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The Warrior Concepts' Self-Defense Success Secrets Home Study Program includes the entire collection of self-defense secrets offered by international self-protection expert, Jeffrey M. Miller - the best resources for making sure that you can survive a real-world, street self-defense attack.

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Learn why most martial arts and self-defense programs are wrong and how you can really be safe and secure in today's unsafe world. It's the perfect resource for the "citizen- defender," and only available from Warrior Concepts.

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Master the 5 specific phases that make-up a physical street or battlefield attack and easily control and beat any attacker, anytime, anywhere. Learn this system and become truly unbeatable. Period.

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Be prepared for any situation and have the power and ability to be able to evade, avoid, or escape from any attacker. These are the same skills that keep security professionals, police, and agents alive on the mean streets everyday.

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These 3 special reports add even more power to what you're getting from "The Karate-Myth." Each report is designed to enhance a critical aspect of your own physical, mental, and emotion-based self-protection training.

"The Karate-Myth"
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Women have unique concerns and special needs, especially when defending against larger, stronger, male attackers. This ebook will empower any woman with the knowledge to survive. No one else is teaching these lessons... Guaranteed!

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