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Superior Positioning Dominates a Fight
December 12, 2007
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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007
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Feature Article: "Superior Positioning Dominates a Fight"

Update on the Accident

Daikomyo-Sai Weekend Training

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A huge, heartfelt "thank you" to all of my friends, students, and supporters who have helped me after my accident. For those of you who didn't hear, I was involved in a near head-on car crash on September 17 of this year. I was knocked unconscious and am currently recovering from severe back trauma, nerve damage, damage to a disc, and what the doctors tell me is post concusion syndrome.

Long story short is that I haven't been teaching since the accident and have had to cancel all seminars through the end of the year. This included both the Fall Ninja Camp, my training trip to Japan in October and related seminars scheduled after I returned, and others. I have taken a huge financial hit on this one and the savings are nearly depleted. For those who are wondering, the answer is "yes," I have retained an attorney but this hasn't made the insurance comapanies move any faster.

For more information about the accident, and a f*ree article on how it relates to training, you can read the entry on my blog at:

I want to thank those of you who have offered and continue to help through my recovery. This includes my black belts who have stepped up to insure that classes are still running smoothly at the academy as well as those of you who have generously offered financial help. I couldn't do it without you

For those of you that know me, you know that I don't look for handouts and usually have a tough time taking help when it's offered (even when I need it!). However, at this point, I'm not beyond asking you to consider getting a few of my books and videos that you may have been holding off on for one reason or another. Books like my new:

"Shuriken Training Manual"

Or the popular: Kubotan: Self-Defense Keychain Training Manual

Or my brand new anthologies that I put together from articles that I've written and organized based on themes.

Many of you have been purchasing these products through Ebay and elsewhere and I really appreciate it. Especially now, as I can't do much more than offer insights and perspectives through the internet.

The doctors are confident, as am I, that I will recover. It will just take more time than I'd like. In the meantime, you can be sure that I'll be using this opportunity to explore some of the more subtle sides of my taijutsu and spiritual training. I'm also offering a new service to those who need it, and that's in the area of Life Coaching. I already have several clients and students taking advantage of this and will now be accepting a few more. My personal coaching students can explore and discuss any topic related to self-protection and personal development, including Life Purpose, Goal-Setting and Attainment, Mikkyo mind-science, and more.

For more information about becoming a Life Mastery Coaching Client, contact me through the email address at the bottom of this newsletter.

Now that I'm back enough to get back on track with the newsletter, I'll keep you informed as I progress. Again, thanks to all who continue to support me and my efforts to bring you the best information on self-defense and warrior training that I can.

Feature Article...

Superior Positioning Dominates a Fight

by Jeffrey M. Miller

If there's one thing that I've learned in both my training, and my experience as a soldier, police officer, and bodyguard over the years is this...

...the most important elements are usually the least understood and practiced by the majority of people.

This is just as true for cops and soldiers as it is for martial artists and those professing to be studying self-defense. So much so that I've tested my theory time and again by asking beginners and experts alike what they think is the least practiced skills for themselves and their peers.

And, while I do get some very viable answers, the most stunning thing for my students is that...

...there are skills that they haven't even thought of that they should be practicing and aren't!

To illustrate the point, here's the question as I ask it to attendees to my combat handgun courses:

"What is the least practiced skill when it comes to being able to use a handgun quickly and effectively in a combat situation? Especially a surprise situation."

Any thoughts?

While many guess things like:

  • Shooting

  • Reloading, and even...

  • Stance

The answer is actually...

...DRAWING the weapon from the holster!

For most people, including advanced practitioners and marksmen...

...this isn't even on their list!

Hidden Lessons In Front of Your Nose

The same is true for martial artists. Especially when it comes to crucial elements like the kamae "posture/attitudes" that form a crucial foundation for mastery in the Ninja's self-defense arts.

While most students continue to practice striking, kicking, and of course the "way-cool" techniques of the art, they very quickly overlook the stances they learned as soon as they figure out "how to make them."

As with all kihon "fundamental skills," the Ninja warrior's kamae are, to borrow a recent movie slogan:

"...more than meets the eye!"

The hidden lesson with kamae is that, they are a science in and of themselves. And, understanding the magic inherent within them, and the important lessons they teach, may quite literally be all you ever need to learn to be able to deal with most, if not all, attackers.

Believe me. I was just like everyone else in the beginning. I just wanted to get through the simple things, like kamae, so I could get onto learning the "cool stuff."

Know that happened?

Somewhere along the way, after learning a bunch of that "cool-stuff," I realized that...

...kamae were the cool-stuff. And...

...if I didn't master the lessons they were teaching me...

...I'd NEVER be able to do anything else.

The 3 Basic Lessons of Kamae

So, just what are these important lessons within the lesson of kamae? What are these magic body positions teaching us that, once understood and mastered, will skyrocket our abilities beyond anything we can currently imagine?

I'm glad you asked.

The 3 basic lessons of kamae are:

  • Balance

  • Stability, and a little strategic thing called...

  • Cover

Remember that I said "basic" lessons. Kamae teach a whole lot more for the advancing student. But, if you can't get a grasp on the easy stuff, things like directing intention, controlling an attacker's perceptions, limiting options, and controlling attraction and repulsion energies are out of the question.

The superior fighter isn't so because he or she is faster, or has more tricky techniques. They might be or have these things - they might not. But what they DO have is superior positioning.

They dominate a fight because they have complete control over their own...

Balance and alignment of their own body's pieces. This allows for quick, light, and effortless movement for either evading an assailant's attack or for taking advantage of split-second opportunities as they arise in the confrontation.

Stability as the enlightened defender avoids positioning their body with the weight too high or with the legs improperly matched to the ground surface. Stability not only allows for sure footing during body movement but makes it painfully difficult for your attacker to throw you or knock you off-balance in the first place.

And finally, the Ninja defender's kamae allows for effective...

Cover as the limbs are placed perfectly to create barriers against the attacker's own limbs. This concept goes way beyond being able to block to the realms of knowing which kamae to choose based on the relative positioning of both combatant's bodies. When this is done, your limbs are perfectly placed to naturally rest right in front of your opponent's limbs, thereby making it difficult for him or her to even initiate an attack!

Combine these with an understanding of distance and the space required for each kamae to operate effectively and not become a target for your attacker, and you have the makings of a nearly impossible situation for your attacker. Because, with superior positioning... simultaneously put your attacker at a disadvantage and increase his difficulty for getting at you...

...while being in the best position possible for defending against his advances and inflicting maximum damage with minimal effort.

Want to know more about the things you didn't know you didn't know when it comes to really mastering self-defense? Check out my book The Karate-Myth

In it you'll find out why most martial arts and self-defense programs are flat out wrong and how you can really be safe in today's often violent world. Seriously, if you want to know more about how your body's own defense mechanisms effect the what you'll do in a fight, regardless of what your teacher told you, or if you want to learn what should be taught and practiced but isn't...

...then you need this book.

I've even thrown in a second book called "Controlling the Fight" and several special reports that will forever change the way you train and think about self-defense and your budo/ninpo training!

Annual Daikomyo-Sai Seminar!

Live Training w/Shidoshi Miller

January 5th & 6th, 2008

For those of you in the Bujinkan, you're familiar with the annual training event that commemorates the birthday of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, headmaster of the international Bujinkan Dojo. You know that the world over, dojos run seminars coinciding with the big event held in Noda. What you may not know is that many people have a difficult time making it to these events.

Whether it's due to the holiday rush and work and family commitments or the fact that everybody and their brother is holding a Daikomyo-Sai at the same time, many folks just can't seem to get involved.

Luckily though, we have a solution. Every year, we simply shift the dates for our own Daikomyo-Sai to coincide with Shidoshi Miller's birthday at the beginning of January and celebrate both birthdays at the same time! We also allow many more people to attend because, whether or not they made it to another event, the fact that ours is after the holiday rush makes it a gret way to kick off the New Year's training.

This year's Daikomyo-Sai event will focus on the lessons from the Kukishinden Ryu and the Togakure Ryu. We will be exploring the sword as well and offering you the opportunity to do some live sword cutting!

Shidoshi Miller will be joined by several guest Shidoshi and senior instructors from WCI so this is one seminar you definitely won't want to miss. The cost is just $100 for the weekend and we will be having a special Japanese Dinner and Birthday Celebration for anyone who wants to attend.

Space will be extremely limited due to the subject matter and the live sword work so reserve your place now. To register, call the Academy at (570) 988-2228. You may pay with a check, money order or Visa or Master Card. A $50 deposit is required to hold your place with the balance paid at sign-in.

So, mark your calendars and let's kick off the New Year's right - Bujinkan style!

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Until next time. Dedicated to your training success!

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
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