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Warrior Concepts Self Defense Newsletter, Issue #004 -- Real Training for Real People!
June 03, 2005
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In This Issue...

  • Article: "Use of Force: Getting your Priorities Straight"
  • Technique Tip - The Perfect Self Defense Weapon that Will ALWAYS be Legal
  • Upcoming Training Op - 4-Week Women's Self-Defense Course
  • Japan Training Trip 2005
  • Spring Camp 2004 DVD's

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    APOLOGY: I must apologize for leaving my readers stranded for the past couple of weeks without their newsletter. As many of you know, my family has been dealing with the care and treatment of my sister, who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor back in November.

    During the past several weeks, the course of things has progressed to the point where it became necessary to move her from home care to a professional facility. This caused, as you can imagine, a huge amount of stress and realignment of my priorities, not only with this newsletter but at the main Warrior Concepts training facility as well.

    Let me just say that, for the moment, all is well and should allow for me to get back on track. Thanks to all who have expressed their concern and well-wishes. You are all appreciated and I look forward to continuing to bring you this information.

    Vol. 1 Issue 5
    June 3, 2005

    From the Desk of
    Jeffrey M. Miller

    Feature Article: Use of Force: Getting your Priorities Straight

    In the law enforcement and security realm, there is what is known as a "use of force." This is simply a roughly structured code to make sure that the officer always uses force that is directly proportionate to the threat involved. In plain words...

    ... you can't shoot someone who's threatening to punch you.

    In the realm of self-defense, it is prudent to have such a code for our own protection - not from the attacker, per se, but...

    ... from the law and the legal authorities who will be judging us after the fact.

    For those of you who have taken the 7-week "Foundations of Self-Defense Mastery" eCourse, you are familiar with the basics of this concept. Although the "Foundations" course describes this "code" in their aspect as "phases" or stages of self-defense progression, they are never-the-less, the same thing.

    If you haven't taken the course, go to the web site and click on "Free eCourse"

    As a guide to helping you understand this idea of use of force, we can expand upon the basic list given in the eCourse. For now though, let's not worry about matching the defense to the weapon. In fact, it's unlikely that you'll be thinking that clearly in a dangerous situation anyway.

    Instead, let's approach this from the perspective of gradually escalating and increasing force as we realize that we need more. It's always best, from a legal standpoint anyway, to start with the least amount of force necessary. Then, should more be needed, we can always step up the commitment and intention to do more damage.

    Remember: It's easier to add more than to take back from an action that was too much.

    Step-By-Step Use-Of-Force

    The concept of force in a self-defense situation can be broken down into roughly 10 stages or levels. They are...

      1. The first and best place to begin both self-defense and your need for any type of force is to...

      ... set up your life so that danger never appears.

      This is, of course, the ideal. However, since few of us have attained this level of security and general awareness in our lives, we will have to make sure that we are well-versed in the remaining 9 stages.

      2. When life's situations do not allow you to live out your life without any danger what-so-ever, avoid those places that are most likely to have an element of danger to them. Let's face it, some places, you know them and what they're like, are simply havens for danger and violence.

      When you can't be danger-free - avoid dangerous places, people, and situations.

      3. When you can't avoid danger and it seems to be heading in your direction - evade those elements that can do you harm. In this case, evasion could include such things as hiding, strategic manuevering, and the like. The point here is to escape from danger, still allowing for the least amount of wear-and-tear on you as possible.

      4. When you can't evade, confuse. Confusing a would-be attacker may not always be possible but, it might be possible to confuse by-standers in a way that creates a wall-of-chaos between yourself and the assailant. It might also cause you to stand-out to others, including authorities that could bring much-needed help in your direction.

      5. When you can't confuse, distract. Redirecting the assailant's attention away from yourself can be just as good as evading altogether. This is especially true if you find yourself in a situation where you've been chosen at random and not being targeted specifically. By employing tactics that cause the attacker to simply choose another victim, you free yourself toget out of there without having to deal with the danger at all.

      I know that this seems very cold. The very idea that we would use another human being as a scape-goat sounds, to many, almost as bad as being the aggressor ourselves. But, it is not. You cannot be responsible for the safety of others without first taking care of your own safety. And in the case described, you must remember that you were chosen at random. The assailant is looking for a victim. Any victim. The choice can be his (in this case, he chose you), or yours (give him a victim other than yourself.

      6. When you can't distract - dissuade. Try talking your way out of the situation. This can involve tactics that range from passive resistance to verbal confrontation where you tell the attacker in no uncertain terms that if he (or she - wouldn't want to be sexist would we?!) touches you, it will be the last thing they do with that particular body part.

      7. When you can't dissuade and the assailant becomes directly physical, then hurt. In my classes, I teach my students some very effective counter-strikes that are to be used against incoming limbs. While these strikes have the postential to do real damage, they can be toned-down to merely cause annoying pain - thus leaving the assailant with the decision as to whether or not he (or she) will continue.

      8. When you can't hurt (or hurting doesn't convey a strong enough message to stop the assault) - injure. Here, we're talking about actually damaging a part of the attacker's body. At this point, we're taking away his ability to hurt us an continue with his intended actions.

