think that they think the material covered in camp will somehow someday be taught to them in regular classes. But the topics are much more far-reaching than can be covered in normal 1hr classes (after all, instructors do have a curriculum to follow to insure students get at least a minimum of what they need to progress). The breakout sessions are taught by a mix of guest and local instructors that share their particular insights and interests on very specific topics and in some cases that material is then tied into other training sessions throughout the camp so you can get a much deeper understanding.

As an instructor teaching classes on the floor and as a student taking as many classes as I can... I can honestly say the things that are covered in camp and the way they are introduced and explored can only be experienced by actually going to a camp. Even making it to a 1-2 hour piece of camp will forever change the way you look at your training.

Jason Whistler, Instructor & Camp Participant

Bujinkan Martial Arts Training
For the Modern Warrior!

During Fall Ninja Camp 2017, you will be exploring the art of Japan's ancient Ninja families with the perspective of "modern application against modern assailants."

This is not "soft-training," but a full weekend of intense training where you will learn how to bring the power of this art lo life in your own world.

Training Topics for
This Year's Camp

  • Adapting the Ninja no Hachimon ('8 Gates of Ninja Training') to 21st century self-protection

  • Ninpo-Taijutsu armed & unarmed self-defense skills

  • Tanto-jutsu Knife fighting

  • Teppo-jutsu Handgun defense

  • Hei-ho ('Tactics & Strategy')

  • Defending against multiple attackers

  • And Randori ('Catching the Chaos' / aka 'Sparring')

Click on the link below to pay using PayPal, or you may call Warrior Concepts at (570) 884-1118 to reserve your place with a Visa or Mastercard.

Payment Rates & Options

Early Registration Discount (Until October 1st)

Full Weekend = $175. ($250 after 10/1/2017)

Single Day & Session Rates

1 Session (half-day) Only = $35 ($45 after 10/1/2017)

Saturday Only = $90 ($150 after 10/1/2017)

Sunday Only = $90 ($150 after 10/1/2017)

Early Registration Rates

Here's What Even More Past Camp Participants Had to Say...

I want to let it be known, that if a great training experience is what you are looking for then camp is what you want. I went to my first Fall Camp for a half day and never again will I miss out on the whole experience. If the whole weekend is no good than definitely get at least one day. You will not regret it.

I made it to Spring Camp, fellow students, and am I ever glad I did. The information and training given out at camp was great and even overwhelming at times. There was more information and training available than time. Ask the instructors, even they were trying to adjust their schedule to get training from guest instructors.

The Canadian Instructors were great and very willing to share their information and guidance. The magician was very much sought out for his instruction and overview on misdirection. Mr. Miller gave us some, I would say some awesome instruction on Shindenfudo-ryu techniques. The stealth exercise was something to definitely experience. Some training that just cannot be learned inside, it must be experienced outdoors with nature all around you.

Kevin Young, Student & Camp Participant

Ninja Camp Participant

We were fortunate enough to attend our first Fall Camp the first year we were in training. The boys have never missed a camp since, either Spring or Fall, and I have been able to attend at least parts of these awesome camps.

You simply cannot imagine the scope or the depth of training and information you get at camp. Plus the camaraderie of your fellow students and the opportunity of getting to know all the instructors (home school and guest instructors) is almost beyond description.

There is no such thing as "too old", "too fat", "too anything" to attend one of these camps. It is an amazing experience and it takes about 3 weeks to figure out everything you learn!!!

Sheree Frey, Student and Mother of Teen Students/Participants

Just Do It!

True Warrior's Are Men and Women of Action

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller Bujinkan Judan Ka Menkyo (13th Dan)

Are you one of the literally thousands of people who have been thinking - no - dreaming about what it would be like to master of ninjutsu? To have the skills, confidence, power, and control to be able to help those who cannot help themselves?

Have you promised yourself that someday you're going to do what it takes to at-least see what it's like to study and train to be what, even some of the most accomplished martial artists in the world consider to be, the greatest warriors ever created?

Have you?

Or, are you a martial arts practitioner who loves the art you study but, in your heart-of-hearts, would love to do some of the training and intense practice that the Ninja are known for?

Are you?

If this is you, regardless of whether or not you've ever stepped foot into a martial arts school...

...whether or not you've ever taken a class...

...or whether you're a white belt, black belt, or somewhere in-between...

If you have always wanted to spend some time training with real Ninjutsu teachers who can show you a part of the martial arts world that is still, even after decades of publicity here in the West, virtually unknown to most people, then this Camp is definitely something you want to consider doing.

But, while you're considering doing something you've always wanted to do...again. And, while you're contemplating putting yet another opportunity... and yourself... on-hold, again...

I have a question for you.

Ninja Camp Training

When will you take action?

Remember what I said.

A warrior - especially a Warrior following the Path of Ninpo (the higher, philosophical life lessons of the ancient Ninja families of Japan)... a person of action.


...while attendance at an authentic Ninja Training Camp has almost no prerequisites other than age (you must be at least 13 years old with parental permission), and no serious physical or mental concerns...

...there is one very important requirement that cannot be overlooked...


Do you know what that is?

It's simply this...

YOU, and you alone...

...MUST take action if you are to finally get the chance to see one of your goals - your dreams - become a reality.

WCI Ninja Training Camps are awesome opportunities to eat, sleep, and breath the Ninja lifestyle for a few intense days out of your life. And, for some, the experience and intensity of Ninja Camp will live within them for months and years to come. For others, Ninja Camp is the beginning of a new phase in their lives where they actually take their place among the names and faces of our ancient tradition and begin training as official students of Shidoshi Miller or one of the other Master Instructors!

But, as I said...

...It's up to YOU!

If you're ready to make the commitment to be a part of Ninja History - to meet the challenge and adventure of Shinobi no Aki O-Matsuri, Fall Ninja Camp 2011, then you know what your next step must be.

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