"Train With The Masters!"
Japan Ninjutsu Training Trip &
Warriorship Training 2011

Join me for 1 or BOTH Weeks in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Explore the Lessons, Power, and History of Authentic Ninja Training!

Why should you be a part of this year's powerful Spring Japan Trip?

Well, before I answer that question, let me ask you a few of my own?

  • Are you seeking to engage with the warrior within you?

  • Do you want to immerse yourself as deeply as possible in the rich martial and spiritual teachings that lie at the foundations of our Ninja and Samurai traditions?

  • Can you feel that authentic part of you reaching out for the power, confidence, and control experienced through a life lived to its fullest - the life of the Tatsujin?

If so, then you won't want to miss out on my upcoming Spring Ninjutsu Training Trip to Japan!

During this powerful training experience, you will be balancing the study of our martial traditions with Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi and several of the senior master instructors of our art, with the direct experience of the rich historical traditions that have helped others to take the Musha Shugyo, the "Quest of the Warrior" that each of us was meant to walk!

During this powerful Spring Japan Ninjutsu Training Trip, you will be lead on a guided journey that bridges the void between the physical skills of training and the ancient history of this art that spans over 9 centuries - with a master teacher who has spent a lifetime developing mastery of both.

Spring Japan Ninjutsu Training Trip:
More Than Just Training, But...
An Adventure!

If you choose to take the action necessary to be a part of this unique, once-in-a-lifetime training opportunity, you will not only be exploring the mystical birthplace of our Ninja Martial Arts and the land of our Warrior ancestors, but you will also find that the Spring Japan Ninjutsu Training Trip will also be a journey into yourself!

During this powerful "adventure" into the world of Ninjutsu - the art and life mastery philosophy of the ancient Ninja families of Iga and Koga - you will not only be training in the Ninja's arts in and around Noda-city, the home of Grandmaster Hatsumi, but you will be also be visiting some of the temples, shrines, and sacred, historical places dedicated to those forces and powers that we, as spiritual warriors, seek to invoke and perfect within ourselves - place that have a special significance to your training and the art of Ninjutsu.

The Spring Japan Ninjutsu Training Trip adventure begins when you set your mind on the goal...

...joining me, like others before you, for an adventure into your own being.

Full, 2-week Ninjutsu Training Trip
Single Payment - in full
Price determined by Dollar-Yen exchange rate at time of trip

1-week Ninjutsu Training Trip
Single Payment - in full
Price determined by Dollar-Yen exchange rate at time of trip

Here's a Tentative Itinerary for The Powerful, Life-Changing, Spring Japan Ninjutsu Training Trip 2011

Regardless of whether you choose to join me on the full, 2-week adventure, or for a single week of training, here are just some of what you will experience:

  • Training in Noda, Kashiwa, Kasukabe, and Ayase-cities, in the centuries-old warrior traditions that is the core of the self-protection and personal development curriculum here at WCI

  • Day trips to ancient temples dedicated to the perfection of the human spirit - such as Asakusa Kannon (Senso-ji), Jindai-ji, and others. Other sites may be visited as time permits. As schedule permits, students may even be able to participate in an authentic Goma "Fire Ritual" at Jindai-ji, one of the Shidoshi's favorite places in Japan.

  • Travel by Shinksen "Bullet Train" to Kyoto to explore some of the oldest temples and shrines in the world. Here, through guidance and personal teachings from Shidoshi Miller, you will experience the timeless knowledge of the spirit. While here, we will visit centers of Mikkyo training - the esoteric mind-science training of the Ninja.

  • Travel by Shinkansen to Nagano where, after a drive by bus or taxi, we will climb the ancient path connecting each of the three shrines on Togakushi (modern-day Togakure) Mountain. Along the way, you will pass by a cemetery where real warriors from famous, historical families lie, and are remembered. You will also take in the beauty of the world as seen from the heights of Togakushi.

    While on top of Togakushi, you will also experience the Ninja Museum where many of the artifacts that Hatsumi-Soke inherited from Takamatsu-sensei are on display. As well as standing in the presence of the actual, ancient weapons and artifacts used by our spiritual Ninja forefathers, you'll definitely want to take the opportunity to get pleasantly "lost" within the hidden passages and trap-doors that await you within the Ninja House while you're there!

The actual places you will visit during the trip will depend on the days that you are in-country. Not all locations are included in the single-week option)

In fact, there is so much to do, see and experience during the Spring Japan Ninjutsu Training Trip, that it just can't be described here. It has to be lived! And, you know what else?

There are countless instructors and students from around the world who have made the trip to Japan again and again...

and still HAVE NOT explored half of what YOU will be experiencing during your journey with me...


And, you're not going "Tourist-style" either.

We will be living in a guesthouse situated in Koshigaya-city. You will see how the Japanese people live and go about there lives - not in a tourist-town setting, but in the real day-to-day happenings of their lives!

Full, 2-week Ninjutsu Training Trip
Single Payment - in full
Price determined by Dollar-Yen exchange rate at time of trip

1-week Ninjutsu Training Trip
Single Payment - in full
Price determined by Dollar-Yen exchange rate at time of trip

About Your Guide

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller is a Judan Ka-menkyo (often referred to as 13th degree Black Belt) in the ancient traditions that make up the Bujinkan Dojo warrior traditions. After spending over three decades exploring the martial and meditative arts of the East, he founded Warrior Concepts International, where like-minded people seeking to develop their own sense of mastery through the study of the ancient lessons of warriors and sages alike, may gather, study, and share.

