What You Don't Know About Womens Self-Defense Can Effect The REST of Your Life!

What if I told you that most of what's being passed off as womens self-defense could get you killed... would you want to find out more?

LOOK...The world is filled with 'experts' with their own special theories about womens self defense, and there's no better place to find them all in one place as right here on the internet. Yes, that includes me-too. And, as I keep an eye on what's being offered, I find that the experts generally find themselves in one of two camps:

1) The Black Belt 'Karate-Types', and...

2) The 'There's-no-difference' Types.

If you've taken lessons from either type, whether in the form of books, videos, or you actually participated in a course or enrolled in classes, I'm sure you learned things that could be helpful. Unfortunately, the overall theories being presented by both...

...are wrong! Period.

When it comes to womens self defense training, from the basic theory at the very foundation of these programs all the way through most of the techniques being taught, the truth is that...

... both of these types of so-called 'experts' are teaching women and girls things that are more likely to get you killed, severely beaten, and left feeling crushed because what you thought would work when you needed it the most - didn't.

Let's take a look at these two, very different but equally dangerous mindsets.

1) The Black Belt 'Karate-Type' Experts - are typically very good at their specific martial art. They may or may not have a black belt in a traditional 'style' like tae kwon do, ninjutsu, goju-ryu karate, etc.

And, while many of these instructors have lots of practice with sparring and may have even won a trophy or five in a sport competition, they lack an essential element in their knowledge base...

... they have never actually been in a real-world attack situation against a larger, stronger, and often armed assailant.

    Contrary to the popular belief in these circles that the competition ring is the best place to 'prove' your art, a sport contest is loaded with safety mechanisms which prevent the sport martial artist from having the same experience that you will face on the street.

    Things like:

    • Referees to insure that the 'match' is 'fair'

    • Safety rules which all-but insure that there is little to no chance for serious injury

    • The so-called 'combatants' are not realy trying to hurt each other - rather they are playing a stylized game of tag where he or she who scores the most points, wins.

    • Contestants are evenly matched based on age, gender, size, weight, and rank

    The good news is that these instructors are not trying to 'trick' anyone - the really do believe what they're teaching. But, with no real-world experience on which to base their assumptions, they cannot even begin to help others.

Then, there's the...

2) There's no-difference' Types.

Very often, this group is populated by women and, from what I've been able to gather from reading their articles and website information, they resent the implication that self-defense teachers often make a distinction between self-defense and womens self-defense.

Their argument is simple. There is no difference. And, if we ignored science and stuck to the belief that we're all the same, this might hold up. But...

... it won't and doesn't.

The fact is that men and women have very different issues and considerations to be concerned with when it comes to the subject of self defense. And for a young girl, self defense issues involving these considerations are even more critical.

Many will scream "chauvinist" and other 'women's lib' battle cries, but the truth is the truth. Once you put the beliefs aside and look at the reality of the situation - once you look at the problems - once you look at the very real statistical information about the way assailants attack women, the strategies they use, the weapons they employ - I mean REALLY look...

... the tired and tireless arguments that men and women are the same, are just ignorant and stupid.

There IS a difference (thank God!), and it's in this difference where we'll find the answers that will allow us to survive where others would die - if not physically then surely psychologically and/or emotionally.

Have you ever seen a woman who has been savagely attacked or raped by a man bent on beating her down, humiliating her and breaking her spirit? I have, and...

... it is one of the most heart-breaking sights I have ever seen.

And I don't wish it on anyone.

IMAGINE... you and your friends getting this powerful, life-changing, knowledge first-hand.

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So, what are some of the differences between womens self defense and self-defense for a man? Read on...

Other Considerations for Girls and Women's Self-Defense

This is a partial list of some of the major differences between womens self defense and self-defense for men.

  • Cultural Influences - girls have been taught from a very early age that fighting was not "lady-like."

    Oh my god! What would people think!

  • Womens Self-Defense is Situational - rape and sexual assault are two of the biggest differences between the genders when it comes to surviving an attack.

The fact that men are usually dealing with the more obvious situations (muggings and competitive ("oh-yeah! let's go!"-type fighting come to mind). Women, and more and more young girls, on the other hand are required to deal with subtle tactics like date-rape or being ambushed by a group.

Add to this the strength differential discussed in another article that I wrote about self-defense for women , and you find that womens self defense presents a very different situation requiring very different self-protection tactics.

  • Incorrect Information - I believe that the majority of teachers and instructors mean well. They aren't out to con you. It's just that, when it comes to self-defense instructors for women and girls...

... they have no real experience to go on so they do what everyone does when they don't know any better...

... they make assumptions that seem logical and rational within their own frame of reference.

The problem is that we're talking about self-protection here...

... self defense for women...

... girls self-defense. Not...

... vegetable soup. Where, if you make a mistake, you can just dump the pot and start over.

A mistake in a women's self-defense situation, in any situation requiring defense against a brutal attacker, could be very, very costly indeed.

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