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Using "Secret" Weapons to Beat an Attacker Armed with a Knife
August 02, 2006
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Jeffrey M. Miller
July 7th, 2006

This issue's feature articles are...

  • How to Beat an Attacker Armed with a Knife: Defending Against a Knife - part 3

  • Warrior Concepts and Shidoshi Miller on Nationwide TV?

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Defending Against a Knife - Part 3

Using "Secret" Weapons to Beat an Attacker Armed with a Knife

by Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller

Make no mistake about it... defending against a knife-wielding assailant is one of the most dangerous things you could ever try to do!

Regardless of what you might have been told or shown by anyone, a knife is one of the most hazzardous weapons that any attacker could use on you. And...

...the fact that your assailant needs to have no training (unlike a gun), to make the weapon work, compounds the problem even more.

But, in true Ninja fashion, there are things that can be done to significantly increase your chances of surviving a knife attack. After all, that IS what we're talking about, right? Survival?

So, unlike the trained Karate-guy or toughman contender, don;t be afraid to use the dreaded art of Nike-jutsu (read: RUN!). The point being - if you don't have to deal with the attack... DON'T!

This isn't a contest to see who's best. This is a life or death situation that brings with it all of the fears and realities that most people avoid thinking about.

However; the reality of the world also says that, you may be surprised, cornered, or otherwise placed in a situation where... have no other choice but to deal with it.

So, as the Boy and Girl Scouts (Guides for those outside the US) say...

"Be Prepared."

The Secret Lessons for Increasing Your Chances

The first thing that you must remember is that...

You WILL probably get cut.

The second thing to remember is that...

You probably won't know it!

The important thing to remember with these two points is this: you must be prepared to do whatever you can, in whatever way you can, to go home after the attack is over.

If you haven't read the previous two articles in this series, you can find them in the last two issues of this newsletter. Here's the link:

You can also get more information, insights and life-saving lessons for effectivelly dealing with an armed assailant in my new video, "The Cutting-Edge: Surviving a Knife Attack" For more info, here's the link:

The REAL Secret is in using your own weapon if at all possible. I say "if possible" because... will have to train yourself to see potential weapons where others, especially your assailant does not. This is what makes them "secret."

What I'm talking about is see every item in your environment as a potential weapon that can be pressed into service in your defense. Everything from brooms, ladders, books and magazines to perhaps even your car or a clipboard.

Here's the link to a quick clip for the knife video that will give you a few hints into what I'm talking about.

Now, don't get me wrong. The ongoing study and practice of your skills will always be preferable over not doing so. The trained warrior always stands a far better chance of surviving than the untrained "civilian." However; simply bringing a weapon into play increases your chances of survival more than you can know.

So, look around your world. What's there for you to use if you really had to? Take stock of your "secret weapons" and be prepared to use them if you ever find yourself face-to-face with a less-than Enlightened human being.

Don't forget...

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This is the place where like-minded members can freely discuss the tactics, techniques, and strategies for being truly safe in the world.

Whether you're interested in martial arts, warrior training, Traditional Japanese Ninjutsu (the "art of the Ninja"), or non-martial arts self-defense training, the WCI Forums are a great place to get free ideas, hints and tips from other teachers and students, just like you.

If you're not already a subscriber to the Forums, here's the link:

See you there!

WCI on TV?

Since we're discussing "secrets" in this issue, here's another...

I have been working with a famous Los Angeles Television Producer for about two weeks now on developing several of our programs for network television. Isn't that great!

With the exception of a select few, the details of the work have been kept strictly hush-hush. The reason for this is simple... the level of outright theft of ideas that is apparantly present in TV-land.

The producer and I have decided that it would be best if we waited until we have successfully negotiated a contract with a major network before allowing the news to "leak" about what it is, specifically, that we're doing.

That being said, whether or not these projects become a reality, my first priority is in making sure that what we are offering to you and others like you, has the highest level of value possible - not just in terms of the product, but in terms of your life. As I'm often reminded by my students and seminar attendees, the value of what they receive through the books, videos, and training seminars and camps, FAR exceeds the price I ask for the knowledge.

And that's the way it should be!

I just want to finish by saying "thank you" to everyone who supports the work I do. Without it, I'm not sure that I would (or could) continue to do this. It's because of you, and the value you tell me you receive that has driven me to put myself "out there." And, that has ultimately resulted in a TV Producer seeing the value in my work enough to want to help me take it to the world!

Thank You.

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Until next time. Wishing you Peace, Happiness, and Safety...

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
Founder & Director
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