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Decide Right Now Whether You're a Self-Defense Victim, Statistic, or Survivor Waiting to Happen

This list has been compiled from recent crime statistics and shows those of us most "at-risk" for becoming a self-defense casualty. If you're in one of these catagories, or know someone who is, start taking steps right now to determine whether you'll be a self-defense victim, statistic, or survivor.

At-Risk Groups:

  • Physicans, nurses and other medical care professionals

  • Lawyers, police officers, prison guards and others in the security field

  • Out-of-town business people and other travelers

  • Teens going on a school trip and young adults entering college or the military

  • Real Estate and other in-home sales professionals

  • Hotel and Restaurant employees

  • Small business owners and managers

  • Anyone who is concerned about their own personal safety

This program will help you change whether you'll be a self-defense victim, statistic, or survivor

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