All Martial Arts
Were NOT Created Equal!

Not all martial arts systems were created for the same reason. Each system, or lineage, was created by its founder to deal with specific situations and types of conflict, with one intention in mind...

...TO WIN! And...

The Takagi-Yoshin-Ryu, founded in the 15th century by Oriuemon Shigenobu Takagi, was no exception.

Imagine... in a time when brutal assailants would do anything to win and no place was safe from either

  • Rogue warriors engaged in terroristic acts,

  • the strife of civil war, or...

  • ...the ever-present plague of bandits and thieves looking to pounce on the unsuspecting traveler.

Can you imagine a place or time like that?

Sounds a bit like the world of today, doesn't it? And yet, it was exactly the same in the days when Takagi-Sensei set out to create a system for survival against, not just anyone, but assailants who would attack with the strategies and tactics most common for the times. And ironically, we are at a point in history where things are repeating themselves and these tactics are the perfect answer to today's common attacks.


Believe it or not, and contrary to popular belief, not all systems were founded by the perfect warrior who never lost a battle. In fact, the Takagi Yoshin Ryu stands out as an exception because it's founder did not die as most did - at the hands of his opponent who had the greater skill!

No. He survived his humiliating loss and decided to re-examine what he always held to be true about the teachings he received. And THIS is one very important reason why the TYR stands out as one of the most powerful and unique lineages ever developed.

You see... similar to the story of Bujinkan Dojo founder and grand master Masaaki Hatsumi, WCI founder Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller, and more than a few other modern warriors, Takagi's search for excellence and, what we might call, "True Budo" came not out of years of study in a single martial system...

...but in defeat at the hands of a superior opponent.

This is where true warriors are born. Not in the theory and blind faith of the everyday student.

A Long Time Ago - In a Land, Far, Far...

Oriemon Shigenobi Takagi was a master teacher in the school of Jutaijutsu ("grappling arts that became modern-day, soft-style karate") during Japan's Sengoku-Jidai warrior-states period in the mid-1600's. And, like all accomplished warriors of his time (and UN-LIKE most martial artists and teachers today), he already had several "heads-in-his-closet." Meaning that, he had already survived combat and killed opponents with his skills many times over.

As was common in those days, as both a means of gaining a reputation as an accomplished warrior to be respected and feared, and as a means of keeping martial arts honest during times when the survival of a school depended directly on the effectiveness of what they practiced...

Takagi was challenged to a dual by a visiting practitioner from another school.

Long story short...

In this battle, Takagi was beaten so severely that it rocked him at his core. He came to the realization that...

...there was something VERY WRONG with what he had been learning all those years. As a result, he left his school and all the investment he had put into it and set out to find the techniques, tactics, and strategies of True Budo.

What Takagi-Sensei finally realized was that...

...the martial arts were not a game of who can look the best,

...who could run a school with the most students,

...or who can create a system of this-or-that "jutsu" or "do."

It was about having only one life, one chance to do something with that life, and he set out to develop that understanding into something that was more in-touch with what we might call a "martial sense" more than what has become, martial "faith."

After spending much time travelling and watching what others were doing, he finally went into seclusion on Japan's famous Mount Hiei, home of the Tendai School and mother of Japanese Buddhist thought and practice (a very important connection for much of Ninja history). He spent months in continuous practice, training, and reflection until, one day, he came to the realization that...

...before he could win against a skilled opponent, he had to upset his opponent's way of moving...


But, he also realized, if his opponent was too big or too strong, this omote, or "outer" - "obvious" - method of breaking balance would not be enough. He realized that he would also have to be able to...

...upset his "OWN" way of moving and thinking to be able to execute that unexpected move that would take the opponent with him as he fell or was hit.

These realizations, derived from his own personal experience became an important part of his personal way of surviving during hostility.

Armed with this new insight, Oriuemon became a great fighter and survivor. This truth is witnessed by the survival of this powerful lineage for the next 17 generations until now, you can finally master its secrets.

Secrets that were born out of chaos, confusion, and failure. Only to be turned around into one of the greatest fighting systems the world has ever seen!

Learn the Secrets of the Ancient Masters...

Takagi-Yoshin-Ryu Shoden Scroll

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In this Warrior Concepts' Home Study Course, you will learn how to:

  • Read an opponent's actions so that he's always off-balance and on the losing side BEFORE he ever attacks!

  • Cloud the mind of your assailant so he never knows what's going on or whether the move you're doing is REALLY what you're doing!

  • Apply some of the most devastatingly effective joint locks and manipulations that have ever been developed - anywhere!

  • Turn a punching, kicking, striking situation - one that your attacker is comfortable with - into a grappling one where he is lost, confused and failing miserably!

  • Win with the will and desire to overcome - instead of treating combat like a rule-laden game where you "hope" for the best!

  • Develop & master the insights and understandings of a master warrior with years of real-world combat experience and why he would choose to add the lessons of an ancient lineage like the Takagi-Yoshin Ryu to his arsenal for use on the mean-streets of today's world!

  • and so much more than can be listed here!

There's also...

  • The complete set of 13 Kata ('technique models') that make up the Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu shoden densho

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  • One-on-one dialogue between Shidoshi Miller and students...

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Shidoshi Miller does not teach from the perspective of winning a tournament trophy in a rule-laden competition. Instead...

...he will guide you through the mindset of the warrior who understands that he or she must survive against an adversary who will stop at nothing to win.

And YOU must be willing to do the same!

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