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"Quest of the Warrior"
Bujinkan Ninjutsu
Weekend Training Intensive

w/ Bujinkan Master-Teacher
Jeffrey M. Miller

If you're serious about your training, and have a weekend to immerse yourself in some very intense and specific training, then here's your chance to take your Ninjutsu and Budo-taijutsu training to the next level!

MUSHA-SHUGYO Intensives with Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller, allow you to focus in on key areas of your training and develop the kind of skill proficiency that leads to true Mastery!

Event Details:

Name: Musha-Shugyo Weekend Intensive

When: November 11, 12, & 13th, 2011 (10am - 5pm all 3 days)

Where: Warrior Concepts Life Mastery Academy
362 Market Street
Sunbury, Pa. 17801

Cost: $275 (full weekend); $150 (2 days only); $85 (1 day)

Training Skills & Topics:

  • Intercepting strategy

  • Shi-ho Nage (4-directional/infinite throwing)

  • "The 4 Sens" (Points of initiating an attack)

  • Eliminating "wind-up" and "tells" in your movement

  • Shi-ho Ten-chi Tobi (4-directional, up & downwards leaping)

  • Shi-ho Geri (4-directional/infinite kicking)

  • Example receiving kamae from the Gyokko, Koto, & Kukishinden-Ryu

  • Ninja no Juroppoken (16 secret fists, common mistakes in making them, and the best targets to use each against)

  • Speed training drills

  • Exercises and drills for improved decision-making under pressure

  • Example kata from the 9 lineages of the Bujinkan

  • How the concept of speed is different in Ninpo-taijutsu

  • and MUCH MORE!

** All participants will receive a special student training workbook which contains a list of the skills, exercises, kamae, and techniques being covered during this extensive and empowering weekend of training.

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As a special added bonus for attending the live training, you will also receive a copy of the video recordings shot during the event. That's an additional $197 value and like getting 2 programs for the price of one!

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You may MapQuest the Dojo using the following address:362 Market StreetSunbury, Pa. 17801

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About the Instructor:

Shidoshi Miller (he never uses the term "Shihan"), is a Judan Ka Menkyo master-teacher in the Bujinkan. His training in the martial arts includes Tae kwon do, Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Kung-fu, Jujitsu, and other self-defense systems including "Street Survival" and hand-to-hand combat tactics taught in the US Army and in during the course of his law enforcer's training.

Having began his training in Ninpo Taijutsu in 1980 - he has been training almost since the art was first introduced to the United States. Shidoshi Miller regularly travels to Japan at least once per year for advanced training with Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, as well as several of the Japanese master-teachers.

Shidoshi Miller's training and student curriculum is unique in the Bujinkan, in Ninjutsu, and in the world of the martial arts - in that it combines the traditional, time-tested, and proven lessons with his 30-plus years of real-world experience as a police officer, undercover investigator, bodyguard... and growing up on the mean streets of the inner-city environment. That means that Shidoshi Miller is one of only a handful of practitioners and instructors in not only this art, but in the world of martial arts and self-defense training...

...who have actual, real-world experience in using these techniques, tactics, and strategies...

...against real-life attackers in today's world!

Shidoshi Miller says...

"The truth is that you can learn the skills, kata, and "moves," from anyone. However, only those who have actually survived the chaos and Hell of a real attack, using these lessons, can teach you the "invisible lessons" that most teachers can only guess at!"