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Dai-Shihan Jeffrey M. Miller
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Next to the sword, with it's air of mystery and symbolism tied to the image and strength of ancient warriors, nothing says "Ninja" like the small, hand-held blades known as shuriken. Known to most as the "throwing star," this powerful, little weapon is, like most things associated with the ancient shadow warriors of Japan, more than meets the eye.

In case you don't know me or you're visiting the site for the first time, let me introduce myself. My name is Jeffrey Miller and I'm a senior master teacher (Dai-Shihan) in the art of Bujinkan Ninjutsu - the art of the Ninja.

I first saw these weapons being demonstrated when I was a young boy. I remember seeing them in the 1960's classic TV series, Kung-Fu, with David Carradine. In the opening sequence, a monk is throwing a multi-pointed "star" across the temple's courtyard-turned-training area, at a wooden target. And yet, it wasn't until the early 1980's, over a decade later, that these curiosities became "deadly weapons" with the coming of the Ninja craze to the Western-world.

It's funny how a few movies or TV shows can create a "reality" around a thing, even if Hollywood's reality is just a figment of someone's imagination. Strange, isn't it; how we can believe that a multi-pointed disk, designed in a way that scientifically won't allow a point to inbed into a target deep enough to cause debilitating damage - let alone death, can be taken as real but we have a difficult time believing that we can effect our world with our thoughts, words and actions... live exactly as we choose!

A Little Reality Behind The Myth

Shuriken ninja star book by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller

The word, shuriken, pronounced "shoo-ree-kehn," doesn't mean "throwing star" at all. In fact, while it can include the "star-like" weapons we've all seen, the word doesn't even imply this very limited perspective. If we take a look at the Sino-Japanese kanji characters that make up the word shuriken, we find that...

    shu = "hand" (it's another way to say the same kanji for "te", as in kara-te "empty-hand," or shu-to "blade/knife-hand," better known as a "karate-chop"

    ri = "hidden," or "concealed," and...

    ken = "blade"

So that we get the meaning of "hand-concealed blades" or "weapons that can be hidden in the hand." In this context we can see that the weapons were designed and thought of more as tools for distraction or surprise rather than for killing or even maiming. They could be hidden during an encounter and then unleashed at the right time to catch the enemy off-guard. Then, once his attention was diverted or he became confused by the sudden introduction of a blade - either thrown or not - the ninja was free to do what he originally intended.

Even with all the mystery that surrounds the shuriken, which in truth only serves the Ninja's agenda, the weapon is not all that mysterious at all. In fact, to a true Ninja, it's just another "thing" that can be brought into play in his or her defense. It's the perception of the masses that not only gives the weapon much of it's supposed power, but also creates even more confusion on the part of an assailant when one is brought into play.

After all, since everyone "sees" the shuriken as a throwing "star," they won't know what to make of a Ninja holding one in his hand to cut, stab, or puncture an opponent's targets, until it's too late. And, if this is true, what about the fact that the shuriken is not limited to the form of a "star" in the first place?

In my new training manual written to help you master this awesome little weapon, I unlock more unknown secrets about the different types of shuriken and of course how they can be used in a modern-day, self-defense encounter. The manual is called: SHURIKEN: Mastering the Ninja Night Warrior's Throwing Star.

In it, I show the basic forms of the weapon - the hira or "flat," wheel-like version (also called a shaken) that everyone is familiar with, as-well-as the bo-shuriken - spike, or "nail-like" form.

This manual has become amazingly popular among my most serious students, and includes such topics as...

  • 1) Historical use and development

  • 2) Holding the weapon for throwing

  • 3) Different types of throws

  • 4) Holding the weapon for hand-to-hand tactics

  • 5) Self-defense against striking attacks

  • 6) Using the shuriken as an aid to grappling

  • 7) Shuriken vs. Sword

  • 8) Changing grips from hand-held to throwing position and back (without letting go or changing hands!), and of course...

  • 9) Defending against a shuriken being thrown at YOU!

Here's Your Chance to Get What You Need!

What do you need to know to take your training to the next level? In this powerful training manual, you'll learn...

  • Why most shuriken offered for sale are more like "martial toys" than the real thing

  • How one grip - one method of holding a shuriken - can allow you to use it in five or more ways, without ever changing hands!

  • One secret to throwing a shuriken that virtually guarantees you'll hit your mark, everytime!

  • How the government can never make shuriken tactics against the law - even if shuriken ARE!

  • A simple trick, used by magicians (and Ninja) for centuries, that will confuse and literally scare the ^%@$& out of an attacker!

  • Why it's important to think outside the box when using the shuriken and why if you don't, your attacker can win

  • and much, much more than I could possibly list here.

Are you...

  • A student of Ninjutsu/Budo-Taijutsu looking to improve your skill

  • A martial artist looking to add this powerful Ninja weapon to your arsenal

  • Interested in Street Self-Defense and seeing how the lessons of this ancient weapon can increase your advantage in an attack situation

If you are, then this training manual is definitely for you.

SHURIKEN: Mastering the Ninja Night Warrior's Throwing Star is loaded with over 130 pictures, too! You'll see examples of the real McCoy from my trips to Japan, and...

...over a hundred pictures of actual technique examples showing the shuriken's power in a self-defense situation!

Literally, the only way to learn more about this weapon, is to attend a live seminar or Ninja Camp! The only thing not included are the shuriken!


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Shuriken: Mastering the Ninja's Throwing Star book by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller