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Warrior Concepts Self Defense Newsletter, Issue #004 -- Real Training for Real People!
May 07, 2005
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In This Issue...

  • Article: "Self-Defense and the Law"
  • Technique Tip - Using Multiple Routes
  • Upcoming Training Op - Grappling Seminar
  • Japan Training Trip 2005
  • Spring Camp 2004 DVD's

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    Vol. 1 Issue 4
    May 6, 2005

    From the Desk of
    Jeffrey M. Miller

    Feature Article: Self-Defense and the Law

    When it comes to self-defense, how much is too much? Have you ever thought about that?

    If we rely on movies and television, it would appear that, if we're attacked, we can do whatever we want to "teach our assailant a lesson." After all, we're not the attacker, right? We are only defending ourselves.

    Now, before we continue, I must tell you right now that, I am not a lawyer and I am not giving you legal advice. I am only citing from my past experience as a former police officer, my understanding of the possible legal issues dealing with self-defense matters, and giving you food for thought so that you can investigate the matter further if you so desire.

    That being said, let's get back to the topic at hand. How much is too much in a self-defense situation? For that matter, is it possible for the police and the courts to view your actions as active aggression instead of self-defense? And if so, how much force is considered acceptable when you're attempting to protect yourself or others?

    These, and many other such questions should be asked and answered. In today's world where there is more-often-than-not a liberal interpretation of the law, regardless of the "rightness" or appropriateness of an act in a given situation, anyone who is seriously studying to be able to protect oneself should be clear about the answers.

    In many "tough-guy" martial arts schools, there is an old saying that goes something like, "I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six." And while this may be true, you need to be very careful about knowing, at what point you may no longer be seen as a defender and cross the line to being considered an assailant yourself, as far as the law is concerned.

    From my experience, the generally accepted definition of self-defense is:

    The use of reasonable force necessary to stop an attack. Or, the first action used to stop an attack.

    Most states have specified what is and what is not self-defense. The law almost everywhere, allows every citizen to protect him or herself. In most states, this means that you may use "equal force" in that defense. This is of course tempered by your perception of the amount of danger that you're in. This is determined by and to the extent that you able to articulate the situation when telling your side of the story.

    There are many other "caveats" to this whole subject. Related topics like "how the general public (from which a jury is drawn) perceives martial artists and those trained in self-defense techniques," or "the growing problem of youth attackers," deserve their own space and will be discussed in upcoming issues of the Warrior Concepts Self-Defense Newsletter.

    For now, let's just keep it relatively simple by saying that, self-defense stops once you get the person to stop attacking. It's probably not okay to continue kicking the assailant after he or she (yes, women can be assailants too), is down. But, remember also, that no one, and I mean no one, can tell you whether or not your actions were too much if they were not right there in your shoes at the moment of the attack.

    Suffice it to say that the courts will probably weigh many factors including the size difference between you and your assailant, whether or not you are outnumbered, as-well-as the involvement of any weapons.

    Just remember: what you and I may perceive to be reasonable self-defense, may be quite different in the view of the court system. You must know this, and you must make sure that this knowledge is a part of your overall training and defense philosophy. It will not only make you better prepared - it will also determine what and how you study and practice.

    Disclaimer: Remember, even though I have a history in law enforcement, this is not legal advice. I am not a lawyer. This article is based on my own research and opinion. For a more in-depth and accurate determination of your own circumstances, you must consult with a professional attorney or legal advisor.

    Are you as prepared as you could be? Do you know how to set up your life so that you are virtually danger free? Do you know how to escape from common "hot spots" like carjackings at intersections, ATM attacks, or someone going "postal" in a business or restaurant? Learn how with the "Danger Prevention Tactics" video. For a limited time, this powerful video has been discounted by almost 50%! For more information and to order, go to self-defense-video-danger-prevention-tactics.html


    I'm updating a book I had written some years ago called "RAPE: America's Mythical Crime" that focuses on the myths and realities of this terrible crime. When it's finished, the book will be completely up-to-date with the latest statistics, as-well-as information on how to deal with the different types of assaults. Anyone, man or woman, concerned about dealing with this often overlooked crime will want to add this powerful book to his or her self-defense library.

    Watch for future updates on the status of RAPE: America's Mythical Crime which will be posted here first.

    Self-Defense Tip -

    Make sure you have two are more routes to every location

    One of the hot topics today is "stalking." Regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, the fact is that, many attackers are not the opportunistic "muggers" who lie in waiting just around the corner. Some assailants will go to great lengths to make sure that 1) They launch their attack when you are most vulnerable, and 2) in a way that virtually insures that they get away with the attack without drawing the slightest suspicion to themselves.

    One of the things that you can do to make it more difficult for this brand of attacker is to make sure that you have, and use, two or more routes to and from all of your routine destinations. As a minimum, this could include: home, work, the mall, grocery store, and, if applicable, your child's school.

    In addition, you should also have each route named or coded so that you can let family members know which route you're taking. That way, should something happen, they know exactly where to look first. Even if you're not being stalked, you increase your likelihood of getting help because your loved ones won't be looking in all the wrong places.

    For a better understanding of this tactic as-well-as dealing with a similar, very dangerous attack called the "bump-and-rob," get the Danger Prevention Tactics Video and make yourself "Attack-Proof."

    The 2 DVD set of our Spring Ninja Camp 2004 is soon to be released. If you were not one of the participants at this powerful and intense training weekend, you can still learn the secrets to personal defense and living the warrior lifestyle that were revealed to those who were in attendance. This set includes sessions by internationally-known and respected master instructors J. Courtland Elliott and Greg Tremblay of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and, of course, yours truly.

    Topics include: traditional and modern weapon use and defense; defending against multiple attackers; developing the "master" in yourself; and much, much more.

    This DVD set took twice as long to finish due to the shear amount of video footage shot over this two day and two night special event. For those who have already pre-ordered, your DVD's will be shipped as soon as we have them from the production house. For subscribers of this newsletter, we will be offering this special set at a members-only introductory, pre-release price. I'll be sending a special "Release Alert" email 48 hours before we offer them to the public. After that, the special price will be gone. Sorry, no pre-orders allowed. You'll have to wait for the special alert email.

    Want to join me in Japan this Fall for one or two weeks of training, site-seeing, and adventure? I'm currently working on a brochure page on the web site for this year's Japan Training Trip. Whether you train with me and the Japanese master teachers or not, you'll enjoy an adventure like no other. Together, we will visit historic places including temples, ancient castles, and modern shopping districts. Some of these places are literally older than our country. Details in next issue.

    Don't Forget!

    The next big upcoming training opportunity at WCI's main facility is the Takagi-Yoshin-Ryu Seminar. During this powerful two-day event we'll focus on the kata contained on the 1st level scroll of this awesome lineage.

    This seminar is a scroll certification event. That means that students working through the historical material that makes up the foundation of the Warrior Concepts Life Mastery Program will be receiving a certificate accknowledging their initiation into this material. But...

    ...Don't let the fact that you're not interested in traditional martial arts stop you from attending this event. The Takagi-Yoshin masters were experts in jutaijutsu (the fore-runner of modern jujitsu) and much of what we'll be doing will involve ground-fighting.

    The Takagi-yoshin Ryu was also a body-guard school and the techniques are unique among typical Japanese approaches.

    How? They were designed to be used in smaller, cramped spaces where you cannot execute standard Judo-like throws. The techniques of this lineage were designed to drop the assailant straight at your feet so as to not allow him to use surrounding walls or objects to regain his position. This type of strategy is perfect for defending in parking lots, between cars, from a seated position, and even in a group or nightclub environment.

    There is even an optional Japanese dinner that you can join me for on Saturday evening.

    Read more about it at

    You'll also find more information and details about this year's Fall Training Camp scheduled for November 4 - 6th, 2005, here.

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    I'm looking for some business partners. Applicants must be motivated self-starters with a desire to help themselves and others to learn how to protect themselves. Affiliates will be licensed to offer my ebooks, videos, as-well-as setup seminars and training opportunities in either their own or other areas. As soon as I have worked out the details, I will be opening the doors for membership. I can guarantee though, that I will make sure that my parftners are well taken care of. Affiliates will receive a generous commission on sales as well as receiving free merchandise and training from me personally.

    In the meantime, if this is something that you're interested in, go to the contact pageand send me your information and the fact that you're interested in being one of my partners. Then, as soon as the program is ready, you'll be one of the first to know. The contact page is here.

    So, Until next time. Live Free. Be Happy. And...

    ...stay safe.

    Peace and Happiness,

    Jeffrey M. Miller, Shidoshi
    Warrior Concepts International
    Self-Protection & Personal Development

    "Real Training for Real People in a Real World!"

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