"Can the Women That You Know in Your Life Protect Themselves?"

Can YOU?!

Learn the secrets for controlling and escaping from violent, male attackers who are bigger and stronger than you, from a 10th degree Master Black Belt, bodyguard, former undercover police officer, and veteran street survival expert

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This Womens Self-Defense Seminar is a unique and comprehensive program, containing safety and self-defense information and training designed to empower women using fun, educational, and interactive exercises.

Hi, I'm Jeffrey M. Miller and I'm the founder and director of Warrior Concepts International. I created WCI because it's my personal philosophy and belief that, because we live in an often dangerous world...

... people, especially women like yourself, need to educate themselves and be trained and proficient in solid, proven, women's self-defense strategies to insure your personal safety, and the safety of the ones you love!

I have made it my life's purpose to share the knowledge, training, and skills that I've developed over the past 30+ years. I design every single one of my programs from both my study in the ancient ways of the warrior-protector, to my real world street survival experience as a police officer and body guard.

In fact, what makes me different from almost every other self-defense expert of "karate-guy," is that...

...I teach you the lessons for being safe, not only based on what I've learned in this or that martial art or self defense program, but - more importantly...

I teach you lessons, skills, strategies and tactics that I and many of my own students have used to survive real-world, dangerous, and often life-threatening situations!

And, if you live close to the Warrior Concepts' main training facility, now you have the opportunity to learn how to stay safe and alive when everything that you've learned about prevention and avoidance...


Don't Live Close Enough to attend this live training? Scroll down and learn how you can still get this training into your group, business, or organization!

Introducing... a special, 4-week training program... "For Women Only!"

This powerful and life-changing program is designed to provide a necessary foundation to allow women and teenage girls (14 and older) to be more safe and secure in their world.

We all know that the world can be a dangerous place, and that 1 in 3 women can expect to be raped or sexually assaulted during the course of her lifetime, and that 25% of all college girls are sexually assaulted - most in their freshman year.

The question is...

What are you doing to make sure that you and your loved ones never become a victim to sexual assault, robbery, spousal abuse, or other violence that can and does touch women, just like you, every day?

Well, here's your chance!

This 4 week course will be held every Wednesday evening from 7 - 8:30pm, beginning on February 9th. Each week, you will learn techniques, strategies, and tactics for effectively and successfully defending yourself against one of the 4 primary acts of violence that you may encounter.

In addition to peace-of-mind, a new sense of confidence, power, and control over this aspect of your life, participants who complete the course will also receive a certificate of training which may count towards CE credits, tax deductions, or other educational benefits. (**Consult your employer, education counselor, or tax adviser for your specific applicability)

For more information and to reserve your space for this empowering event, visit the webpage listed or call WCI in the US at (570) 884-1118.

Download the course flyer and registration form here:

Women's Self Defense Course Flyer

How to get this powerful, life-saving, training when you don't live near me!

Don't let time, distance, or anything else, get in the way of you getting the kind of real-world training that you need to be safe and secure! Don't be one of those who give up and say, "You live too far away. I guess I can't do this," or worse yet say...

"I guess I'll have to settle for something close and convenient and hope for the best!"

Don't do that to yourself!

Don't do it to your daughter!

Don't do it to your mother, your aunt, grandmother, or significant other!

There IS another way!

Let me ask you something...

What would it mean for you to have this kind of knowledge - the knowledge and ability to be able protect yourself and the ones you love. If you're a parent, how would you feel knowing that your daughter could protect herself and 'back up a "No!" to the boy who tries to force himself on her?

How would it feel to be able to go anywhere, do anything, and not have the fear of being attacked and not knowing what to do if you were, petrifying your every step and decision?

Who do you know who could benefit from this type of training? Who would benefit if you knew how to protect yourself and, if necessary, put down a bigger, stronger, male attacker who was trying to beat, break, or kill you?

Do you understand what I'm asking you?

"How would YOUR Life be different if you had this kind of power, confidence, and control?"

Then, if this is important to you, don't let a little time and distance get in the way of yours or your loved-one's safety and survival!


Why not get your employer, church, local civic organization, sorority, or group to host a special women's training with me right there where you live. That way, you get this training for yourself, AND help other women in your area to benefit in the same way!

Or, if you're the leader that others look to for safety, guidance, advice, and solutions...

Take the next step and call me yourself!

Here Are a Few of
My Most Popular Programs include:

1. The "Power Lunch". One to one and a half hour "listen and learn."

2. Half Day "Quick-Start Program". Three-hour morning, afternoon or evening session.

3. Full Day "Intensive Program". All day seminar in either a one 5-hour Intensive or as two 2 1/2-hour sessions with lunch break.

**Custom programs can be designed especially for your group. Just set up a telephone meeting so we can discuss your unique needs.

schedule a womens self-defense seminar with Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller

schedule a womens self-defense seminar with shidoshi Jeffrey Miller

Not quite ready for an full womens self-defense seminar or presentation, here's a great place to start...

schedule a womens self-defense seminar with expert Jeffrey M. Miller

Here's What You'll Learn...

  • Statistics and Safety Awareness: “How to be a tough target”

  • Verbal Self-Defense: Use your voice as a powerful deterrent

  • Physical Self-Defense: Basic Defensive Arts, utilizing time-tested and proven strategies, like pressure point techniques, designed to get women out of holds and grabs quickly and easily

  • Date Rape, date rape drugs and what you can do to protect yourself

  • Safety strategies and tools a woman can apply to improve her everyday safety at home, work, play and while traveling

  • What IS and is NOT self-defense, as defined by the law in most jurisdictions...

  • ...and much, Much, MORE!

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Having an internationally-recognized expert come directly to you for the sole-purpose of empowering you with the tools and weapons necessary to practically erase you from any potential attacker's list of victims and allow you to live the happy, stress-free life you really want.

Let Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller empower you and the women in your life with the skills, strategies, and understanding for increasing your personal security. To find out how you can sponsor an event in your area, simply complete the form below, let us know what you need, and get yourself the information you need for supercharging your confidence, power, and ability to control the outcome of any possible threat.

And... who DOESN'T want THAT!

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