He is an initiated layman in the Esoteric Mikkyo Mind-Science of the Tendai lineage based on Mount Hiei in Japan as well as a student of modern scientific studies like NLP, Quantum Physics, and the like.

He is a former federal police officer, undercover investigator, private detective, and bodyguard. That means that he has not only learned the lessons of the warrior, but has had to put them to use where they matter most - in the real world.

Think about it. Just spending 14 days with a teacher with literally a lifetime of, not just study, but actual real-world experience, would be worth the extremely low cost of this Fall Japan trip. But when you consider the doors that the Shidoshi can and will open for you with regards to training with his own master teachers, the secret treasures of Japan and it's people and customs, and the spiritual traditions that are older than anything we have in the West, this trip is literally priceless.

In addition to all of this, you'll still get the added benefits of...

  • Being a part of a small group of like-minded explorers all seeking the same thing - direct experience of "the power of the ancient masters"

  • Personal, one-on-one and group time with Shidoshi Miller as your guide and mentor

  • Personal teachings relevant to you and your life, and...

  • A deepening of friendships, bonds, and connections with not only fellow travelers but, with yourself and your martial practice.


  • How would it feel to actually train with the Japanese masters of this art?

  • Even if you've been to Japan before, what are you missing that this trip can give you?

  • What would your life be like if you were able to add this experience to it?

  • Who would benefit - who would be better off as a result of you taking this powerful journey?

  • What are you missing from your training that this experience will give you?

Full, 2-week Ninjutsu Training Trip
Single Payment - in full
Price determined by Dollar-Yen exchange rate at time of trip

1-week Ninjutsu Training Trip
Single Payment - in full
Price determined by Dollar-Yen exchange rate at time of trip

Limited Space Available

This is not a mass tour for idle curiosity-seekers. This is a journey of exploration into the realms of mastery for students seeking true mastery. Make no mistakes about it...

...Spring Japan Trip is a TRAINING trip!

That means that you will be physically active, mentally stimulated, and emotionally touched. There WILL BE a lot of walking involved as-well-as the traversing of steep steps and mountain paths.

You WILL go to bed each night tired and exhausted. But, you will also look forward to the next morning as the adventure will begin anew.

I'm not telling you this to "impress" you. I'm telling you this to impress upon you that importance being placed on this trip. You WILL have lots of fun, but more importantly... you will learn a lot, and add more to your knowledge, skills, and understanding of this art in 14 days, than most people learn over the course of YEARS of training!

A final determination has been made and I will only be allowing 6 5 students to join me on this trip, and, as I said, 1 of those spaces has already been claimed! So, if you are interested, you must make that interest known right away!

Spring Japan Trip Investment:
Will Be Dermined Based on the CURRENT US Dollar - Yen Exchange Rate.

This trip is valued at over $10,000 if you paid for everything yourself and went "tourist."

Remember that a training trip with shidoshi Miller is MUCH MORE than merely "going to Japan for budo-taijutsu training!

Full, 2-week Ninjutsu Training Trip
Single Payment - in full
Price determined by Dollar-Yen exchange rate at time of trip

1-week Ninjutsu Training Trip
Single Payment - in full
Price determined by Dollar-Yen exchange rate at time of trip

Your investment includes...

  • Round trip airfare from your home airport to Tokyo/Narita, Japan;
  • Japan Rail Pass for most of your travel around Japan, including the 200mph Shinkansen "Bullet Trains;
  • Hotel and Guesthouse accommodations for your entire stay;
  • Training fees for classes with Grandmaster Hatsumi and another Shihan Master Teacher;
  • Personal training with Shidoshi Miller, and...
  • Temple entry fees where applicable
  • And MUCH More!

    (**If you plan to join me in Japan, plan to take care of your own travel, or have other questions, contact me at warriorc@warrior-concepts-online.com to get the adjusted cost of the trip based on your unique circumstances**)

The only additional costs to you during this trip will be for food, souvenirs, additional training classes not included in the package, and in the rare cases where we will need to take a taxi or non-JR Rail system to our destination.

Call the Warrior Concepts Office to Reserve Your Place on This Powerful Training Adventure!"

If you choose to reserve your space by phone, call Warrior Concepts / Bujinkan Kuryu Dojo in the United States at 570-988-2228

Or, click on the appropriate PayPal button below:

Full, 2-week Ninjutsu Training Trip
Single Payment - in full
Price determined by Dollar-Yen exchange rate at time of trip

1-week Ninjutsu Training Trip
Single Payment - in full
Price determined by Dollar-Yen exchange rate at time of trip

Down Payment for the
Ninjutsu Training Trip

Single Payment of $1,500
(Balance due for your trip by March 1st, 2013)

You may reserve by paying for your Spring Japan trip in full, or by placing a non-refundable deposit of $1,500. to hold your spot. The balance will be due no later than March 1st, 2013.

You may also call to be placed on the list for the Fall 2013 trip. To view details about this powerful training adventure, click here

Please note that once this trip is booked full, you will not be able to go, even if you have the ability to pay in-full! You may be placed on the list for the Fall Trip or next year's Spring Trip.

In addition to these powerful training trips to Japan, Shidoshi Miller leads others through the powerful lessons of mastery through his annual Ninja Training Camps, on-going classes, seminars, and private lessons that can be designed around your own unique interests and needs.