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This information-packed self defense video is based on decades of training, study, research, and real-world experience and starts you out on the right foot in learning to effectively protect yourself...

... with awareness.

With all of the variables that exist in an attack, coupled with all of the different types of attacks and other dangers that could find you, it's impossible to offer any one program or self defense video capable of covering it all. But, the one thing that is necessary, regardless of the program, is knowing what you're up against and the realities inherent in the most common situations. And, the truth is that, the more distance that you can put between yourself and danger - the more time you have to respond, and/or the more options you have at your disposal for escaping,...

... the greater your chances of living a long, happy, and stress-free life.

Security Specialists, Undercover operatives, Bodyguards, and yes, secret agents, know this to be true. In fact, they put their lives on the line every day and have to trust that the techniques and training they've received will work when it's needed the most. And now, the same secrets used by the security elite, can be yours.

Are You Serious About
Protecting Yourself?

This self defense video is a must for every adult concerned about safety and avoiding danger. Regardless of your age, sex, fitness level or prior martial arts or self defense experience, this video deserves to be a part of your self defense library.

It was produced in the wake of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The "Danger Prevention Tactics" self defense video was developed as a response to the escalating problem with violent crime and the added level of danger to you - the average citizen - created by the new terrorist threats right here in our own country.

Danger Prevention Tactics: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro contains easy to learn strategies that are time-tested and proven to be effective by undercover law enforcement and security professionals. These are the same strategies and tactics that I, and other experts who know what true self-defense is, use every day to stay safe and alive.

What You'll Learn in this Powerful Self Defense Video

On this powerfully effective self defense video dvd, you will learn how criminals think and what you must do to survive in life-threatening situations. You will learn strategies for:

  • Home Security

  • Vehicle Safety

  • Public Area Safety:
    • Malls
    • ATM's
    • Restaurants
    • Buildings
    • Subways
    • Airports
    • Buses
    • Elevators
    • Parking Garages...
    • ...and Lots more.

  • PLUS: You'll learn how to recognize potential criminal attackers before they have a chance to choose you as their next victim.

Not Another Boring "How-to"
Self Defense Video

"Danger Prevention Tactics" was developed with the help of film-makers and professionals to insure a balanced blend of information and advice with an entertaining and appealing format. Through skits and real-life scenes, shot on-location in the actual environments where the danger could take place, you'll see first-hand how to respond and what to do. We took our crew to actual malls, train stations, subways - you name it - to create a true-to-life learning experience.

No empty classroom theory.

No unrealistic setups that look nothing like the real-world problem.

You'll learn all this quickly and easily, regardless of your athletic ability... and, in a way that's informative and easy to put into practice. You'll be able to use these techniques the same day you get this powerful self defense video!

Take control of your life and personal safety. Learn to use the same awareness tactics, strategies and skills used by undercover police officers, investigators, and government agents every day. With the "Danger Prevention Tactics" self defense video, you'll learn to use the same skills, tactics, and strategies that professionals rely on to stay safe and alive in an often unsafe world.

This dynamic new video, "Danger Prevention Tactics": Protecting Yourself Like a Pro™, normally sells for $29.95. But, through this special internet offer, you can save 100% off the regular price and get it ABSOLUTELY FREE!. And, if you order by the deadline below, I will include some another, valuable, special bonus to help you increase your level of security and safety even more!

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Be honest. What is your life worth? For me, the answer is...


How much would someone have to give you for you to allow yourself to be damaged, mugged, severely injured or killed in an accident? Again, you'd have to be crazy to even begin to come up with a number, right?

But, for just the cost to help me get this powerful DVD to your door, you can:

  • Live more Stress-Free

  • Know what to look for and prevent danger from ever touching you

  • Learn the same lifesaving techniques used by security specialists and secret agents

  • Feel more safe and secure, and...

  • Reduce the need for physical self-defense training and martial arts classes


If danger can't touch you, it can't hurt you!

The price of this powerful self defense video is only $29.95 FREE .

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You have to admit that, the price is extremely low compared to the lifetime of insurance you'll get as a result. And, this is insurance that doesn't wait to pay off after you've been attacked, beaten, or worse. You start receiving the benefits right away!

"It's better to have Self-Defense skills and not need them, than to need self-defense skills and not have them."

Look, we live in a dangerous world today. Check out some of the F.B.I's crime statistics to get a better idea about why Warrior Concepts International is here to help you and others like you to feel safe and secure.

With the "Danger Prevention Tactics" video, you'll know what to do to avoid, escape, and protect yourself against every single one of the potentially life-threatening crimes that plague our streets every day. Not to mention the BONUS LESSONS that cover non-human dangers...

...strategies and tactics for escaping with your life!

As soon as you start putting these lessons to use, you will immediately feel a greater sense of calm, and reduced stress, anxiety, and fear.

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