How would you like to Get Your Black Belt and Become a Trained, Professional, Certified Instructor of Ninjutsu - a 3 year program...

And... Have Your Black Belt Awarded to You in Japan?!

Here's your chance to become an Uchi-Deshi "Live-in Student"
Directly under Shidoshi Miller

The term uchi-deshi is Japanese for "live-in student(s). Traditionally, these were students who lived with, trained under, and learned more than martial arts skills from a true master of budo.

As an uchi-deshi, a student stands apart from regular or "part-time" students who only visit the teacher around their own schedule for a few lessons as their life allows and time permits. Uchi-deshi are seriously dedicated students who have decided to commit to a length of stay with a teacher who has accepted them...

...for the sole purpose of immersing themselves in their training.

Not All Fun & Games...

As a part of the overall regimen, and in addition to class and special training in the Ninja Warrior's arts, live-in students are required to:

  • Clean & Maintain the Dojo
  • Share cooking responsibilities with fellow deshi
  • Assist with dojo operations, administrative tasks, and special events
  • Dedicate time to academic studies, fitness, and hygiene
  • Work on special projects and work that develops the proper mindset of "giving for the benefit of others"

A student who joins in an uchideshi program lives at a dojo, not only to train in the physical and combat aspects of budo, but every part of his or her daily life becomes part of the training as well. Traditionally in Japan, this kind of training in the martial arts has been available only to those students who were earnest about dedicating their time for serious practice.

Continuing The Tradition

The uchi-deshi program at Warrior Concepts International allows serious students to live and train "in-house" without all of the day-to-day issues that serve to distract the part-time student.

Students train every day in the strategic, philosophical, spiritual, and... yes... physical aspects of our traditions. Training is done with both senior black belt teachers and with Miller Sensei.

As an uchi-deshi student, you will live and breath the Budo Path. You will learn, study, and become proficient in:

  • KAMAE Postures and the science of aligning your thoughts, emotions, and physical actions for success

  • KOPPO, KOSHI & DAKENTAIJUTSU Methods for striking

  • NAGE, KYUSHO & JUTAIJUTSU Grappling, throwing, and methods for attacking and using the weak points of the body

  • UKEMI & TAIHENJUTSU Methods for changing and adapting the body to avoid damage

  • NINJA MESO & SEISHIN TEKI KYOYO Meditation and Spiritual refinement

  • REIKISHI, GOTON-PO, INTONJUTSU Japanese history, Ninja History, Use of the Elements of Nature for Escape and Evasion, and the Principles of Disguise and Impersonation

  • and MORE

You'll also Learn how to be a teacher of the martial arts and the principles and lessons needed to run a successful dojo.

Some of these lessons include...

  • The Keys to a Successful Class

  • The 4 Basic Learning Types that students fall into

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • The 5 Income Streams of a Successful Academy

  • and More

A Full Program But, Is It For You?

The Warrior Concepts Uchi-Deshi Program is a full, Black Belt Instructor Training Program. But, it's not for everyone.

Uchi-deshi students are expected to learn to prioritize their lives. Students applying for an Uchi-Deshi position in the dojo should consider the decision carefully. His or her priorities will not be the same as most people they train with, know or come in contact with.

  • Priority #1: An Uchi-Deshi's 1st Priority is to his training and the training of his fellow Deshi.

  • Priority #2: To the upkeep and growth of the dojo. A healthy dojo depends on many friendly people.

  • Priority #3: To help the instructors by pitching in with youth and adult classes as needed.

An Uchi-Deshi is a person who has chosen a path that has few distractions. The lifestyle is mildly monastic. The lifestyle is dedicated to furthering the student's understanding of Budo and Bujutsu. During the training week the Uchi-Deshi students are expected to prioritize their lives as outlined above. Students who cannot adapt their mindset to this unique lifestyle may want to reconsider taking on such a rigorous training path. The program is not a way to escape the world - but to learn how to thoroughly engage with it - as a warrior! For this to happen...

The dedication to the training, dojo and the other students must be paramount.

Uchi-Deshi Enrollment Requirements

Again, enrolling in the uchi-deshi program is not a way to run away from society or oneself. Each deshi must be capable of completing his or her training without becoming a hindrance to the dojo, the sensei, or the fellow deshi.

Uchi-deshi train about 6 times more than regular students, and the program literally condenses three to five years of regular training into a single year! So... as you can see, a positive attitude is required to be a successful uchideshi.

Sensei Miller personally reviews and approves all placements. The following requirements must be met by each applicant in order to be considered for a place in our program. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Both men and women are eligible.
  • Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years of age.
  • Healthy physical condition and the ability to train daily.
  • No record of psychological illness, drug abuse, or criminal activity.
  • Individual health insurance in good standing.
  • Financial capability to support oneself for the length of the designated term.
  • Minimum education - high-school diploma (or native country equivalent) required.
  • Religious and other lifestyle preferences are private and should be kept to yourself.

At Warrior Concepts, we value and appreciate the fact that all members reflect a great level of diversity.

As a result, all members are expected to respect these differences and not act in any manner which might cause discomfort or offense to other members.