      9. When injuring doesn't have the intended effect, the answer is to maim. This is much more than injuring to stop their ability to attack, maiming is causing your assailant to...

      ... not be able to move or function.

      WARNING: The remainder of this article may be too graphic for many readers. Continue at your own discretion.

      At this stage, we've gone beyond breaking an arm or executing a well-placed knifehand to a temple or other sensitive area. At this stage, the attacker is a real threat and must be stopped. Here, we're talking about collapsing a lung, dislocating a shoulder, and other equally severe damage.

      10. And, finally, and only when the situation dictates that you are in mortal danger - when it is obvios to you that the attackewr means to go all the way, you must make the decision and be prepared to...

      ... kill.


    The Question is, can you do this. If not, how far would you, honestly, be able and willing to go to protect yourself and/or a loved one.

    If you haven't already, give it some thought.

    The Danger Prevention Tactics Video is being reviewed by a national promotion and marketing company for television and high-end retail distribution. Stay tuned to this newsletter for future updates!


    I'm updating a book I had written some years ago called "RAPE: America's Mythical Crime" that focuses on the myths and realities of this terrible crime. When it's finished, the book will be completely up-to-date with the latest statistics, as-well-as information on how to deal with the different types of assaults. Anyone, man or woman, concerned about dealing with this often overlooked crime will want to add this powerful book to his or her self-defense library.

    Watch for future updates on the status of RAPE: America's Mythical Crime which will be posted here first.

    Self-Defense Tip -

    The Perfect Self-Defense Weapon - and It Will Always be Legal

    With the trajedy of 9-11, came the undermining of the right to self-protection by the American people. I know - I know, it's all in the name of security. Let's talk about that issue in another issue...

    For now, we have the problem of not being able to be armed, even with a small knife, etc. when traveling, entering certain buildings, and the like. What's a person to do?

    The Answer: Carry a good, metal shank, ballpoint pen.

    It's the perfect self defense tool. it can be used just like a self-defense keychain for stabbing, crushing small joints, attacking pressure points, and gouging at the eyes and throat.

    Best of all though is that, to everyone else...

    ... it's just a pen.

    Even to security professionals!

    So, do yourself two favors...

    1) Get a good one, and...

    2) Don't tell anyone about this tactic 9it destroys it's effectiveness if they know you have it as a weapon!)

    The 2 DVD set of our Spring Ninja Camp 2004 is here! If you were not one of the participants at this powerful and intense training weekend, you can still learn the secrets to personal defense and living the warrior lifestyle that were revealed to those who were in attendance. This set includes sessions by internationally-known and respected master instructors J. Courtland Elliott and Greg Tremblay of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and, of course, yours truly.

    Topics include: traditional and modern weapon use and defense; defending against multiple attackers; developing the "master" in yourself; and much, much more.

    Sorry I wasn't able to keep up with the alerts I promised but...

    ... it's here anyway!

    For those who pre-ordered, by the time you read this, you're DVD's will be in the mail and on their way to you - yeah!!!

    For everyone else, call the Academy at (570) 988-2228 with your credit card information to get your copy of this awesome training resource. The cost of this 2 DVD set is just $39.95 but, this price is good for this week only.

    I repeat, this week only!!!

    Call now!

    Want to join me in Japan this Fall for one or two weeks of training, site-seeing, and adventure? I'm currently working on a brochure page on the web site for this year's Japan Trip. As I said earlier, I've been very busy with personal family matters but the page should be up and ready this week.

    Let me just say that, there are only 10 spaces on these yearly trips and three are already taken with two more probably going soon.

    This is a $10,000 per person trip for the VERY low price of 2,600 plus food and souvenier money!!!

    Stay tuned.

    Don't Forget!

    The next big upcoming training opportunity at WCI's main facility is called LADIES NIGHT OUT. During this powerful four-week event we'll focus on the problems and dangers faced by women today.

    Classes will be held Tuesdays, from 7 - 8pm, beginning June 7th. Each class will lead participants through a particular type of attack scenario as-well-as the use of the powerful but inconspicuous self-defense keychain weapon.

    To register, or to find out how you can sponsor this same course in your community, call the academy today at (570) 988-2228.

    You'll also find more information and details about this year's Fall Training Camp scheduled for November 4 - 6th, 2005, here.

    Get FR*EE Training and Make Some Money for Yourself at the Same Time

    I'm looking for some business partners. Applicants must be motivated self-starters with a desire to help themselves and others to learn how to protect themselves. Affiliates will be licensed to offer my ebooks, videos, as-well-as setup seminars and training opportunities in either their own or other areas. As soon as I have worked out the details, I will be opening the doors for membership. I can guarantee though, that I will make sure that my parftners are well taken care of. Affiliates will receive a generous commission on sales as well as receiving free merchandise and training from me personally.

    In the meantime, if this is something that you're interested in, go to the contact pageand send me your information and the fact that you're interested in being one of my partners. Then, as soon as the program is ready, you'll be one of the first to know. The contact page is here.

    So, Until next time. Live Free. Be Happy. And...

    ...stay safe.

    Peace and Happiness,

    Jeffrey M. Miller, Shidoshi
    Warrior Concepts International
    Self-Protection & Personal Development

    "Real Training for Real People in a Real World!"

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