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Ninja Distraction Tactics for Modern Self-Defense
August 01, 2007
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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
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Feature Article: "Ninja Distraction Tactics for Modern Self-Defense"

Limited Time Offer on Fall Ninja Camp '07!

Upcoming Training Opportunities

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During the month of August, I am literally doing what I'm referring to as a data-dump. What that means is this... I will be releasing a ton of new books and videos that I've had on the back shelf for a long time. In the past weeks and months, I have received literally hundreds of requests for more materials that will allow you to train at home and get many of the lessons that I've been sharing with personal students for years.

I have raw video from my yearly Ninja Training Camps, unfinished manuscripts for training manuals, and even a Black Belt Home Study Course! Now, much of the video was shot a couple of years ago during seminars and the current technology makes the quality a little less than what it could be, but I've been told that it's the information people want, and not just pretty pictures, so... I've decided to just do it.

So... be sure to keep yourself informed over the next several weeks by making sure you read each of these issues when I send them. You'll want to do this because, just as I just did with my new "Shuriken Training Manual", I'll be offering a pre-order discount for those who pre-order before the actual release dates.

For those who are smart enough, aware enough, and quick enough, you'll be able to save money for other training and materials and get more than if you waited and paid full price. But, hey... it's your mon*ey!

So remember... stay tuned!

Feature Article...

Ninja Distraction Tactics for
Modern Self-Defense

by Jeffrey M. Miller

There is a very important aspect of self-defense that's missed by most. It seems that everybody, from students who don't know any better, to instructors who should, wants to jump straight to taking the fight to an assailant, instead of creating a situation where the attacker can't stop you when you do.

What I mean is this...

In just about every self-defense class I've ever observed, the lessons seem to be wrapped around something that looks like this:

Step 1: Attacker punches, grabs, or kicks

Step 2: Defender does "way-cool-move"

Step 3: Everyone agrees that was "awesome."

When, in reality, if we don't properly prepare or set-up the attacker BEFORE we move in, he will attempt to stop us when we do.

That means that when we try to punch him after blocking or evading his attack...

...he will try to prevent us from landing that punch. And, in most cases, he's already into his next one BEFORE you ever get the chance to start!

So, what can you do?

How can you create the time you need to do what you must to defend or escape?

In the lessons that have been passed down from the ancient Ninja night warriors of Japan, there is the use of small, hand-held, concealable weapons that, when used at just the right time, do just that - create time.

I'm sure that you're familiar with some of these weapons. They go by the collective name of "nin-gu", and consist of such tools as:

  • Shuriken "Hand-concealed blades" (or throwing stars as known by most here in the West)

  • Metsubushi "Sight-removers" (aka 'blinding powder')

  • Tetsubishi "Iron water chestnuts" (aka 'catrops')

...and the like.

In my book, SHURIKEN: Mastering the Ninja Night Warrior's Throwing Star, I talk about the myth that weapons like this were designed for killing, when in fact, they were actually used as an aid for distracting, confusing, and harassing an enemy attacker.

Learning From History

Once we understand how weapons like the shuriken were actually used, we can then take the core principles and concepts and apply them in today's world, regardless of whether we live in an area where the weapon itself has been restricted by law.

And, since the ancient Ninja operative was generally "outgunned" by his better armed Samurai opponent, just as you will find yourself in a self-defense attack situation on the mean streets of today, he or she needed something that would help tip the scales, so-to-speak, in their favor.

Ninja defense with shurikenThat's where weapons like shuriken, metsubushi, and others, came in handy. For, just when the Ninja needed to stall or otherwise distract his assailant, all he needed to do was to suddenly produce one of these weapons and send it flying in the attacker's direction.

For the student who can see past the "star" or "powder" form of the ancient weapon, and "see" the logic behind it, the same thing can be done today with readily available, and perfectly legal objects.

In the Shuriken book, I made a list of some of the common, everyday objects that can be easily concealed in the hand - just like the ancient models - and then launched at the attacker's face, hands, or other exposed body parts, to clear a path for our real technique.

Here's a partial list of modern equivalents to the ancient weapons of our Ninja ancestors:

  • Credit/Debit Cards

  • Coins

  • Business Cards

  • Small stones

  • Chopsticks

  • Pens & Pencils

  • Wallet

  • CD/DVD's (and their cases!)

  • small picture frames

  • Drink coasters

  • Cookies/crackers

...even your cell phone, iPod, or a sandwich can be pressed into service if your life depended on it. (Your Life is more important than your cell phone or iPod, right?)

The trick is to use good timing when using these weapons and their related tactics.

Go too late, and you won't distract him.

Go too soon, and he'll see it coming and you'll lose the element of surprise.

The idea here is to avoid just jumping to the point where you're taking the fight to the attacker. Learn how to take control by setting up and controlling your attacker's perception.

Principles like timing, distraction, spacing, and the like will always make up for less strength, smaller size, and lacking superior skill. Take advantage of distraction and confusion tactics at the right time, and you can literally turn a bad situation into one where you dominate.

Learn how to use the lessons taught by weapons like the shuriken 'throwing star' for modern self-defense. Get your copy of my new book, "SHURIKEN: Mastering the Ninja Night Warrior's Throwing Star". Here's the link for more information:

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Live Training w/Shidoshi Miller


Here are the dates and information for some of the upcoming seminars, workshops, etc. with Shidoshi Miller.

Unless otherwise noted, the fees listed are only for the training. Participants are responsible for their own lodging, meals, and travel.

If you need help with finding a hotel in our area, feel free to contact the dojo at 570-988-2228.

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Sat, Aug. 4th, 9am - 6pm
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Sunbury, Pa. - WCI Academy and outdoor training location
Sun, Aug. 5th, 9am - 5pm
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Sunbury, Pa. - (See course flyer for details)
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Oct. 1st - 15th, 2007
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