Warrior Concepts and Sensei Miller reserve the right to refuse anyone from participating at the dojo in the interest of safety and the welfare of other students and regular members.

Uchi-deshi Program Tuition

Tuition includes:

  • lodging;
  • use of Warrior Concepts facilities;
  • all instructional fees;
  • participation in seminars, workshops, Spring & Fall Ninja Training Camps, and special events;
  • training uniforms, T-shirts, and Ninja tabi;
  • testing and promotion fees;
  • meals (based on a daily ration - Uchi Deshi are responsible for the planning and preparation of their own meals)
  • study materials
  • Training gear (safety gear, striking target, training weapons, and more!)
  • new belts
  • private classes with Sensei Miller for Uchi-Deshi only
  • teacher study materials
  • a 2-week training pilgrimage to Japan to train with the Master Teachers and tour historical sites**;
  • Japanese language study;
  • International Bujinkan Membership Fee;
  • Black Belt & promotion fee;
  • and an intense, exclusive, training opportunity that isn't available to any but the most serious student!

The full 1 year program is valued at over $101,600.00 US!

Here's the breakdown for the yearly value of everything:

Lodging (rent plus utilities) ------ 6,000 year
Standard tuition (2 $35/class)-- 36,400
Ninja Camps ( x 2) -------------- 1,200
Seminars (monthly) --------------- 720
Uniform (Gi, Tabi, T-shirt) --------- 170
Testing Fees (@ $35/test) -------- 420
Meals -------------------------- 3,000
Gear & Study materials ------------ 500
Private Classes w/Shidoshi Miller
------------------- (@ $150/hr) 39,000
Instructor Trng & materials ------ 1,200
Japan Trip (all expenses paid) ---- 5,000
Japanese Language Study ------- 7,800
Bujinkan Membership --------------- 35
Shodan & Belt -------------------- 175

TOTAL = $101,620!


The tuition for the Uchi Deshi Program, including everything listed above is only $39,000...


Each 1-Year Program.......$19,997.00

Each 3-Month Trimester.....$4,997.00 (**Does not include Japan Trip and certain other benefits of the 1 year program)

**Japan Pilgrimage is valued at $5,000.00 and includes the honor of having your Black Belt awarded atop Togakushi Mountain - home of the Togakure-Ryu Ninja Lineage! And...

It's included as a part of your 1 year Uchi Deshi Program!

A $5,000.00US ($1,500 per trimester) deposit is required to hold your place with the remainder to be paid (in-full) by the start date of your session.

PAYMENTS may be made by VISA, Master Card, Money Orders (in US Funds only) or by personal or corporate checks (all checks will be credited upon clearance - no place is guaranteed until checks clear)

That's a savings of almost 80% off what it would cost you to get and do all this for a year! And let's not forget that...

  • You will be getting 3-5 years of training in just ONE YEAR!
  • You will get live, 1-on-1 training with a Master Teacher, and receive lessons usually reserved for students who have been training with Sensei Miller for YEARS before they ever get them
  • You will have access to ALL CLASSES - ALL SEMINARS - and BOTH Ninja Training Camps
  • Your uniforms, training gear, and study materials are ALL INCLUDED
  • ALL lodging, utilities, and meals are INCLUDED.

How To Enroll

REMEMBER: Enrolling in the WCI Uchi-Deshi Program is easy. Staying committed, on-track, and not quitting is up to you!

PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds given for early withdrawal or dismissal from the program.
*If withdrawal is for health or family crisis reasons, credit toward future training will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Uchi-deshi from Countries Outside the United States

Neither Warrior Concepts International, nor Sensei Miller acts as a sponsor for visa applications. Uchi-deshi applicants must obtain their own visas (if required) for their intended stay in the United States. All uchi-deshi at WCI must be in full legal status with US Immigration regulations.


The next 1-year cycle begins:

Contact Shidoshi Miller for Dates!

Apply Now!

Space is EXTREMELY Limited!

The program is limited to no more than ten (10) uchi-deshi at any one time.

This includes full year and trimester deshi. If you are applying for a semester, you must check to see if we have a vacancy during the time you are considering. It's a good idea to have a 2nd and 3rd choice available for your stay with us, should your first choice not be available.

Please send a letter of request to enter the program that includes a personal resumé, starting dates, tentative length of stay, and a brief explanation of why you wish to enter the program. A photo is requested for our files. Your letter will be responded to promptly.

You may apply by email to (type "Uchi-deshi Request" in the subject field). Or send your application, along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope, to:

Uchi-deshi Program
Warrior Concepts International
362 Market Street
Sunbury, Pennsylvania 17801 USA

Once we receive your application/resume, and you are approved, you will receive additional information that you will need for your stay.

PLEASE NOTE and do not ask for an exception:

Personal life and relationships must be only on the "weekend" days when the dojo closes. Personal life partners may not stay over at the Deshi living quarters. Visits must be kept chaste.

You will receive scheduled weekend, holiday, and/or personal time each month when you may return home to visit family, etc.

Ninjutsu master teacher: Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller