Child Development Books by Child Psychologist Dr. Terrance Webster-Doyle

We will be adding reviews about each of Dr. Webster-Doyle's books written specifically for the young adult.

The following books are required reading for both my youth students and their parents as-well-as all staff members at WCI. They are an invaluable resource and offer great insight for youth and adults alike.

By clicking on the title of each book, you can read about the book in greater detail and, if it's something that you feel would benefit you or your child, you can purchase it from it's own dedicated page.

Why is Everybody Always Picking On Me?
A Guide to Handling Bullies

An excellent approach to the topic of bullying and the foundation for Dr. Webster-Doyles "Bully Buster System"

Flight of the Golden Eagle

A great first book for the budding young martial artist. Contains articles on respect, the martial arts uniform, and more.

Facing the Double-Edge Sword

Review coming soon

Maze of the Fire Dragon

Review coming soon

Eye of the Hurricane

Review coming soon

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