These Crime Statistics Make the Need for Self Defense Training Hard to Ignore!

According to the F.B.I's crime statistics ...

  • There is a violent crime every 22 seconds, 24 hours a day in the U.S.

  • In the year 2005 alone, there were over sixteen thousand, six hundred murders - about 46 per day, or almost two per hour!

  • 93,934 forcible rapes, one every six minutes! In fact, college girls in their first year are one of the most at-risk groups. An astonishing 1-in-4 will be raped or sexually assaulted - most in their freshman year!

    Want to know what's even scarier? Only about 1-in-5 rapes is ever reported! How many rapes probably occurred with that piece of information?! (Hmmm... let's see. That's 93,934 times 5, equals...)

  • Over 3,500 aggravated assaults and robberies every day! One every 24 seconds!

  • 49,000 car jackings and attempts of car-jacking!

  • One burglary every 15.4 seconds!

It's hard to believe how anyone can ignore these facts and act as if nothing will ever happen to them, isn't it?

With statistics like these, the question is no longer "if" something might happen to you but...

...when will it happen to you?

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