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Under the Guidance of 13th Degree Black Belt (Judan Ka Menkyo) and Bujinkan Dojo Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller, you will learn Ninjutsu and the authentic Japanese Martial Arts of the ancient Samurai Warriors.

If you really want to learn ninjutsu and the warrior secrets passed down through the 9 lineages that make up the Bujinkan Dojo, then prepare to delve into the mystery, magic, and power that is authentic Japanese Ninja Training and find out why conventional, modern martial arts pale in comparison to this ancient source of powerful and enlightened living!

Training at Warrior Concepts allows you to explore every facet of this training and the powerful traditions that literally span centuries. And now you can learn Ninjutsu, and get real Samurai and Ninja training online and through Shidoshi Miller's live training programs.

Whether you're looking to learn about...

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Ongoing Academy Training Whether you already live here, or choose to move to the Sunbury area, you can become a full-time student under the guidance of Shidoshi Miller. Choose from either of the powerful mastery-leadership or Shinobi-kai programs, or why not make the commitment to take your place in the shidoshi's Uchi-Deshi "live-in student" program.

Online Ninja Training Courses Long-distance training for the lone Ninja Warrior.

  • Martial Arts Books & Training Manuals
  • Ninjutsu Video Courses
  • Teleseminars & Webinars on Special Topics
  • Live Coaching

Live Training Seminars Tailor your training and add skills as you see fit. Choose from:

  • Sword, staff, spear, and other traditional weapons.
  • Kyoketsu-shoge, shuriken, blowgun, and other specialty weapons of the ninja.
  • Handgun, knife, improvised weapons, and other modern self-protection applications of the ninja's art.
  • Ninpo Mikkyo - empower your life with the ninja's mind-science.

Yearly Ninja Camps Spring & Fall intensives where you can eat, sleep, and live the Ninja's lifeways!
  • Spring & Fall Ninja Camps
  • Japan Training Adventures

Yearly Japan Training Trips Join Shidoshi Miller for up to two weeks training with the Masters and visiting some of the historical sites of our Budo!
  • Train with Grandmaster Hatsumi, and several of the Shihan 'master-teachers'
  • Ride the 'Bullet-train' to Kyoto & Nagano
  • Climb Togakure (modern-day Togakushi) Mountain
  • Visit the Ninja museum where Soke donated much of the ancient weapons he inherited from his teacher, Soke Takamatsu
  • Experience a real "Nightingale Floor" designed to detect Ninja in the Tokugowa Castle Nijo-jo in the ancient capital city of Kyoto

Individual Private Training One-on-one training with Shidoshi Miller at his academy or bring him to you.
  • Tailor your training
  • Schedule for time for you alone, or for your group
  • Get coaching by phone, email, and/or in-person

You'll find all you need to master this powerful and complete martial art, as well as other traditional Japanese Samurai and Warrior Training, right here at

I look forward to training with you very soon!

To Your Achievement of Mastery!

Jeffrey M. Miller, Shidoshi
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Ninjutsu master teacher: Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller